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The Oakland Institute Reporter – 2006-07-30 23:53:39

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AID WATCH at the Oakland Institute is compiling latest updates and reports on the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon. These updates come from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, wire services, relief organizations, and international media outlets.

The consequences of the bombing speak for themselves.

The international community is appalled at the government of United States for opposing UN calls for an immediate cease-fire, while indiscriminate bombing of homes, ports, highways, energy plants, water treatment facilities, and communication networks by Israel has lead to a humanitarian, housing, and public health disaster.

Jan Egeland, the United Nations Emergency Relief chief, has described the situation in South Lebanon as “horrific” and has said that the “disproportionate response” by Israel is a “violation of international humanitarian law”.

United States has responded by speeding up its delivery of 5,000 laser guided bombs to Israel. US military aid to Israel has turned into weapons of mass destruction, killing innocent civilians.

Contact Ambassador John Bolton at the US Mission to the UN by calling (212) 415-4050 or emailing and contact your Senator and Congressional Representative and let them know:

• Protection of innocent civilians is not a policy option, but an obligation under international humanitarian law.
• Everyday the US government chooses to play politics instead of respecting human rights, it is responsible for the death of innocent civilians.
• Every day the US government does not speak out, America’s already tarnished reputation in the international community gets worse.
• US support of the bombings, resulting in deaths of innocent civilians, makes United States culpable in human rights violations and war crimes.
Inside Middle East Humanitarian Crisis
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July 30, 2006

• Statement of UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman
UNICEF, July 30, 2006
• Security Council Must Condemn Israeli Attack, Demand Cessation of Hostilities, Annan Says
UN News Centre, July 30, 2006
• US Urges Restraint, But Not Cease-Fire, After Qana
Alertnet, July 30, 2006
• Israel Raid Kills More Than 60, Lebanon Shuns Rice
Reuters, July 30, 2006
• Missile Strikes Close to MSF Teams
MSF/Doctors Without Border
• Reporters Describe Carnage at Qana
BBC News, July 30, 2006
• Lebanon Refugees Trapped Between Bombs and Poverty
Alertnet, July 30, 2006
• Mass Burial of Unclaimed Bodies in Tyre
IRIN News, July 30, 2006
• Hear Our Voices – Umm Ibrahim Only Wants to Bury Her Son
IRIN News, July 30, 2006
• If You Haven’t Left, You’re Hezbollah
Inter Press Service, July 30, 2006
• Trauma is Their Companion Now
The Hindu, July 30, 2006
• Annan Urges Lebanon Action ‘Now’
BBC News, July 30, 2006
• ICRC Delivers Food Aid to Eastern Villages
IRIN News, July 30, 2006

July 29, 2006

• Evacuees Say Food in Lebanon Scarce as UN Aid Begins
Reuters, July 29, 2006
• Chirac Says No U.N. Force in Lebanon Until Ceasefire
Reuters, July 29, 2006
• Oil Spill Hits Lebanon
Inter Press Service, July 29, 2006
• UN Calls for Aid Truce in Lebanon
BBC News, July 29, 2006
• Humanitarian Crisis Building Up
Inter Press Service, July 29, 2006
• Rice in Israel; Hizbollah Demands End to Offensive
Alertnet, July 29, 2006
• Israel’s Secret War: The Humanitarian Disaster Unfolding in Palestine
Independent, July 29, 2006
• Arab Nations More Generous Than Western Counterparts
IRIN News, July 29, 2006
• ust Hot Air? Bush and Blair Refuse to Call for Ceasefire
The Independent, July 29, 2006
• Fleeing Lebanese Seek Shelter with Palestinian Refugees
IRIN News, July 29, 2006

July 28, 2006

• Washington Risks a Wider Conflict”>
BBC News, July 298, 2006
• Israelis Accused of Using Illegal Weapons
Inter Press Service, July 29, 2006
• Israeli Shell Damages Lebanese Aid Convoy, 3 hurt
Reuters, July 28, 2006
• Aid Workers Lament No Safe Access to South Lebanon
Alertnet, July 28, 2006
• Death Toll Could Be Twice the Official Figure
Inter Press Service, July 28, 2006
• Access to Southern Regions of Lebanon Difficult Due to Shelling
MSF/Doctors Without Border, July 28, 2006
• Israelis Accused of Using Illegal Weapons
Inter Press Service, July 28, 2006
• Watching and Waiting in Tyre
BBC News, july 28, 2006
• UN Aid Chief Calls for ‘Humanitarian Truce’ to Help Middle East’s Children and Wounded
UN News Centre, July 28, 2006
• No Early End to Conflict in Sight
Inter Press Service, July 28, 2006
• Israel Ends Deadly Gaza Operation
BBC News, July 28, 2006

July 27, 2006

• Israel Says World Backs Offensive
BBC News, July 27, 2006
• Relief Materials Needed in South Lebanon, but Supplying is Almost Impossible
MSF/Doctors Without Borders, July 27, 2006
• Displaced Families Tell of Horrors Left Behind
IRIN News, July 27, 2006
• Israel Pounds South Lebanon, Civilians Trapped
Alertnet, July 27, 2006
• In Lebanon, Some of the Displaced Persons were Unable to Take Much of Anything
MSF/Doctors Without Borders, July 27, 2006
• Bombs Bound for Israel Came via British Airports
Independent, July 27, 2006
• Rice Resists Immediate Ceasefire at Summit
Independent, July 27, 2006

