ACTION ALERT: Help Build Bushville in DC on 9/11/05

September 11th, 2005 - by admin – 2005-09-11 23:50:34

Do Your Patriotic Duty. Spread the Word and Help Build Bushville in the Nation’s Capitol.
We Are All Survivors of Crimes Committed by Washington’s Response to 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

On 9/11, survivors of Katrina participated in a NONVIOLENT act of Civil Disobedience by beginning the construction of an encampment on the Washington DC Mall.

FEMA pens Katrina survivors like diseased cattle. Bushville, DC will force politicians and reporters to see them every day. We may be few on 9/11, but Bushville, DC will grow. Bushville, DC isn’t an organization – it’s a vision.

Everyone come to the Mall and join the crowd. You don’t need to be a Katrina survivor, all Bush survivors are welcome. Be there and make history.

Email 10 friends about right now.

Imagine 10,000 Katrina survivors camped on Bush’s doorstep. Camped in the seat of power and media. In the Government’s face. With endless stories for the press.

Bushville, DC will be the FACT that even George Bush can’t bluster away. Bushville will stay through:
-Rumsfield’s 9/11 Freedom March
-The Katrina investigations and trials.
-The catharsis of Rove’s treason conviction.
-The Supreme Court coronations.
-Bush’s last days of office – soon.
-The rebuilding of our government’s ability to protect us.

On 9/11 Bush will try to blindfold us with our own American flag. Founding Bushville, DC on 9/11 will honor ALL the victims of America’s tragedies.

Bushville, DC will be a center for Katrina survivor activism.

Help Bushville grow by telling your friends about

The White House has generously agreed to let us use its bathrooms.

Those who intend to camp on The Mall should bring tents and bail. Weather in DC is predicted to be 80’s day, 60’s night. We will depend on the people of DC for food and support. We could sure use some good Southern music. Bring an instrument.

If you are on the Mall 9/11, find others and document yourself. Signs saying “Bushville, DC 9/11” are encouraged. They’ll help us find one another. Take pictures, please.

Take pride in DOING something. Free speech and assembly can be healing and inspiring. We will post general directions which avoid the path of the Freedom March. We are NOT counterdemonstrating against the Freedom March folk. They are commemorating 9/11/01 and should be.

Police are as angry at Bush as we are. They don’t want to arrest Katrina survivors. Treat police with firm kindness.

We need volunteers to teach nonviolent protest techniques. We need people with video cameras. We need lawyers on the scene. We need a spirit of healing and community.

“Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”
~ Thomas Jefferson

Learn how the Broadcast News Media Deceives You!

The world can only be redeemed through action–movement — motion. Uncoerced, unbribed and unbought, humanity will move toward the light.
— Alice Hubbard’s introduction to An American Bible (1912)

Justice for the Victims of Katrina!
Demonstrations in more than 100 cities

Thousands were left to die beause they were poor and black! We must demand

(September 12, 2005) — With every day that passes, the enormity of the devastation in the area impacted by Hurricane Katrina becomes clearer. What makes this horror even more shocking is the knowledge that the massive loss of life could have been prevented.

State, local, and Federal authorities all knew that a hurricane of this magnitude was likely to strike the region. They knew that more than 100,000 people would be unable to evacuate. They knew that the levees would not withstand the onslaught of a hurricane of this magnitude. They had the knowledge of the impending disaster.

They had the ability to evacuate people. They simply chose to do nothing. They chose to turn their heads while thousands of people died, simply because these people were poor and Black.

Across the country, communities are organizing to demand justice for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Some of the events planned include:

• Rallies and pickets at Federal Buildings and other locations
• Press Conferences with community organizers, trade unionists, and antiwar activists
• Collecting materials to ship to New Orleans and the surrounding region – It is clear that the government cannot be trusted to meet the needs of the people or provide for their safety. The people must take matters into their own hands, and many have already begun to do so.
• Vigils
• Observing a moment of silence, including walking out of classes or stopping work

Join us to build a national movement to demand justice for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. On Monday, September 12, community organizers, trade unionists, and antiwar activists will be on the streets to demand:

• Immediate relief-food, medicine, water, clothing, and emergency shelter for the people of the region.
• A massive jobs program to help rebuild the region.
• Back pay and extended unemployment for the one million displaced workers.
• The right of the people of New Orleans to return to their homes and to have decisive control over how resources are allocated to rebuild their city.
• Relief money to be given directly to organizations representing the community, not to Halliburton.
• An end to the military occupation of New Orleans.
• Extended unemployment benefits for all who have lost jobs, and a massive jobs and housing program for the near future.
• End the military occupation of New Orleans! People trying to feed their families are not looters!
• An independent international investigation of the criminal negligence that caused this disaster.

