US Prepares To Grant New Arrest Powers To CIA And NSA Secret Police & Halliburton Builds Detention Centers

April 26th, 2006 - by admin

Sorcha Faal / What Does It – 2006-04-26 23:37:02

Sorcha Faal, as reported to her Russian Subscribers

RUSSIA (April 27, 2006) — As a prelude to the outbreak of Total World War, Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that the US Military Government, in preparation for the coming civil unrest due to hit their Nation, is preparing to grant unprecedented new powers to their most secret of Intelligence Agencies the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA), and as we can read as confirmed by the Federation of American Scientists Project on Government Secrecy in their Secrecy News Service report titled “House Poised to Grant Arrest Powers to CIA, NSA”, and which says:

“The House version of the 2007 intelligence authorization bill would grant CIA and NSA security personnel the authority to make arrests for “any felony” committed in their presence, no matter how remote from the foreign intelligence mission it might be, the Baltimore Sun reported today.

Section 423 of H.R. 5020 “appears…to grant to CIA security personnel powers that have little to do with the primary mission of ‘executive protection,’ and potentially creates a pretext for use or abuse of these powers for the purposes of general domestic law enforcement — something no element of the CIA has ever been empowered to perform,” wrote Danielle Brian of the Project on Government Oversight in a letter to members of the House Intelligence Committee opposing the provision.”

To such an extent have the American peoples once vaunted freedoms been destroyed we can see further evidence in the also unprecedented numbers their spying agencies have grown, and as we can read as reported by China‚s People‚s Daily News Service in their article titled “Official reveals US has 100,000 spies”, and which says:

“Nearly 100,000 Americans are working in intelligence in the United States and around the world, the nation’s spy chief says, revealing the number for the first time. In a speech at the National Press Club marking his first year in the job, National Intelligence Director John Negroponte indicated his willingness to make some normally classified information public.

“The United States intelligence community comprises almost 100,000 patriotic, talented and hardworking Americans in 16 federal departments and agencies,” he said.”

Perhaps even more potentially devastating to the American people is the re-activation of the US Military‚s TALON database that has now been turned against their own citizens, and as we can read as reported by the Palm Beach Post News Service in their article titled “What is the TALON database, Pentagon intelligence group”, and which says:

“Nicknamed ‘The Deuce,’ the Fort Meade, Md.-based group is the Pentagon’s biggest counterintelligence unit. Mission: Protecting the U.S. Army from espionage and subversion while enforcing federal law prohibiting obstruction of military recruitment during a time of war. Launched in New Guinea in 1944 to thwart spying on the Army, and worked against the Soviet Union’s KGB during the Cold War. After Sept. 11, 2001, the 902nd took on anti-terrorism assignments in the United States.

Public outrage over domestic spying erupted in December, after NBC News first reported that the TALON database contained information on peaceful activists in Lake Worth and elsewhere in the country. In March, Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England ordered an annual internal review of the program, including whether regulations protecting citizens’ privacy were followed. The Defense Department’s Inspector General also is auditing the program. Despite the controversy, the department stands by the program and says it has detected terrorist activity.

The Lake Worth-based Truth Project contends military recruiters oversell the benefits of enlistment. It aims to provide high-school students with an alternative viewpoint. The group drew national attention in December, when NBC News reported that the group, which met at a Quaker Meeting House, was infiltrated by the government and placed on the TALON database. Its leader, Rich Hersh, ended up testifying before a congressional panel investigating the database’s use.”

Not being reported to these American people is how close to Total War they are due to the machinations of their Military Leaders, and as we can read as reported by Russia‚s Federal News Agency Regnum in their article titled “Who is at the turn of interests? US, Russia and new reality on the border with Iran”, and which says:

“Much has been said and written about Washington‚s plans and specific efforts to involve Iran‚s neighbor Azerbaijan in its future anti-Iranian coalition and to use that country‚s territory as a base for its relevant actions. The US has been and is making these efforts with persistence it would better apply for better purposes. For the first time, US sources said that the final agreement on the matter was reached during the „noiseless‰ visit of US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to Baku on April 12, 2005.

