US Crimes Against Iraqis… Ask an Eye-Witness

June 8th, 2006 - by admin

Session Guest Name: Omer Algibouri – 2006-06-08 23:33:19

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Name — John Mkbeth
Question — Could you mention the US crimes against Iraqi civilians according to your observations and evidences ?

Answer — Today we ask all the commanders in the US army and government to take responsibility for the result of the fifth month of 2006 not even all the past years, in one day only 13 people were killed due to bombing an iraqi family’s house, the US forces bombed a bus resulting in the death of 7 people, the US helicopters attacked one house and killed 6 people who were taken by plane to an unknown destination till now.

On the 20th of May 2006 the US forces attacked and killed Adel Hamoud in his house infront of his kids. These are crimes in less than one month and it all happened during the time the international media tried to vote for US democracy and transparency in Iraq . The truth is that the US forces have the complete freedom to do anything in Iraq by Iraqi law. They can kill and attack any person who they doubt or feel uneasy about.

Name — Malik saiddiki – Pakistan
Question — As an official in the Islamic Party, How do the Iraqi government deal with US Human rights violations in Iraq ?

Answer — Unfortunately the Iraqi governement has no positive attitude in this as if itis not the government’s problem. It acts as if it came from the US not from Iraq and as if the Members are Americans not Iraqis. The only action taken was the last one by the prime minister towards the massacre in Ishaqi.

Name — Mohaya Altikriti
Question — Iraqi human rights groups were very clever in distributing the images of the US massacres in Iraq to all the media organization, but my question is: Do you think the US occupation will change its way and stop its crimes in iraq as the Iraqi government deal with the US troops as a partner not a invader… Thanks

Answer — Reality says that the Americans try every now and then, when their crimes are exposed, to show that there is democracy in Iraq by punishing or imprisoning some of the soldiers accused of committing such crimes, but in fact this is not true. These are imaginary courts and punishments , they are fake and nothing will change. If there were to be achnge it could have happened after the long list of scandles published ever since the begining of the occupation.

Name — Egfoo Yong – Hong Kong
Human Rights Supporter Question — I am curious to learn whether you enjoyed the freedom to criticise Saddam when he was in power. Please be honest in responding to my question.

Answer — We can not compare today between a country with no institutions or ministries or a central governement and one that had a powerful strong government that ruled with power but never exposed the people to what we are experiencing now . In the past we had all this but now we do not.

All what we have is an unannounced civil war, we can not even go to the markets. we can never copmare bad and worse but we need to move to a new peaceful era.

Name —Mohammed – Bahrain
Question — Could you tell me the number of US atrocities in Iraq till now ? and will you go to the UN court ?

Answer — We think that any Iraqi victim killed by the US forces or other international forces or by the Intelligence organizations is a victim of the US policy and system because they did all this to us. We have more than 120 thousand victim till now.We all believe that the US is the main cause of destruction of Iraq.

We also see that any international court or US agnecy as an american agent, none of them will help. Arab and islamic countries have all kept quiet and conspired against Iraq so we ahve only to depend on oursleves.