Iraqi Government Signals Readiness for Talks with Rebels

June 17th, 2006 - by admin

The Arabic – 2006-06-17 23:06:04

Iraqi Government Signals Readiness for Talks with Rebels
Iraq-USA Politics

(June 15, 2006) — With the release of more detainees from Iraqi-coalition military prisons in Iraq, Iraq’s prime minister said he would issue an amnesty for insurgents who had been involved in attacking US soldiers.

A Washington Post report said that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki yesterday proposed to issue a plan within days of “a limited amnesty to help end the Sunni Arab insurgency as part of a national reconciliation plan.”

The Iraqi deputy prime minister called on about 450 Iraqis being freed from the Abu Ghraib detention facility today to work for peace in Iraq, the Middle East and the world.

Salim al-Zawbai spoke to the men before they were released from the facility. It is part of an Iraqi government effort to free more than 3,000 “low-risk” prisoners the coalition held at the facility, he said.

“End the language of death and begin the language of life,” Zawbai told the men. He said they should condemn those who would use religion to tear down religion and pit sects against sects.

“We need to protect the blood of all human beings, no matter where they are from, what they believe or their color,” he said through a translator.

He called on the men to help rebuild Iraq and become part of the new government of Iraq. “We need everybody, because if only some participate, we have an unclear picture of the wants of the nation,” he said.

Officials said that detention operations will soon close down at Abu Ghraib and move to another facility now under construction. This will place detainees out of tents and into buildings. “It’s better for their quality of life and for security purposes.”

The releases are in addition to normal releases coalition forces make. Last month, for example, coalition forces released 1,300 detainees, Curry said.

CNN: US Secret Talks with Insurgents in Iraq
Iraq-USA Politics

(February 22, 2005) — CNN reported yesterday on US government secret talks with the Iraqi insurgents.

It said that the talks are with the former Baath party faction of the insurgents, and not the Islamists, since the US view them as having common objective on end of occupation but that they differ on the form of government they want, with the Baathist wanting a secular government and not an Islamic government, the report said.