41 Arrested at Offices of Edina, MN Weapons Merchant

October 25th, 2005 - by admin

Nukewatch – 2005-10-25 00:29:41


EDINA, Minnesota (October 24, 2005) โ€“ Forty-one anti-uranium weapons activists were arrested at the offices of Alliant Techsystems here Monday, in a nonviolent protest against the company’s production of indiscriminate weapons. Lck, Wisc. residents Jerry Berrigan and John LaForge were among those arrested.

Edina police officers corralled several dozen people in the company parking ramp after they walked onto Alliant property.

All the demonstrators were issued citations alleging trespass in violation of a new Edina city ordinance and then released. One minor was escorted to her high school by the police. The citation carries a possible $200 fine.

Organized by AlliantACTION and Nukewatch, the gathering โ€” dubbed “UN Day at ATK” โ€” celebrated United Nations Day, Oct. 24, the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Charter outlawing wars of aggression.

The United Nations Subcommission on Human Rights has twice condemned the use of “depleted uranium” weapons as an assault on minorities. Millions of the armor-piercing uranium shells have been machined and sold by Alliant to the Department of Defense.

Hundreds of tons of munitions, which are toxic and radioactive, have been used in US bombardments of Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Kosovo. The resulting uranium contamination has raised health and environmental concerns around the world.

No arraignment date was set by the citations.

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