Torture in Iraq

January 8th, 2006 - by admin

Ali Shalal / Baghdad, Iraq – 2006-01-08 11:23:37

From: ali shalal

Dear Friends around the world,

Could any one answer me ……..
Where is the Human Conscience?????????

Does it exist ???????
Is it still there ????????????

See for your self the new crime brought by the American Democracy to Iraq , the so-called Iraqi Police arrested those poor young men, the next day they found dead, some beatten to death, others strangled, others with their eyes taken off & their faces burned & others tortured with a drill ( the latest fashion in torture in the New Iraq) & of course they suffered all this torture when they were still alive .

Is this the Freedom ????

Is this the New Iraq???????

Is this the Model to follow in the Middle East ???????

Is this the Human Rights Respect???????

No words can describe those pictures.
Please circulate.

The Association of the Victims of American Occupation Prisons
(1H1050 NGO )
Founder and Coordinator: Haj Ali
Address / Iraq – Baghdad