Sheehan: “The Secret Service is Trying to Intimidate Us”

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Sheehan: ‘The Secret Service is Trying to Intimidate Us”

(August 7, 2005) — Cindy Sheehan called After Downing Street moments ago at 10 p.m. ET to report that the Secret Service is trying to intimidate her and members of Gold Star Families for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Veterans for Peace into leaving their protest near Bush’s Crawford, Texas ranch.

This morning Cindy led dozens of protesters as close as they could get to the ranch; they were stopped by local police about five miles away. Cindy and others plan to stay there throughout Bush’s five-week August vacation until he agrees to meet with her and other family members of soldiers killed in Iraq and answer their questions about the war.

Throughout the afternoon and evening, however, the Secret Service has been telling protesters that if they stay there they may be hit by Secret Service vehicles. Cindy says, “They’ve told us this at least ten times. There isn’t much room between the side of the road and the fence, and they go zooming by far over the speed limit.”

Cindy reports the Secret Service already ran a mother and her six year-old off the road. She believes the Secret Service’s actions are a clear attempt to coerce her and the other protesters into leaving.

Cindy and others are asking to meet with the Secret Service and local police to ensure the safety of everyone involved. In the meantime, she asks that anyone who can contact the media to alert them to the situation.

If you are able to do this, media contact information can be found here. Please politely let them know what’s been happening with the Secret Service, and encourage them to continue covering Cindy’s efforts to meet with President Bush.

Update from Celeste Zappala, Co-Founder of Gold Star Families for Peace, on Crawford
I have received the following email from Celeste Zappala, co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace. She asked that I post it on Dailykos and to thank everyone for their support.

I have just spoken to Cindy Sheehan at 5:05 pm. Her message:

“Today is the begining of the end of the occupation of Iraq.” She is feeling strong, people have been bringing her food and water. The police have been polite. She has decided to stay on the Prairie Chapel Road, which is one mile from the Ranch, until George Bush meets with her and tells the truth. She invites anyone who can to join her during the month of August for as long as they can. She urges them to bring camping gear. Also, there are two caravans coming in from Louisiana and from Dayton, Ohio now.

Cindy says she knows from her travels that “people are fed up with this war and want to do something to stop it.”

Cindy asks that those who want to lend support to send donations to the Crawford Peace House which has been generously offering hospitialtiy.

Code Pink is sending out a national call for its members to have a hunger strike until George Bush has an honest meeting with Cindy. Cindy’s sister Dede has joined that hunger strike. Please keep Cindy and all of our folks in prayer. This is a stand for the honor and memory of our kids and the soul of our nation.

Peace be with you, Celeste Zappala Co-founder, Gold Star Families for Peace Mother of Sgt Sherwood Baker, KIA 4/26/04
Update [2005-8-6 18:47:46 by NYBri]

More from Cindy via Celeste.
6:13 p.m.

Cindy just called again.


They told Cindy, George Bush really believed there were weapons of mass destruction, Saddam was a threat, the war in Iraq is making America safer, we are fighting in Iraq so they we don’t have to fight terrorists here, and George Bush sincerely cares about the loss of the soldiers and their families. They had a twenty-five minute discussion as Cindy refuted these tired arguements, and reminded the men that she had met Bush last June and she had felt disrespected and belittled. She said to them “You are intelligent men, how can you believe what you are saying?”
Cindy will continue to wait for an honest discussion with George Bush.

For my part, I am proud that Cindy is standing up against these dreadful lies and the Bush ideology that has blinded so many from reality and logic. It’s as if they keep saying these things it will become true. As Cindy pointed out to the representatives, since our kids were killed, the Downing Street memo and the 9/11 Commission report have been released which refutes these false claims. Yet here we are on August 6, 2005 and the President’s men are still trying to convince American Mothers that their kids died for WMD and 9/11 links. It is not only insulting, it is madness. I will keep you posted as I talk to Cindy.
blessings, Celeste

US Majority Believes Bush Is Wrong
In a Newsweek poll released Sunday, 64 percent of those asked said they do not believe the war in Iraq has made Americans safer, and 61 percent said they disapprove of the way the president is handling the war.