July 26, 2006

• The Summit Fails. War Rages
The Guardian, July 26, 2006
• UN Calls for Mid-East Ceasefire
BBC News, July 26, 2006
• Lebanon: Aid Arrives But Lebanese Officials Say Prepared Food is Needed
• Weeks of War to Come, Says Israeli General
The Guardian, July 26, 2006
IRIN News, July 26, 2006
• Israel Has Its Refugees, Too
Inter Press Service, July 26, 2006
• Number of Civilian Deaths Likely to be Higher – Red Cross
IRIN News, July 26, 2006
• U.N. Aid Convoy Reaches Southern Lebanon Port
Alertnet, July 26, 2006
• Some Agreements on Aid into Lebanon
IRIN News, July 26, 2006
• Israeli Strike Hits Truck Carrying Aid From UAE
Reuters, July 26, 2006
• An Estimated 800,000 People Uprooted by Attacks, Says Lebanese Body
IRIN News, July 26, 2006
• China Presses UN Council to Condemn Israeli Attack
Reuters, July 26, 2006
• Israel Defends its Weapons
IRIN News, July 26, 2006

July 25, 2006

• Annan ‘Shocked’ by Israeli Attack on UN Lebanon Post That Killed at least 2
UN News Centre, July 25, 2006
• Refugees Have Only Their Anger
Inter Press Service, July 25, 2006
• Israel Used Disproportionate Force in Gaza, Says UN Humanitarian Chief”>
UN News Centre, July 25, 2006
• Aid Agencies Warn Crisis Looming in Lebanon
Alertnet, July 25, 2006
• Evacuees Say Food in Lebanon Scarce as UN Aid Begins
Alertnet, July 25, 2006
• Scale of the Human Crisis Emerges
Guardian, july 24, 2006
• Gaza Offensive ‘Disproportionate’
BBC News, July 25, 2006
• As Rice Arrives, Olmert Threatens ‘Severe Measures
The Independent, July 25, 2006
• Israel Urged to Shun Cluster Bomb
BBC News, July 25, 2006
• No End to Fighting as Rice Tours Middle East
Telegraph, July 25, 2006
• Snapshot-Latest Developments in the Middle East
Alertnet, July 25, 2006

July 24, 2006

• U.N. Shifts Focus from Politics to Humanitarian Aid
Inter Press Service, July 24, 2006
• Fleeing Civilian Vehicles Hit by Israeli Missiles
The Times, July 24, 2006
• As UN’s Force in South Lebanon Reports Heavy Fire, Annan Says Basic Actions Impossible
UN News Centre, July 24, 2006
• Bombings Hit Children Hardest
Inter Press Service, July 24, 2006
• ASEAN Criticises Israel, Calls for Ceasefire
Reuters, July 24, 2006
• Who Works Where: Lebanon Crisis
Alertnet, July 24, 2006
• Tel Aviv: Thousands Rally Against War
Ynet.News, July 24, 2006
• Lebanon: Egeland Says Situation “Deteriorating by the Day”
IRIN News, July 24, 2006
• America’s Domestic Policy vs America’s Foreign Policy
The Independent, July 24, 2006
• Lebanese Open up Homes for Refugees
BBC News, July 24, 2006
• Rice Sets Tough Terms for Lebanon Ceasefire
The Star, July 24, 2006
• Lebanon: Another Generation of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon, Comes Under Fire
IRIN News, July 24, 2006
• NZ Backs Efforts for Middle East Ceasefire
Independent News, July 24, 2006
• Lebanon: UN Asks for US $150 Million in Aid
IRIN News, July 24, 2006

July 23, 2006

• UN Appalled by Beirut Devastation
BBC News, July 23, 2006
• Scared to Flee … Even More Scared to Stay
Guardian, July 23, 2006
• Israel ‘Presses US on Bomb Sale’
BBC News, July 23, 2006
• Lebanese Devastated In All Sorts of Ways
Inter Press Service, July 23, 2006
• Human Cost of Israeli Campaign
BBC News, July 23, 2006
• UN Says Still Waiting Israeli Aid Guarantee
Reuters, July 23, 2006
• Lebanon: Children Traumatised by Attacks
IRIN News, July 23, 2006
• Lebanon: Displaced and Desperate as Bombing Continues
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, July 23, 2006
• Lebanon: UN’s Aid Chief Tours Beirut
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, July 23, 2006
• Precarious Conditions in Mountain Shelters for Fleeing Lebanese – UNHCR
Alertnet, July 23, 2006

July 22, 2006

• Thousands Condemn Israeli Attacks in Sydney
Sofia News Agency, July 22, 2006
• Britain Criticises Israeli Tactics
The Guardian, July 22, 2006
• As Mideast Fighting Rages, UN Rights Experts Urge Parties to Protect Civilians
UN News Centre, July 22, 2006

July 21, 2006

• UN Paralysed Over Israeli Attacks on Lebanon
Inter Press Service, July 21, 2006
• Why is There Not a Murmur of Protest from Washington
The Independent, July 21, 2006
• UN Emergency Chief to Travel to Lebanon as Situation Worsens; Urges Access for Aid
UN News Centre, July 21, 2006

July 20, 2006

• Secretary-General Saya ‘Immediate Cessation of Hostilities’ Needed in Lebanon
UN News Centre, July 20, 2006
• In Quotes: Lebanon Reaction
BBC News, July 13, 2006

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