ACTION ALERT: Bohemian Grove Protest, July 22

July 20th, 2006 - by admin

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition et al. – 2006-07-20 08:10:12



It is time for social justice/progressive people to stand up to the global domination group celebrating themselves in Sonoma County. War contractors, torture advocates, election thieves, spy masters, immigrant bashers, will all be at the Bohemian Grove this summer.

Speak truth to the powerful on Saturday, July 22, 2006 beginning at 1PM in the main Monte Rio Parking lot in western Sonoma County, California.

Invited speakers include Cora Lee Simmons of Round Valley Indians for Justice, Casimiro Alvarez, regional director of the United Farm Workers and Calvin Gibson and Gloria LaRiva of the ANSWER coalition.

M.C.’s will be Kris Welch and Miguel Molina of KPFA Free Speech Radio. Native Resistance Drum Group will create the opening ceremony. At 2PM there will be a march to the gates of Bohemian Grove.

At 4 PM there will be a gathering in the Monte Rio amphitheater on the south side of the Russian River. Music and food will be available as well as networking possibilities for activists from the many issues.

Global Dominance Group Bohemians from major defense contractors, DOD, CIA and neo-conservative policy councils include: James Baker III,
Riley Bechtel,
Steve Bechtel,
George H. W. Bush,
Lewis Coleman,
Alan Dachs,
Christopher DeMuth,
Kenneth Derr,
Edwin Feulner,
Bobby Ray Inman,
Charles Larson,
Ed Meese,
William Owens,
Colin Powell,
Joseph Ralston,
Donald Rumsfeld,
James Woolsey
and many more undisclosed guests

For individual information on each of the people above see:

Bohemian Grove is a 2000 acre ancient redwood grove in Monte Rio California owned by the San Francisco Bohemian Club. For over 130 years the power elite of the corporate, banking, military and political circles have gathered for two weeks in July to play in the woods and celebrate themselves by watching elaborate plays, drinking, feasting, story telling, and listening to “lakeside chats” from their peers.

Since 1980 a growing coalition of peace and social justice groups have worked to expose these powerful Bohemians and their global connections.

This year’s protest sponsors include:
A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition,
S.F. Bohemian Action Network,
Green Party of California,
International Indian Treaty Council,
Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County,
Project Censored and
United Farm Workers

For more information contact:
• Mary Moore, 707-874-2248, Bohemian Grove Action Network
• Bill Hackwell, 415-269-7917 or 821 6545, ANSWER Coalition
• Peter Phillips, 707-664-2588 (research & background) Project Censored

For More Information on The Bohemian Club see: