US Nuclear Terrorism & Isreali Nuclear Terrorism

February 2nd, 2006 - by admin

Steve Jones / Colorado FIRST STRIKE Project – 2006-02-02 23:31:40

“The Bomb has changed everything save our mode of thinking… thus we drift towards unparralled catastrophe”
— Albert Einstein

(February 1, 2006) — The United States of America is the #1 Terrorist nation on Earth. This fact is now indisputable.

As the military enforcement arm of the new world order, which is based in Europe and headquartered in the United Kingdom, the USA weilds enough nuclear firepower to destroy the world dozens of times over.

In threatening the peoples and nations (and all life) on Earth with thermonuclear annihilation on a Daily basis, the USA is, by definition, the world’s chief sponsor and proliferator of International State Terror worldwide.

With an annual $400 billion dollar military budget (more than the defense budgets of every other nation on Earth combined) the USA, on behalf of the New World Order, has declared war on the poor, destitute masses of the world who dare challenge the corrupt, decadent, elitist, exploitative, earth-destroying practices, policies, lifestyles and international corporate financial interests of the top 1%.

Since 9/11, which they themselves planned and orchestrated, the world’s elite have formally put the world’s poor and destitute in the crosshairs of THEIR weapons of mass destruction. This has always been the ‘raison de-tre’ of nuclear weaponry- to defend the power, priviledge and wealth of the ultra-rich from everyone else…

Especially targeted now are the American citizenry, since they have (in theory, at least) the greatest level of freedom and potential to challenge, disrupt, dismantle and eventually overthrow the established social, economic and political oligarchy now in power. The so-called USA “Patriot Acts” are merely legistlative efforts designed to criminalize and eventually eliminate this American threat to the world’s rulers.

But make absolutely no mistake about it, the American power structure, on behalf of the New World Order, WILL use weapons of mass destruction on the American people and American cities — under the guise of Islamic terrorism — and are actively working to bring that about if they are not stopped.

Thus said, its high time the USA Patriot Act be invoked, on behalf of the interests of US Homeland Security, to immediately classify President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of State Powell, Attorney General Ashcroft, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, Assistant Secretary of Defense Wolfowitz and the rest of the fascist right-wing “Neo-Con” establishment, as supreme “terrorists” and “enemy combatants” of the State.

Let them be immediately arrested, bound and gagged, and sent to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to be brought before a proper international criminal court of justice, and if found guilty, taken out and summarily executed.

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Israeli Nuclear Terrorism
Steve Jones

The State of Israel is the fourth largest military power in the world. The State is believed to possess the largest and most sophisticated nuclear arsenal outside of the 5 declared nuclear powers — the USA, Russia, France, China and the UK.

A nuclear reactor and plutonium production facility was built by France back in the late 1950’s and early 60’s in the southern desert of Israel called the Negev Nuclear Research Centre, or simply “Dimona”.

Since that time, the state has subsequently developed an extensive array of tactical nuclear weapons, nuclear artillery shells and nuclear-tipped medium range ballistic missiles (the Jericho 1 and 2).

Arsenal estimates range in the order of between 2000-5000 warheads- many of them FIRST STRIKE weapons, most of them nuetron bombs, designed to maximize human kill ratio and minimize physical damage, since Israel is such a small nation.

The United States provides the State of Israel with an annual US$4 billion in financial and military aid- by far the largest recipient of US foreign aid of any country in the world. Extensive nuclear and military collaboration has occured between the two nations since Israel’s birth as a nation in 1948.

The race to develop the world’s first atomic bomb began at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the USA in the 1940’s. J. Robert Oppenheimer, who headed the Project, succeeded in developing the world’s first atomic bomb with the ‘Trinity’ blast in New Mexico at that time. Edward Teller soon afterward developed the Hydrogen bomb, followed by Sam Cohen who, in years following, invented the Nuetron Bomb….

Israel is now the only state in the world with nuclear weapons that does not admit to having such weapons. It has consistently refused to allow international inspection of its arsenal and facilities and is among the very few states in the world that have refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The country is today probably the MOST dangerous and MOST lethal “rogue” nation on Earth — a “trip-wire” that could most likely trigger or ignite a nuclear World War 3 in the Middle East and throughout the world, particularily in light of the current tensions between Palestine and the surrounding Arab nations in the immediate region.

Nuclear disarmament must begin with Israel. Until that time, Arab states in the region have an inalienable “right” and “obligation” to develop similiar weapons (of mass destruction) to counter this overwhelming threat to their nations and peoples.

The escalation of this particular conflict WILL end in disaster for all parties if it is not mitigated soon and is instead allowed to evolve further, recognizing the sacred land and religious dimensions that so implicitly define this specific conflict and area of the world.

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