Al Qaeda Website Traced to Maryland and Austin, Texas

July 11th, 2005 - by admin

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(July 9. 2005) — Last night on CNN, I heard them making a connection between the London bombings and an “Islamic terrorist” website called I tried to view the website but it’s been taken offline. I did find the following three year old reference to on CNN:


“These statements and others from al Qaeda have been appearing from time to time on a Web site called

“In recent months, the site, which experts suspect is closely linked to al Qaeda, also has posted manifestos signed “al Qaeda jihad” in which it says bin Laden is alive and well and preparing future attacks against the United States.

Interesting “link” to al-Qaeda, as revealed by Whois Data for


Registration Service Provided By: DIRECTI Contact: +91.2256797500 Website: Domain Name: ALNEDA.COM

Registrant: SFP, Inc Jon David ( Po 312 Berlin Maryland,21811 US Tel. +011.4107237089
Creation Date: 16-Jul-2002 Expiration Date: 16-Jul-2013

Jon David, a fine Islamic sounding name, no doubt named after a martyr or prophet or some such. Located in that hotbed of terrorism, Berlin, Maryland USA.

Running a Traceroute
I ran a traceroute to the web address. I’ve left off the first ten hops to obscure the source of my trace, to protect my privacy. But as you can see (below) the trace ends up at

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets11 ( 3.630 ms 3.539 ms 3.682 ms 12 ( 4.874 ms 4.364 ms 4.431 ms 13 ( 4.361 ms 4.321 ms 4.235ms 14 ( 11.472 ms 11.432 ms 11.875 ms 15 ( 11.453 ms !H * 11.596 ms !H

Broadwing Communications of Austin, TX.Hey, aren’t we killing and incarcerating Iraqis so we don’t have to host terrorist websites in der homeland?

Admin contact info for Broadwing is provided below. Might be fun to ask them what they’re doing hosting terror websites connected with the recent bombings.


Registrant: Broadwing Communications, LLC 1122 Capital of Texas Highway South Austin, TX 78746 US


Administrative Contact: Smith, Kyle DNS@BROADWING.COM Broadwing Communications, LLC 1122 South Capitol of Texas Highway Austin, TX 78746 US 302.283.2854 302.283.2802 fax: 302.283.2802

Checking the Name Records
Following another line of inquiry, the authoritative name records for are hosted by, and email for is directed to’s mail server:

<<>> DiG 9.2.2 <<>>

<<>> DiG 9.2.2 <<>> ns ;; ANSWER SECTION: 3600 IN NS 3600 IN NS

<<>> DiG 9.2.2 <<>> a ;; ANSWER SECTION: 3600 IN A

<<>> DiG 9.2.2 <<>> mx ;; ANSWER SECTION: 3600 IN MX 10 is registered to a web hosting company in Sarasota, FL:

WHO IS THEWETLANDSINC.COM, Inc. PO Box 312 Berlin, MD 21811 US

Administrative Contact: David, Jon jd@THEWETLANDSINC.COM 12507 SUNSET AVE STE 21 OCEAN CITY, MD 21842-9296 US 410-723-7089 fax: 410-723-7085

Record expires on 13-Oct-2011. Record created on 13-Oct-1999. Database last updated on 9-Jul-2005 12:01:33 EDT.

Domain servers in listed order:

“Abu Musab” Jon David of Maryland again! Note the registrant for is, Inc.:


Registrant:, Inc. Protection Service P.O. Box 229 Margaretville, NY 12455 US

Administrative Contact-, LLC Ref# 103974: Protection Service P.O. Box 229 Margaretville, NY 12455 US Phone- 4107353410 Fax- 014107353433

Record create date: 1998-01-27 Record expires on: 2007-01-26 is a Porn site. Kind of a strange place for an Islamic fundamentalist to choose to host a jihadi website.

Returning to the registry for, Jon David’s admin contact info references an email address at; the admin contact for is listed as a PO box in NY: Protection Service PO Box 229 Margaretville, NY 12455 US

Domain Name: 4JON.COM
Administrative Contact, LLC Ref# 103966: Protection Service P.O. Box 229 Margaretville, NY 12455 US Phone 4107353410 Fax 014107353433

According the CNN June 25, 2002 web ariticle (URL listed above):
“The site reappeared in early June and this time CNN traced it to a Web-hosting company in Texas. As CNN went to air with another story on it last Monday, once again disappeared from the Web.

However, as the above traceroute shows, the DNS for still points web queries to, in Austin, TX.

Interesting how the US corporate medium absolutely fails to point out that this “terrorist” webiste is hosted in Texas.

Also interesting is CNN’s suggestion is 2002 that had “once again disappeared from the Web.” It appears it’s where it has always been. These people never hear of investigative journalism?

What I want to know is: who the hell is Jon David, and why is he maintaining a “terrorist” website in Texas?

Maybe we should notify the Berlin, MD police of the “terrorist” in their midst. Or der Homeland Security? It also might be fun to contact Broadwing and the domain name registrars and ask them what they’re doing associating with terrorists?

Weird how Muslim charities have been targeted since 911, but somehow this “terrorist” has managed to reside in Texas for three years.