Greetings from Camp Taji

November 14th, 2005 - by admin

Wayne McCullough – 2005-11-14 23:16:47

I doubt this will make your site but I thought I would offer a helping hand. Camp Taji was a former Iraqi Air Force Base, mainly MI-24 Hind Attack Helicopters. It will again be an Iraqi Air Force Base as Iraqi Pilots are being trained to fly helicopters on the base. The base is being expanded because Iraq’s military will need a place to have it’s military in the coming years.

Iraq is planning on flying C-130 aircraft, training currently in progress, and Taji is one of the main bases going to be used. The statement that there is a Burger King, Subway, and Pizza Hut is actually no complete, there is also a Taco Bell, Cinabun, and something else, I don’t pay for food when the food in the dining facility is just as good.

The fast food joints are not what you see back home, they’re basically small trailers with kitchens in them. You walk up to a window, ask for a cheeseburger, pay your money, go to another window, get your cheeseburger, and enjoy it. Your statements make it sound like we are lounging in paradise over here. It’s not that impressive, but it’s better than it could be.

Your statements on your site have two glaring mistakes:
1. You are conspiracy theoried in nature.
2. You use vague information in order to convince naive people to join your agenda.

I’m all for you being against war, even this one. That’s your right. It just seems a bit silly to me that you would use these type of tactics to convince someone to join your cause, it seems extremely ignorant of what is really going on, fueled by passion if you will.

Myself, I’m all for this war against terrorism as it is protecting America and giving Iraqis a chance at a real life. Unless you’ve been here you really don’t have room to talk, and CNN and Fox News don’t even get the entire picture as it’s pretty difficult to do that from a hotel as a majority.

Now, I know by now you’re screaming Bush Lied, Bush Lied, There are no WMDs. Using that excuse, which is what it is, you are saying that the Iraqi people are better off being raped and murdered.

True, a lot of Iraqis are being killed, either by their own foolishness in presenting themselves as a hostile target to Multi-National Forces, or very unfortunately; the insurgents murder them with car bombs and drive-by shootings in the vain attempt to begin a civil war.

What I see are the Iraqis people fighting back in the last few months. Neighborhood Watch groups are capturing and/or killing insurgent operatives in their neighborhoods. When a persons’ brother is killed while in line to join the Iraqi Military or Police, his brother is there the next day to serve in his place — not to mention several other members and friends.

Billboards are popping up showing advertisements (I’m not a big fan of billboards anywhere).

Now, before you characterize me as a warmongering, nature hater, I was a member of the Save the Manatee Club for several years and I’m not even from Florida. I am very active in trail programs in both TN and NC, and believe it or not, I own a Hybrid vehicle and a mini-SUV that gets 30 per gallon, so I think I could be considered environmentally freindly.

The truth is, all the trees and clean air in the world, while wonderful, isn’t going to do squat for you unless we have a process of dealing with evil people in the world. I think we are doing the right thing. I would love to hear your opinions concerning this matter.
Keep up the good work for the environment.


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