Open Letter/petition Calling for “US Out of Iraq”

September 1st, 2005 - by admin

Rosalia Munoz / Latinos for Peace – 2005-09-01 00:50:03


There are 237 (and growing) signatures on our Latinos for Peace open letter/petition calling for US out of Iraq. The full petition is below followed by the latest list. People can add their names to the petition for the time being by emailing me at:

Attached to this email is a copy of the petition that can be downloaded and circulated. At the bottom of the petition is an address to mail to and a fax number.

A spanish translation is being prepared. A web page is being set up where soon people will be able to view the petition with the latest signers and also sign up on line.

The aim of the campaign is to keep on gathering more and more names as a continuing and growing pressure on the government, media, and organizations to end the occupation of Iraq and bring the troops home. In doing this we also let ourselves know of the support we have together for peace and other progressive issues, locally and nationally.

We have short term goals. Some of us in the Southwest in particular would like to have 1000 signatures by August 29 the 35th anniversary of the historic National Chicano Moratorium in 1970 in Los Angeles.

September 24 is a bigger goal point because there will be a giant peace demonstration that day in Washington DC and sizable demonstrations in other cities as well. The open letter petition can be a virtual nation wide Latino moratorium contigent for that day.

If you want to be part of developing Latinos for Peace let me know in an email. We can start getting people together in different areas to increase the impact of the effort and generate new initiatives on the issue.

Take a look at the list of signers, there is a lot of history here, but even more there is a better future as well. It can only grow as we put in some effort together. If you haved already signed get others to do so as well. If you have done that do it again.
Rosalio Munoz

Latinos Say US Out of Iraq! Bring Our Troops Home Now!

Ending the US occupation of Iraq and bringing our troops home is a top priority for Latino communities and all the people of the United States. The invasion and occupation of Iraq, and the policy of preemptive war move our country in the wrong direction in foreign and domestic policy.

The invasion of Iraq was unnecessary, wrong, and justified by false premises. The occupation of Iraq is not only pouring good money into bad foreign policy funding death and devastation, it is a growing obstacle to democracy and peace. More and more people are concluding that the war is for oil and strategic military advantage. The opportunity for a truly peaceful world is at risk.

Our troops are at risk and dying with the heaviest burden falling on working class and poor minority young men and women. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent on this immoral war while the need grows for funding good education, health care, job training, childcare and other services.

Anti-Arab hysteria that is promoted by the White House and the Media reinforces racist stereotyping, profiling and discrimination against immigrants and people of color. Our youth are being oriented to a future of militarism not peace.

We join with the Congressional Out Of Iraq Caucus, AFL -CIO, United for Peace & Justice, Mexican American Political Association, and many others Saying US Out of Iraq! Bring the Troops Home Now!
A Future of Peace not War! Funds for Good Jobs, Education, and Health Care!
National Organizations Latinos For Peace

si alguien quiere poner su nombre me pueden dicirlo por email en
Solo pedimos el nombre, ciudad, estado i Zip code.’=.

!EEUU Fuera de Irak Ahora!
Regresen Nuestras Tropas a Casa Ahora!

Poner fin a la ocupacion estadounidense de Irak y regresar nuestras tropas a casa es de alta prioridad para las comunidades latinas y toda la gente de Estados Unidos. La invasion y ocupacion de Irak, y la politica de guerra preventiva lleva a nuestro pais en una direccion equivocada en cuestion de politica extranjera y domestica.

La invasion de Irak fue innecesaria, equivocada y solo justificada sobre premisas falsas. La ocupacion de Irak no es solo cuestion de gastar dinero para una politica extranjera mala, financiar la muerte y la destruccion, sino que es un creciente obstaculo a la democracia y la paz.

Mas y mas el pueblo esta concluyendo que esta guerra es por el petroleo y por una ventaja estrategica militar. La oportunidad para tener un mundo verdaderamente en paz estan en peligro.

Nuestras tropas estan en peligro y muriendo, con la carga mas pesada cayendo sobre los jovenes de minorias de clase trabajadora y pobres. Cientos de miles de millones de dolares se estan gastando para esta guerra inmoral mientras que la necesidad crece de financiar la buena educacion, cuidado de salud, entrenamiento vocacional, cuido de niZos y otros servicios.

La histeria contra los arabes que promueve la Casa Blanca y los medios informativos fortalece los estereotipos racistas, el perfilamiento racial y la discriminacion contra los inmigrantes y gente de color. Estan orientando a nuestra juventud hacia un futuro de militarismo y no de paz.

Nos unimos con Grupo Fuera de Irak del Congreso, la AFL-CIO, Unidos por la Paz y Justicia, Asociacion Politica Mexico-Americana, y muchos otros para que reclaman !EEUU Fuera de Irak! !Regresen las Tropas Ahora!

!Por un futuro de paz! !Fondos para buenos empleos, educacion, y cuidado de salu