ACTION ALERT: Flowers Not Landmines

September 12th, 2005 - by admin – 2005-09-12 00:11:10

San Francisco (September 12, 2005) —
In August, Organic Bouquet (, the world’s first online organic florist, announced a newly formed cause marketing partnership with Adopt-A-Minefield, a campaign of the United Nations Association of the USA.

Adopt-A-Minefield will promote Organic Bouquet flowers on its web site at and to its membership through web advertisements, newsletters and e-mail communications. Organic Bouquet will donate 15 percent of its sales made through these channels.

“Adopt-A-Minefield is working to rectify a horrible world crisis that maims or kills 15,000 to 20,000 people every year of which 30 to 40 percent are children,” said Organic Bouquet CEO Gerald Prolman. “It is crucial and gratifying to support their critical work.”

In addition, is featuring a 10-stem, 35-plus blossom Stargazer Lily bouquet in its “charitable bouquets” section. Organic Bouquet will donate 5 percent of the sales from each of these fragrant and long-lasting arrangements to Adopt-A-Minefield.

“Adopt-A-Minefield is thrilled to partner with Organic Bouquet in this unique initiative. Like Adopt-A-Minefield, Organic Bouquet is committed to the highest social and environmental standards, enabling land to be put to productive use,” said Nahela Hadi, Executive Director of Adopt-A-Minefield. “Together, we are helping to ensure a better tomorrow for future generations.”

Organic Bouquet and Adopt-A-Minefield will also work together to create various fundraising campaigns. During the 2004 holiday season, Organic Bouquet introduced a “Peace Wreath,” a peace sign made from wild-crafted Long Needle Pine. Organic Bouquet is gearing up to sell thousands of Peace Wreaths this holiday season, donating a portion of their sales to Adopt-A-Minefield.

About Organic Bouquet
Established in 2001, Organic Bouquet ( pioneered the organic flower market. As a leading voice in the organic movement, it is raising public awareness of crucial environmental issues, using sustainably grown flowers as a catalyst for change.

About Adopt-A-Minefield®
Adopt-A-Minefield® is a campaign of the United Nations Association of the USA to clear minefields, provide assistance to landmine survivors and raise awareness of the global landmine crisis. Since its launch in 1999, the Campaign has raised over $14 million for mine clearance and survivor assistance and cleared over 20 million square meters of land.

With partner campaigns in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Sweden and through a variety of outreach activities and initiatives, including the annual Night of a Thousand Dinners®, Adopt-A-Minefield is engaging hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world in resolving one of the most serious humanitarian problems of our time.

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