US Shipped VX Nerve Gas to Saddam Hussein in 1988 and 1989

November 20th, 2005 - by admin

Wayne Madsen / Wayne Madsen Report – 2005-11-20 08:14:22

WASHINGTON, DC (November 14, 2005) — In violation of UN Security Council Resolution 598, in 1988 and 1989, the Reagan-Bush administration shipped deadly binary VX nerve gas to Iraq for use in its bloody war with Iran.

According to US military intelligence officers on the ground in Iraq after the US invasion of that country, the US covered up the presence of documents and canisters clearly showing the US origin of the nerve gas.

US military intelligence personnel discovered VX gas canisters at the Acaca weapons site. The Iraqi official who took US military intelligence officers to Acaca even had the American bills of lading for the nerve gas shipments. The bills of lading also showed the Carlyle Group as the facilitator of the nerve gas shipments.

These documents were scanned and videos of the canisters, clearly showing the US serial numbers, were stored on DVDs that are now held by the 223rd Military Intelligence Group in San Francisco. The canisters were physically removed by British units in Iraq.

Clinton and Bush 1 Provided WMDs to Iraq
The Clinton and Bush 2 administrations never paid much attention to the presence of VX nerve gas in Iraq, according to a Defense Department intelligence source. This was because the nerve gas was sent by the Reagan and Bush 1 administrations and nerve gas has a “shelf life,” whereby the US maintained it could not be counted as a weapon of mass destruction under United Nations and US definitions.

The Acaca weapons site was also the source for the 300-500 tons of high explosives, including HTX, that was removed by Iraqi troops after the US occupation. These high explosives, including high oxidizing detonating materials, were then used in improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that have been so deadly against US and “coalition” troops and Iraqis.

US intelligence also reports sophisticated circuitry for explosive devices being imported by into Iraq by the insurgency . This so-called “cheesebox” technology, which originated in East Germany, is imported into Iraq, via Iran, from South Africa.

Except for the Hezbollah-run smuggling route from Iran to Iraq, the rest of the smuggling pipeline is the same that was used by Israeli, Turkish, and Pakistani agents to provide the A Q Khan network in Pakistan and the Iranian, Libyan, and North Korean nuclear programs with nuclear components.

The Iraqi Insurgency “Cheesebox”:
Making Armor Obsolete.

The East German technology, known as “electroflux gradient” technology, identifies the magnetic fields of unlike metals. These fields are electronically targeted and, in turn, trigger detonations.

Only certain machinery, like Humvees and tanks trigger the explosions, while people, horses, and donkeys that near the devices result in no detonations. The circuitry and explosives are contained in what is called a “German cheesebox.”

The box is able to focus the blast to defeat armor. A military intelligence official said these units are hard to defeat and make armor virtually obsolete.

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