They obviously hurried with the news as Baku was stalwartly resisting. Baku‚s motives are clear and come from its full insight into Washington‚s plan to put Tehran down. With all mercantile interests put aside, the Bush administration just wants Baku to be an accomplice in its in-depth destabilization of the whole Black Sea-Caspian Sea region. Whatever its outcome, this operation will be hardly pleasant for the South Caucasus ˆ and hardly short ˜ considering the US‚ endless campaign in Iraq.

But this is obviously the least concern for Washington, who is already so keen on its Great Game that it no longer sees states and nations around. Even more, since recently ˆ more precisely, after the scandals over the tortures in Abu Ghraib, CIA jails in some “democratized” countries and phone tapping in the US — the Bush administration began acting bluntly. They are no longer bothering with the fading-out democracy flag — now their stakes are on the power of arms and bucks.”

In order to protect the Russian people from the growing threats of the Untied States expansion to Total War, President Putin has ordered the re-deployment of our Military Forces, and as we can read as reported by India’s National Newspaper The Hindu in their article titled “Russia to significantly boost military presence in Central Asia,” and which says:

“Russia will significantly boost its military presence in Kyrgyzstan amid speculations about a possible shutdown of an American air base in the Central Asian state. Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia would expand its air base in Kyrgyzstan. “It is one of our priorities to continue building up the military base at Kant (airport),” the Russian leader said after talks in the Kremlin with visiting Kyrgyz President Kurmambek Bakiyev. “This is a mobile operational component of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation’s rapid deployment force in Central Asia, and we are interested in reinforcing it,” Mr. Putin stressed. Even though the base operates under the aegis of CSTO, a Russia-led defence pact of former Soviet states, it belongs to Russia.”

China, and the Central Asian Nations seeking to also protect their interests against the latest provocative moves of the United States are also joining Russia in the defense of this vital oil producing region, and as we can read as reported by China’s China Daily News Service in their article titled “Six SCO nations to stage military exercises in Russia”, and which says:

“The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) consisting of six nations will hold joint military exercises in Russia in 2007, aiming at anti-terrorism, according to a report of the Xinhua News Agency on Wednesday. The six SCO countries, including Russia, China and four Central Asian states, announced the drills in a communique issued after a one-day meeting of their defense ministers in Beijing. “The military exercise is not targeted at any third country,” Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov told the press following the meeting, stressing the SCO is not a military or political bloc. An expert group will be set up to coordinate the preparation and implementation of the joint war game, the communique said.”

Both Turkey and Iran are also pre-positioning their forces for the coming United States declaration of Total War, and as we can read as reported by the American Strategy Page News Site in their article titled “Meanwhile, Turkish and Iranian Troops Mass on the Border”, and which says:

“While the Kurds lust after Kirkuk, they are being threatened by the Turkish and Iranian armies. That’s because of Kurdish support for PKK radical nationalists. The Kurdish government in the north has tolerated the presence of several thousand PKK fighters. The PKK is fighting for “Greater Kurdistan” (including southeast Turkey, northern Iraq, parts of Iran and Syria.) This sort of thing is very popular with most Kurds, thus the Kurdish leaders feel they cannot crack down on the PKK (as the U.S. and Turkey constantly demand).

This year, the PKK has been very active just across the border in Turkey and Iran, attacking police and army units. The Turks and Iranians are fighting back. There are already over 2,000 Turkish troops inside Iraq. This sort of presence has been tolerated for years, as long as the Turks were just looking for PKK camps in remote areas. But the Turks have over 50,000 troops on the border, and appear ready to expand their operations in northern Iraq. Meanwhile, to the east. Iranian troops are moving to the border, and Iranian artillery is being fired into Iraq, at areas believed occupied by the PKK.”

