War Crime: Pentagon Destroys 5,000 Years of History

July 12th, 2005 - by admin

Evan Augustine Peterson III, J.D. – 2005-07-12 22:43:57


“War crimes: Violations of the law and customs of war.”
Principles of the Nuremberg Charter and Judgment, Principle VI b

We’ve finally become the barbarian horde that the world has always feared. How so? At home, the Bushites are implementing their fascistic militarizatio n of US culture. [1] Abroad, their minions have been implementing the illegal conquest and occupation of Iraq with horrific impact:
(A) the indiscriminate slaughter of more than 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilian noncombatants [2]; and
(B) the unnecessary destruction of the world’s most important museums, antiquities, and archeological sites [3].

Focusing for the moment on the latter criminal outrage, the pre-war Bush administration and the Pentagon were repeatedly warned by world-class scholars and international officials that: (1) Iraq is literally the cradle of human civilization; and (2) the invading US military must not allow Iraq’s priceless patrimony to be disturbed, looted, or destroyed. [4]

Moreover, international law unequivocally prohibits belligerent occupants — like the US military in Iraq — from confiscating, destroying, or damaging historical monuments, antiquities, works of art, and institutions devoted to the arts and sciences. Regardless of their actual ownership status, such cultural properties are to be treated as private property, and thus beyond the reach of the occupant.

For the law of war’s applicable provisions, see Article 56 of the 1907 Hague Regulations and the 1954 Hague Convention Relative to the Protection of Cultural Properties in Case of Armed Conflict. It’s noteworthy that any violation of the law of war constitutes a war crime. [5]

Nevertheless, the government of the belligerent occupants — namely, the Bushites — subsequently allowed widespread looting while they blithely looke d the other way. Furthermore, the Pentagon’s thuggish brass and ignorant field marshals have been willfully implementing the destruction of the world’s old est archeological sites.

For instance, they’ve constructed a vibrationally-pulve rizing US air base adjacent to the Ziggurat. And they’ve been conducting archeologically-damaging military operations next to the Biblically-signific ant ancient cities of Ur (the patriarch Abraham’s birthplace) and Babylon (scene of the Babylonian Captivity and the Handwriting On The Wall). [6]

To place in proper perspective the magnitude of the Bushites’ outrageous war crimes against 5,000 years of human civilization: (A) an Oxford scholar says “You’d have to go back centuries, to the Mongol invasion of Baghdad in 1258, to find looting on this scale”; and (B) a Boston University professor of archeology calls it “the greatest cultural disaster of the last 500 years.” [7]

Outside the USA, the world is quite understandably outraged at the ghastly carnage and wanton destruction wrought by this depraved war against the crad le of civilization. Inside the USA, the morally-blind American people are yawni ng indifferently: “Pass me the chips and the remote, dude. We’re gonna watch th e next episode of ‘Empire’!”

Evidently the American people don’t realize — or don’t care — that their own government not only is committing numerous war crimes but also is on an unsustainable collision-course with the rest of humankind. If they did, they ‘d be idiomatically stating the obvious: “Something’s gotta give, or this planet’s toast!” [8]


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11-01.htm C. Ralph Nader’s 7-9-05 CD essay, “Ralph Nader’s Open Letter To George W. Bush” [Challenges GWB to “put his money where his mouth is” by: (1) repealing his tax-cuts for the rich and conscripting upper-class children, s o they can contribute their fair share to support his “war on terror”; OR (2) becoming the strict constructionist he falsely claims to be, and thus strictly construing Article I, Section 8, of the US Constitution, which assigns the p ower to declare war solely to Congress, so Congress can use the War Powers Clause to revoke his unconstitutional declaration of war against Iraq.]: http://www.commondreams.org/views05/0709-25.htm

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