Afghanistan: A Disaster After Four Years of US Invasion

October 9th, 2005 - by admin

Mohammed Daud Miraki / – 2005-10-09 09:06:03

(October 8, 2005) — October 7th 2001, the US forces with their cowardly allies bombed Afghanistan, the poorest nation on earth with no comparable military defense. The magnitude of this tragedy is beyond words to describe here. However, the perpetrator of this crime — George W Bush — appears to be a psychopath suffering from serious psychosis when he bluntly stated the reason for his decision to invade Afghanistan.

A new BBC documentary reveals that GW Bush has made a bizarre claim when meeting the Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas and former foreign minister Nabil Shaath in the Egyptian resort of Sharm al-Sheikh in 2003. Bush’s outrageous claim could not be explained by anything except psychopathology.

In the documentary, Nabil Shaath – currently Palestinian information minister – recalls when Bush said: “I’m driven by a mission from God. God told me, ‘George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan.'” Hence, he invaded Afghanistan because he thought ‘God told him’ to invade that country.

So, there you have it, a nation is completely devastated based on the decision of a psychopath rather than establishing any facts aimed at revealing the true conspirators of the attacks of September 11th, 2001. What has been accomplished as a result of this heinous crime is nothing short of mass genocide.

A Legacy of ‘Genocidal Weapons’
In addition to the destruction of what remained standing in the country, Afghanistan is infested with massive amount of uranium munitions, which are truly genocidal weapons aimed at depriving future generations of any kind of normalcy.

In fact, since the US and her cowardly allies unleashed this disaster on the poor people of Afghanistan, the number of deformed babies has risen significantly and the rate of various cancers has accelerated in different parts of the country — especially eastern, southeastern, southern and southwestern Afghanistan.

There has not been ANY reconstruction. In fact, the country lacks paved roads, schools, and hospitals. The infant mortality along with the maternal death rate has risen dramatically.

There has been no security or true law and order. Instead, organized crime has flourished to an extent unheard of in Afghanistan. Incidentally, government officials sponsor and direct criminal organizations geared toward kidnapping anyone worth dollars.

The Elections Were a Fraud
The recent election to the parliament was full of fraud. Warlords forcefully included inflated numbers of nonexistent voters for their bid to secure a seat at the national assembly. Consequently, murderers, thieves and known criminals that are allies of the United States secured their way into the concocted ‘national assembly’.

As to the behavior of the US soldiers, there is no decency expected of them. They are essentially a bunch of murderers, rapists and sodomites hiding behind military uniforms. The following example should be more than enough for any decent human being to become sick and disgusted.

In the Bagrami area of Kabul, the US forces assaulted a small enclave of nomads. The US forces flew over this enclave and saw nomad women near their tents. They landed their helicopter and kidnapped these women by gunpoint. Subsequently, the US soldiers flew away with these women to some location, where these women were gang-raped.

After these women were raped, the soldiers flew them back to the community from where they were kidnapped. However, this time the helicopter did not land, instead, the women were thrown down from the helicopter to their deaths.

This is not unique for the US forces since they committed similar crimes in Vietnam. American forces were too cowardly to have landed because they knew they would be shot in revenge.

So there you have it people. Happy?

Your boys have really made a difference. Bravo.

Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD is the Director of the Afghan DU & Recovery Fund ( He may be contacted at:

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