Nationwide Protests
Some of the cities where protests are already planned include:
New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Carmel NY, Amherst, New Haven, Charlston SC, Jackson MS, Charlotte NC, Miami FL, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Boston, Turner Falls MA, Detroit, Grand Rapids MI, Jersey City, Los Angeles, Houston, Raleigh, Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle, St. Louis, Kansas City, Memphis, Milwaukee, Richmond VA, Hampton VA, Atlanta, and cities and towns of all sizes in every region of the country.

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List Your Activity

Initiating Endorsers Include:
The Million Worker March Movement;
Troops Out Now Coalition;
Saladin Muhammed,
Black Workers For Justice;
Harlem Tenants Council;
Chris Silvera, Chair, Teamsters National Black Caucus;
International Action Center; Cuba Solidarity New York;
Rev. Lucius Walker, Pastors for Peace;
Rev. Luis Barrios, Iglesia San Romero de Las Américas;
and local leaders and activists from around the country.

Endorsers include:
Action Center For Justice, Charlotte, NC
All Peoples Congress, Baltimore, MD
Atlanta International Action Center, Atlanta, GA
Buffalo International Action Center, Buffalo, NY
Casa Las Americas, Country Club, Carolina, Puerto Rico
Center For Immigrant Families, New York City, NY
Committee To Defend The Somerville 5, Somerville, MA
Defenders For Freedom, Justice & Equality, Richmond, VA
Destroyindustry, Raleigh, NC
“Earth 101” KPFT, Pacifica Radio, Houston, TX
“Fight Back!” KPFT, Pacifica Radio, Houston, TX
FIST – Fight Imperialism! Stand Together!
Homeless Action For Necessary Development, Providence, RI
International Action Center
Into Afrika Inc., Washington, DC
Ippn & Up (United Progressives) For Democracy, Carmel, NY
Jersey City Peace Movement, Jersey City, NJ
Liberty Underground Of Virginia(luv), Hampton, VA
Long Island Troops Out Now Coalition, Long Island, NY
Metro Detroit Coalition Of Black Trade Unionists, Detroit, MI
MLK Bolivarian Circle, Boston, MA
Mothers For Peace, Houston, TX
New England Human Rights Organization For Haiti, Boston, MA
Peoples Video Network
Queers For Peace & Justice, NY, NY
Rule19 – For Justice And Democracy, Cambridge, MA
San Diego International Action Center, San Diego, CA
SNAFU – Support Network For An Armed Forces Union
Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement, Houston, TX
Tropic Blue (musicians), Houston, TX
Uswa Local 8751 Boston School Bus Union, Boston, MA
Vip Properties, Humacao, PR, Puerto Rico
“Voices At Work” KPFT, Pacifica Radio, Houston, TX
Women In Black, Riverside, Ca, Nuevo, CA
World Prout Assembly, Highland Heights, KY
Youth & Students Against War, Perth, Australia
Robert King Wikerson, New Orleans
Deloyd Parker, Executive Director, S.H.A.P.E. Community Center*, Houston, TX
Jewel Nelms, Mother of Frances Newton
Brenda Stokely, NYC Labor Against the War, New York, NY
Chuck Turner, City Councilor, Boston, MA
Leslie Feinberg, Nat’l Co-Chair LGBT Caucus, National Writers’ Union/UAW*, Jersey City, NJ
Steve Gillis, President, USWA Local 8751 Boston School Bus Union, Boston, MA
Cathy Courtney, Organizer, Mothers for Peace, Houston, TX
Elisabeth Avery, New York, NY
Jack Balkwill, Chairman, Liberty Underground of Virginia(LUV), Hampton, VA
Maure Briggs-carrington, Turners Falls, MA
Bonnie Bui, Student, Santa Ana, CA
John Bullabaugh, Teacher, Snellville, GA
Philip Callas, Salem, MA
Lorraine Caputo, Documentary Poet, Columbia, MO
Ed Childs, Chief Shop Steward, UNITE-HERE Local 26 Hotel and Restaurant Workers – Harvard University*, Boston, MA
Arthur Daniels, Retired, Wellington, FL
Susan E. Davis, National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981*, NYC, NY
Jose Luis Diaz, Presidente, Casa las Americas, Carolina, Puerto Rico
David Dixon, Coordinator, Action Center For Justice, Charlotte, NC
Carol Eaves, Wyoming, MI
Beth Elliott, Teacher, Bethel Island, CA
Franklin Eventoff, Bow, WA
Peter Feldstein, Oxford, IA
Corey Fetzer, Santa Monica, CA
Garda Ghista, Founding Director, World Prout Assembly, Highland Heights, KY
Ayesha Gill, Oakland, CA
Peter Goselin, Hartford, CT
Larry Hales, Denver, CO
Michael Halmick, Retired, Bourbon, MO
Mary Heicher, Jacksonville, FL
Anthony Hempfer, President, Homeless Action for Necessary Development, Providence, RI
Dan Jetter, New York, NY
Jo Ann Kempf, Inverness, CA
Christopher Key, Birch Bay, WA
Anna Kim, Grad Student, UC San Diego*, Torrance, CA
Gordon Kobayashi, Rural Carrier, USPS*, Valley Springs, CA
Andre Kyriakou, Athens, GA
Bonnie Lambourn, collective member, Committee To Stop the Execution of Frances Newton*, Houston, TX
Anne Lavallee, Uxbridge, MA
Daniel Liberatoscioli, President, The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College*, Philadelphia, PA
Lin Luker, Baltimore, MD
Laura Mabry, RNC, South Bend, IN
Bob McCubbin, International Action Center, San Diego, CA
James Miller, Captain, Davenport, IA
Joe Miller, Daytona Beach, FL
Dr. Joyce Miller, New York, NY
Susan Nash, Women in Black, Riverside, CA, Nuevo, CA
Mariana Nogales, Administrator, VIP Properties, Humacao, PR, Puerto Rico
Karl North, Marathon, NY
Carl Olson, Precinct Committee Officer, 26th District Democrats*, Port Orchard, WA
Nancy Pennington, Seattle, WA
Drake Pirkle, Lubbock, TX
Wanda Plummer, Cincinnati, OH
Thomas Portney, Centerpoint: where science meets Spirit*, North Augusta, SC
Jeanneane Preus, Eatonville, WA
Susan Raffo, Minneapolis, MN
Miles Robinson, Teacher, Cranbrook School*, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Bill Rosenthal, Land O’ Lakes, FL
Jeremy Rossen, Santa Rosa, CA
Pamela Ryan, South Portland, ME
Connie Sanchez-terry, Albuq, NM
Valerie Sanfilippo, Seiu, Sierra, Moveon, Voterr,9-11*, San Diego, CA
Eliza Schefler, Albany, CA
Betty Scholl, Cleveland, OH
Diane Shamis, National Coordinator, IPPN & UP (United Progressives) for Democracy, Carmel, NY
Luke(y) Skinner, Public Relations, Youth & Students Against War, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Jay Smithline, Artist/Sound Guy, Calabasas, CA
Pf Soto, Activist, Rule19 – for Justice and Democracy, Cambridge, MA
Justin Stepney, owner, DestroyIndustrY, Raleigh, NC
Louis Tassinary, Bryan, TX
Bryan Todd, Pinole, CA
Butler Waugh, Retired Professor, Florida International University*, St Petersburg Beach, FL
Robert Weaver, Retired, Clarion, PA
Mary Williams, Salt Lake City, UT
Sharrhan Williamson, Cambridge, MA
Kelsey Wilson, Oakland, CA

to help build a movement to demand: Money for Jobs, Housing, and Reconstruction, not for War!