Conscientious Objection — It Takes Courage!

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Conscientious Objection — It Takes Courage!

The “I Will Not Kill” campaign aims to:
• affirm the right of conscientious objection and support the right of people to have a choice whether or not to serve
• oppose a future draft
• encourage those who are targeted by recruiters to check out the reality of the military
• raise awareness of resistance to war and share the ideas with other youth
• educate high school and college age youth about the impacts of and alternatives to war
• dismantle the selective service system and promote a culture of life

As a young person concerned about my future and the future of all young people,
I pledge that:


I will not go to war.

I will not support war against other nations.

I will resist recruitment into the military.

I will encourage others to do the the same.

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(for youth up to the age of 26 – if you are a youth ally,
please sign the Nyack Declaration)
The Nyack Declaration of Conscience and Courage

On the weekend of February 18 through February 21, 2005, a diverse community of some 30 scholars, activists and students from the US and Canada gathered at the Fellowship of Reconciliation in Nyack, New York, to affirm the human right of conscientious objection to all forms of war and oppose the reinstatement of a military draft in the United States.

This Gathering of Conscience and Courage affirmed, by consensus, the following statement:

“We celebrate and declare our support of conscientious objectors because we value the sanctity of life, respect human dignity, and affirm the right of freedom of thought, as expressed in individual moral, ethical, or religious beliefs.

Conscientious objectors are those individuals who refuse to participate in, or otherwise directly support, the conduct of warfare and the killing and degradation of fellow human beings.

More specifically, following and expanding upon the statements of faith contained in various religious doctrines; as well as established declarations of secular law contained in the UN Charter and US Constitution, we support those who conscientiously object to participation in “ war in any form”, as well as those who object to:

* Specific wars deemed unjust by the individual’s religious faith or conscience (“selective objection”);

* Particular methods of warfare individually deemed unjust and inhumane;

* Supporting warfare with taxes, forced registration for Selective Service (“the draft”), or compulsory “national service”;

* Ideological systems and social structures of injustice and exploitation that leave some individuals no alternative but military service for employment to support their sustenance and survival (“poverty draft”).

Therefore, it is our hope that in so honoring conscientious objection, individual dignity, and human freedom we resist a culture of death and work for a world where war and violence are replaced by peace and justice. ”

Click here for pdf version of IWNK Youth Pledge postcard.
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Draft? or No Draft? We Say No!
On May 26, 2005 Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) renewed his call for the reinstatement of the military draft. Additionally, on May 18 Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) introduced a bill to repeal the Selective Service Act. Paul’s bill will eliminate the Selective Service System and give a definite assurance that a draft is truly, not coming back. Read more at:

Press Release:
Read about the press conference at: