French Critic of Official Pentagon Crash Story Silenced

May 28th, 2006 - by admin

John Leonard / Progressive Press – 2006-05-28 08:52:19

To refute the media frenzy over the “new” Pentagon crash video, American author Webster Griffin Tarpley invited French author Thierry Meyssan, the foremost expert on the Pentagon hoax, to speak on his weekly World Crisis Radio talk show on Saturday, May 20th. Meyssan’s phone went dead 15 minutes before he was to go on air. It resumed working as soon as the show ended.

WASHINGTON, DC (May 26, 2006) — Who did it? NSA, CIA, NATO, Mossad, MI-6? Secret services every one — so it’s a secret. But this much is sure — they all had means and motive — and the chances that Thierry Meyssan’s phone went dead right on cue, then came back to life all by itself after the show, equal one big fat Zéro.

Meyssan, president of the world-wide Voltaire research network, was the first author in print to demolish the corrupt US regime’s official conspiracy theory on 9/11. His book was the all-time French best-seller upon its release in March 2002. He called it “L’Effroyable Imposture” (literally, The Atrocious Fraud — English title The Big Lie).

So we’ve dubbed the “new” video frames of an explosion at the Pentagon La Pitoyable Imposture — The Pathetic Farce! Not only do they show nothing remotely resembling the missing Boeing, but most of them were already released four years ago by the FBI, three days before Meyssan’s book came out, in a crude attempt to quash him. [1]

To refute the media frenzy over the “new video” rehash at its peak, and since Meyssan is the foremost expert on the Pentagon hoax, American author Webster Griffin Tarpley invited him on his weekly World Crisis Radio talk show last Saturday, May 20th.

But Meyssan was left out in the cold. His phone went dead 15 minutes before the interview was to start — something that has never happened before. An hour and a half later, just as the show was over, his phone suddenly started working again.

Tarpley has rescheduled Meyssan this week, at the same time Saturday May 27th on, around 2 p.m. Eastern, and there will be streaming archives online. But the American censors silenced Meyssan while the Pentagon videos were the top story. It’s one more example of the subtle way they work. They don’t rub out every last mention of dissent in the media. They just make sure it’s off the screen 80% of the time, so they can keep on fooling most of the people most of the time. It works much more smoothly than heavy-handed Soviet-style censorship.

That said, let’s also look at what the Pentagon hoax is not.

The “missing Boeing” at the Pentagon is NOT the cornerstone of “9/11 conspiracy theories” — far from it. Because the blast occurred at the Pentagon, a military site, little about it is really certain. The videos, the witness statements, almost everything could be faked. One researcher says there is only one photo he is sure is genuine. (Shown below and at his site. Taken by a civilian firefighter, it shows a pristine lawn without a trace of a plane crash, and two firetrucks putting out what could be a small, smoky fire set to obscure the view.)

The confusing evidence at the Pentagon is why the main-dream media always serve it up when they are forced to mention that alternative theories on 9/11 exist at all.

Likewise, it’s why the blackout of the demolition of Building WTC-7 on 9/11 is so thorough that most people still have never heard of it. This is the real smoking gun of “9/11 Truth” skeptics, the embarrassment that shills for the regime can’t even write fiction about. Which is also why Progressive Press is releasing a new book of objective math and physics on the impossibility that the three WTC towers could collapse from fire, under the title “9/11 on Trial.”

The dead giveaway: All three WTC towers plummeted at free-fall speed into their own footprints — even Bldg 7, whose scheduled flight missed it by 300 hundred miles. Such a drop is obviously possible only if the support columns were blasted away by demolition. But just try and get the media to debate you on that. Silence of the grave. Their paid pussies can only catcall: “Now this’ll show you conspiracy wing-nuts! Just look at the Emperor’s New Video!”

The WTC and Pentagon hoaxes share one thing in common. Kerosene, or aviation fuel, is certainly flammable, but it’s not explosive. The Pathetic Farce video shows no plane, but it does show a huge fireball on the outside wall of the Pentagon. Not a bird, not a plane, but a bomb.

Anyone who has watched TV knows the First Law of Modern Media Pyrotechnics: In Hollywood, cars ALWAYS explode into lurid flames the second they crash.

And we are all familiar with the Antithesis, too: Everywhere else, in real accidents, you NEVER see a car explode in flames on impact. Because gasoline is not an explosive, either. Ditto with the alleged airline crashes on 9/11 and their spectacular fireballs. Just props from the skunk works special effects department.

Do you believe your eyes and your brain, or do you believe the brainwashing?

Well, the fact is, most people don’t own their eyes and brains. They have them on loan from the media monopoly.

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[1] “Three days before Meyssan’s pioneering book L’effroyable imposture (The Big Lie) was published, the FBI gave CNN a meager five frames from a surveillance video camera which purported to show how the Pentagon was hit – although these images proved nothing of value to shore up the official version. The pictures were reported in the Washington Post of March 7, 2002, and televised on March 8, 2002, certainly not by coincidence.” — 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, p. 250, by Webster G. Tarpley.