ACTION ALERT: Help Camp Casey Help Hurricane Victims

September 6th, 2005 - by admin

Dennis Kyne / Vets for Peace – 2005-09-06 00:17:33

Camp Casey Relocates to Aid Louisiana Hurricane Victims
Dennis Kyne / Veterans for Peace Roadtrips

(September 3, 2005) — Where did the food go? What about the Medical supplies? How about all the water that was never sucked up in the 109 degree heat of Camp Casey?

It got loaded up by the team and members of the Veterans For Peace Chapter 116, Mendocino County ( and hauled out with Annie and Buddy Spell of the Louisiana Activist Network, Commanding the way to as close as Camp Casey could get to the catastrophe in Louisiana.

Alberto signed on the tour in Austin and we we were joined by Alex and Ella of Minnesota who spent a lot of time at Camp Casey the past month.

We are here, CAMP CASEY is alive, the food is cooking, and we are handing out supplies to the citizens of the community.

We need help. Louisiana Activist Network and the VFP Chapter 116 are the only ones here in Covington.

We are in the Same Camp, Different Ditch 96 degrees today. The ditch is at Reverend Peter Atkins Park in Covington. Corner of 28th and Tyler in Covington. Louisiana.

Where we can take mail: 124 E 14th Street, Covington, LA 70433

Money is useless right now, we need hard goods:
• Chest with Ice
• Baby supplies, diapers, formulas, ointments, dried milk
• Canned Foods
• Water
• Gasoline
• Additional Generators
• Shelter
• Flashlights
• Batteries
• Portable toilets

Please send it as soon as possible

Camp Casey,
Same Camp – Different Ditch

Vets Peace Bus Delivers Relief Supplies
Dennis Kyne / Veterans for Peace Roadtrips

(September 5, 2005) — We are establishing a distribution line that has already proven to be functional.

We have distributed thousands of tons of foods and supplies in the past two days.

We have only been here for two days. Thank you for the support, we have supplied baby formula to hungry infants, and we have provided basic human needs, to others.

We are upholding the United Declaration of Human Rights, the whole world should be here, and if you can’t come, support us by sending anything you can to:
• 645 Kimbro Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808,
attn vfp chapter 116, c/o Ward Reilly
• or donating diaper money at

• Here is the preliminary contact information for Covington, Louisiana
• Gordon Soderberg
• 707-536-3001 is the direct line to the Veterans for Peace Bus
Support the Truth. (408) 646-7251

What the bleep was I complaining about? Day Four

It was tough looking at the photos James Hill showed me first thing this morning.

James is from Orlando, Florida. A Veteran for Peace, James pulled into Covington off the program. We met at Camp Casey II one evening, and we haven’t complained since.

Yesterday James lead a squad of folks into New Orleans. Timothy Keough, the young man who caught the bus from Memphis, assisted. Andy, who has been a regular on the VFP bus, taking shots of Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, went in with these fellows. As well as Jackie, a Camp Casey videographer who has been keeping time with the bus tour as well. They are getting solid footage and hope to be front page soon.

Maia Thomas and Daryl Wade from Austin, Texas have arrived as well. They were at Camp Casey, have an incredible medical background and are signed in working with the Red Cross as well.

Today, after viewing the photos, the bus loaded up water and supplies and Daryl Wade. The four-man crew and Daryl set out to supply New Orleans and pull out anyone needing a ride.

We got to Slidell and the bus was turned away. The Right to Pass was denied. US Military men with locked and loaded weapons are standing with Troopers from a number of different states. A quote from today’s volunteers, “My brother from MI was sworn in as a state trooper in LA a few days ago.”

We returned to our first distribution park, Reverend Peter Atkins Park, and distributed the food to Covington. We have had a few arrivals and supplies are steadily coming in.

Jamie and Jim from Norman, OK brought a motor-home full of supplies. They just arrived within the last hour with a beautiful dog named Bones. Jim and Jamie spent a good amount of time at Camp Casey as well. You can see the trend. Cindy Sheehan is right, Bring the Troops home NOW — to restore Democracy here.

Ann Wright, Cindy Sheehan’s confidant at Camp Casey (with a list of credentials as long as my arm) arrived this evening. We are counting on her to help tighten the relationship we have developed with the Red Cross and also in obtaining a warehouse to get these supplies separated and distributed on a regular and consistent basis.

Please continue to support the bus at We are very pleased with the infrastructure we have established. We have been receiving good words form all federal agencies who have stopped by. We are safe with a Covington Police Officer right at the driveway keeping an eye on the shelter and our distribution operation until we get a warehouse.

At Pine View, home to Casey III, we had a woman come aboard the White Rose, upload her information to the web using our service. She arrived in tears and within two hours she had contact.

The smile, that is what we are doing, restoring hope. I don’t have to write about her graciousness. One with a slight bit of empathy knows what it must be like to be separated from your parents, children, and friends with the uncertainity of death and destruction surrounding the circumstances.

At Casey III the children love Fred. Ella has made a number of Southern friends and we are helping restore a sense of community.

A mother who needs to get to the hospital is supported by Red Cross Volunteers and us, the Bus, looking out for the children. Personally, that is why I do this; For the Children, All of God’s Children.

Your support is invaluable, the number of small children in these communities is incredible. It is unbearable to see them go without a stitch, while wonderful mothers get kicked to the ditch.

The World needs to be here helping, what the bleep were you complaining about?