ACTION ALERT: Young Americans Gather on Non-Proliferation

November 3rd, 2005 - by admin

Carah Ong / Nuclear Age Peace Foundation & Americans for Informed Democracy – 2005-11-03 23:33:22

WASHINGTON (November 2, 2005) — Students from across the United States will be assembling in Washington, DC, on November 5th for a major conference at American University aimed at putting nuclear non- proliferation and other critical global security issues on the US agenda.

The summit will take place on November 5th from 9:30am to 6:00pm at American University’s Kay Chapel located at 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20016.

The young global leaders summit, called Think Outside the Bomb, aims to inspire today’s most promising young leaders to view the pursuit of nonproliferation and disarmament as a special mission of their generation. Thanks to the generous support of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, DarMac Foundation, and Hewlett Foundation, the summit is free for selected participants.

At the summit, young leaders with a demonstrated commitment to public service will engage in workshops and discussions aimed at equipping them with the tools to effectively educate and raise support for nonproliferation and disarmament on their campuses and in their communities.

Conference attendees will also have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with a diverse group of young leaders, equipping them with the knowledge, support and structure to implement these ideas.

The summit comes at a particularly critical time as the US and the world face critical proliferation challenges, especially concerns surrounding Iran and North Korea.

The summit is also timed to coincide with a high-level gathering on nonproliferation sponsored by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on November 7th and 8th. ‘Our goal is to show that nonproliferation is not just an important topic for experts,’ explains Seth Green, chair of Americans for Informed Democracy. ‘All Americans, especially the next generation of leaders, must be involved in shaping global institutions to deal effectively with these global threats.’

‘Preventing nuclear proliferation cannot be guaranteed without nuclear disarmament, and nuclear disarmament cannot succeed without preventing nuclear proliferation,’ says Carah Ong, Washington DC Office Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

‘Young people across the US have a critical role to play in raising awareness in their communities about the growing dangers of nuclear proliferation and taking action to urge the US government to also fulfill its international disarmament commitments.’

The conference is cosponsored by Americans for Informed Democracy (AID), the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF), and the Nuclear Studies Institute at American University. AID is a non-partisan organization working to raise global awareness on more than 250 US university campuses and in more than 10 countries.

AID was originally started in September of 2002 by Marshall and Rhodes scholars at Oxford University who sought a new vehicle to bring the world home to Americans and it has quickly become the premiere network for globally conscious young leaders to connect with one another, the general public, media, and policymakers.

NAPF initiates and supports worldwide efforts to reduce nuclear dangers, to strengthen international law and institutions, to use technology responsibly and sustainably, and to empower youth to create a more peaceful world.

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