NPR Set to Broadcast Report on Nuclear Legacy

October 21st, 2005 - by admin

Jacqueline Cabasso / Western States Legal Foundation – 2005-10-21 23:15:00

A new program for National Public Radio (NPR) details the nuclear leagcy of the Marshall Islands and how the ripples of those Cold War tests are being felt in northwest Arkansas.

The national broadcast of the documentary will air the week of October 21, during the second half of the NPR’s “Living on Earth” program. The show will reach millions of listeners, on more than 230 NPR stations as well as an international audience via Armed Forces Radio Network on 400 stations in 130 countries.

With interviews and Marshallese music, producer Jacqueline Froelich presents a concise history of nuclear testing in the islands, and the disease and displacement that followed. Tony deBrum of the Lolelaplap Trust, and a former Republic of the Marshall Islands’ Minister, describes the horror of the BRAVO shot and the lasting impact of the tests.

Marshallese Northwest Arkansas leaders Carmen S. Chong Gum and Lumon Benjamin relate why over 6,000 Marshallese have moved to Arkansas and their unique position as nuclear testing survivors.

Stations air “LOE” at different time slots. For example in the Ozarks, “LOE” airs at 5pm every Sunday, right after “All Things Considered.”

To learn the day and time the show is broadcast on one’s local public radio station, go to:

The program stream can also be heard on the “Living on Earth” website, and later accessed from the archives.(cover design by Aenet Rowa)

• LISTEN: NPR’s Living on Earth Website – access the story from this page beginning October 21, 2005

• VIEW: Album – U.S. Nuclear Detonations in the Marshall Islands

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