The United States knowing that at the initial outbreak of Total War the nation of Turkey will proceed with a massive invasion of Northern Iraq is exhausting all of their efforts to forestall this from happening, and as we can read as reported by the Reuters News Service in their article titled “Rice pledges US help to Turkey against Kurd rebels”, and which says:

“The United States tried on Tuesday to ease Turkey’s concerns instability in Iraq was threatening its security, pledging continued support for Ankara’s fight against the rebel Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). NATO member Turkey has voiced concern the conflict in Iraq is allowing the PKK to launch more attacks against its forces in the country’s southeast, and Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul on Tuesday repeated his call for Washington to help more. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the formation of a new Iraqi government would help boost coordination between the three countries and prevent border incursions by the PKK, seen by both Ankara and Washington as a terrorist group.”

Iran, however, not having access to American officials like Turkey does has already begun its preparations by its shelling of Iraq, and as we can read as reported by the Reuters News Service in their article titled “Iran shells Kurd positions in Iraq: Kurd official”, and which says:

“Iranian forces shelled Iranian Kurdish guerrilla positions inside mountainous northern Iraq early on Friday morning to repel an attack, a Kurdish official said. “This morning Iranian Kurdish fighters infiltrated the border into the Iranian side and the Iranian army bombed the area and repelled them. The shelling hit Iraqi land at Sidakan,” said Saadi Pira, an official of the Iraqi Kurdish, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, party.”

Russian Intelligence Analysts reports further state the American Military Forces in Iraq have ordered no retaliation against Iran due to Iran‚s vast numerical superiority in massed troops that which these reports state that only by nuclear weapons would the Americans be able to defeat once they breech the borders of Iraq. These reports further state that the Iraqi Sunni population would upon the United States attacking Iran arise in total revolt against the American, British and other coalition forces.

But in perhaps the cruelest irony of all, the American people themselves, and in whose name Total War upon the World is about to be unleashed, remain asleep to all of these events, but which beyond any doubt will define their history for the rest of all time.

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Halliburton’s Immigrant Detention Centers
Ruth Conniff / The Progressive

(April 17, 2006) — While thousands of people were celebrating the contribution America’s undocumented immigrants make to our economy, and demanding justice and recognition for workers who are denied basic rights, the government was making plans for large-scale detention centers in case of an “emergency influx” of immigrants.

KBR, the Halliburton subsidiary recently reprimanded for gross overcharging in its military contracts in Iraq, won a $385 million contract to build the centers. According to the Halliburton website — — “the contract, which is effective immediately, provides for establishing temporary detention and processing capabilities to augment existing ICE Detention and Removal Operations Program facilities in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the US, or to support the rapid development of new programs.”

What new programs might those be?

The web was abuzz with speculation after the contract was awarded on January 24. Pacific News Service gave the most detailed analysis.

It connected the new “immigration emergency” plans with older plans that involved imposing martial law.

Certainly the detention centers raise the specter of WW II Japanese internment camps.

The new facilities could be used for round-ups of Muslim Americans or other American citizens tagged as “enemy combatants.’

The use of military personnel and military contractors in the event of a Katrina-like disaster, which the Halliburton contract provides for, brings us closer to martial law, whether it is officially declared or not.

It also means record profits for Halliburton, which declared 2005 “the best in our 86-year history.” David Lesar, Halliburton’s chairman, president and CEO, declares on the company website, “For the full year 2005 we set a record for revenue and achieved net income of $2.4 billion with each of our six divisions posting record results.”

Not bad for a company that has been repeatedly cited for inflating charges and wasting taxpayer money in Iraq.

The immigration detention centers ought to raise a red flag, not just about nepotism and waste among military contractors, but about what our government has in store for us.

Perhaps the same energy that propelled immigrant rights into the national headlines could be harnessed to demand an explanation for what, exactly, Halliburton is helping to prepare for with this latest big chunk of taxpayer largess.

Ruth Conniff covers national politics for The Progressive and is a voice of The Progressive on many TV and radio programs.

(c) 2006 the Progressive