Before Attacks, Lebanese Intelligence Claimed Arrest of

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Lebanon-Israel Politics / Arabic – 2006-07-17 00:36:48

Lebanese Intelligence Arrests Israeli Spy Network
Lebanon-Israel Politics / Arabic

(June 15, 2006) — Head of the Future Parliamentary Bloc in Lebanon MP Saad Hariri congratulated the Lebanese Army Command and the Intelligence Directorate for the great accomplishment they achieved in arresting members of the sabotage network, with ties to the Israeli intelligence, which committed a series of murders and terrorist explosions the last of which was the assassination of Martyrs Mahmoud and Nidal Majzoub in Sidon.

Hariri said “This accomplishment asserts once again the necessity of uniting efforts in order to protect Lebanon from Israeli security and non-security penetration. This accomplishment also charges the Lebanese political society with the responsibility to face such a penetration and the international community to exert pressure on Israel to prevent it from manipulating the Lebanese internal peace.”

Hariri noted that the new policies adopted by the Army Command are appreciated by all the Lebanese especially that the Intelligence Directorate is once again holding the responsibilities entrusted to it. It was able to uncover a network which was working in the Lebanese arena since the nineties.

This proves that if this directorate assumed the missions entrusted to it according to the law and constitution during the last period, and dedicated its work to protect the national security and did not waste its capacities in internal political missions, it would have been able to reveal and foil many sabotage operations and terrorist assassinations which targeted Lebanon.

Larsen on the Constant Israel Violations against Lebanon

(March 25, 2006) — In remark about the Israeli violation of the Lebanese airspace, by Israeli warplanes, Terje Roed-Larsen, the UN envoy to Middle East, said “we deplore this the same as we did before any violation for the Lebanese sovereignty.”

For his part, Lebanese foreign minister Fawzi Salloukh said that the so-called Blue Line, drawn by the UN in the south after the Israeli withdrawal in 2000, is not in compliance with the Lebanon’s border, a matter which Larsen rejected.

In statements after his meeting with Larsen, Salloukh said that he had notified the latter that the Blue Line is “just a practical withdrawal line and does not represent the international border of the Lebanese republic, and Lebanon at that time expressed reservations on several points.”

The statements made by the Lebanese minister coincided with a reportage broadcast by the Lebanese al-Manar TV indicating that four hills adjoining the Shabaa Farms had been marked as reservation points by the Lebanese government to the UN since 2000, with Lebanon saying they are Lebanese lands.

Worthy mentioning that Larsen will submit next month a report to the UN Security Council on the development in the implementation of UN Security Council resolution which was issued in 2004. The resolution states the need to disarming Hizbullah and the Palestinian organizations and the deployment of the Lebanese army among the southern borders of the country.

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