Save Stan “Tookie” Williams from Execution

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Save Stan Tookie Williams, who the State of California wants to execute December 13th — 5 short weeks away!

Williams’ memoir, Blue Rage, Black Redemption, documents his founding of the Crips gang in the early 1970s and subsequent redemption while in prison.

Stan has also written nine children’s books that encourage teens to stay away from gangs. He has also created the Tookie Protocol for Peace, which provides a detailed process that a community can use to end violence — block by block and neighborhood by neighborhood.

Already 92 Indiana gang members and 50 Crips and Bloods In New Jersey have signed truce documents after watching Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story and printing Tookie’s Protocol from his website. What will happen to Gang Peace if they execute the man who is making it possible?

Since 2001, he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize five times. Last year, he won the 2004 Season for Nonviolence Award. This year he won the President’s Call to Service Award.

To save Stan Tookie Williams, we need the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant clemency.

Schwarzenegger was defeated by losing in the special election and he can’t afford any more bad publicity if we bring attention to this injustice. Only Arnold can grant clemency, but it’s our job to create the pressure to FORCE Arnold sign that clemency!

We can make this happen! We have made this happen: just last year Kevin Cooper was saved from execution just hours before he was to be killed! We do make a difference!

The Oakland branch of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) is planning a Day of Action on November 30 that will coincide with other actions across the state. We will be showing the movie Redemption at the Black Repertory Theater located at 3201 Adeline Street in Berkeley.

If you would like to get involved in the fight to save Stan Tookie Williams, please email or call (510) 206-9086.
There are four things you can do to help:

• 1) Download and print copies of the petition from and ask everyone you know to sign it.

• 2) Fax, write, and call the governor to demand clemency. His phone
number is 916-445-2841, fax is 916-445-4633, his web-email is

• 3) Attend the rally for Stan at San Quentin with Snoop Dogg on November 19 (10 am – 12 noon—see below for more detailed info).

• 4) Come to the Redemption showing at the Black Repertory Theater in Berkeley on November 30 at 7:00pm.

You can make a difference!
Some newspaper articles exposing Tookie’s miscarriage of justice:

Don’t Kill Tookie!
Save The Peacemaker Rally — November 19

• Co-founder of the Crips
• Author of “The Tookie Protocol for Peace”
• 5-Time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
• Execution set for December 13th, 2005

Join Snoop Dogg for the youth rally to save Stan Tookie Williams, the peacemaker, on death row.
Saturday, November 19th
10 am – 12 noon
San Quentin State Prison

The Save the Peacemaker Rally is part of the Tookie Teach-In Week, (November 14th-21)

For more information:, or (510) 253-5418

The Campaign to End the Death Penalty, along with the California Save Tookie Campaign, is calling for a NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION to SAVE TOOKIE on Wednesday, November 30.

The clock is ticking for California death row prisoner, Stanley Tookie Williams. He is scheduled to be executed on December 13, 2005. That is exactly 33 days from today (Thursday, November 10). That means we have exactly 33 days to do everything we can to STOP Tookie’s scheduled execution.

We are calling on California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant Tookie clemency. Tookie, who co-founded the Los Angeles Crips gang when he was 17 years old, turned his life around while on death row.

We cannot allow the state of California to silence Tookie’s powerful voice for peace. Start planning now to show your support for Tookie on Nov 30.


• Hand out fact sheets about Tookie and collect signatures on petitions to be sent to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

• Make cell phones available for people to call the governor’s office on the spot.

• If you’re on a campus, set up laptops so that students can e-mail the governor right there and then.

HOLD A PRESS CONFERENCE with social justice leaders calling for clemency for Tookie.

ORGANIZE A RALLY or a picket in your city. Call a speak out for Tookie on your campus.

HOST A SCREENING of the movie “Redemption: The Stan Tookie
Williams Story”

ORGANIZE A TEACH-IN on “The Power of Redemption: The Case of Stanley Tookie Williams.” Host a former death row prisoner to speak in your city or on your campus.

WRITE A LETTER or story about Tookie’s case in local or school newspapers, and contact local radio stations to do a segment on Tookie.

RUN YOUR OWN SIGNATURE AD in your school or community paper. Visit for sample letters.

ORGANIZE A SPOKEN WORD event for Tookie, a “Rock for Tookie” concert with local bands to fundraise for Tookie, or a mock execution or trial.

BE CREATIVE. Come up with your own ideas to get the word out and build support to save Tookie.

We are posting all Day of Action activities on the Save Tookie website.

Make sure to send the details of your event to Event details should include the title of event, time, place and a phone number or e-mail address for contact information.

For more information about the Save Tookie campaign or to download petitions and fact sheets, visit: and