ACTION ALERT: C-SPAN Broadcast — 9/11: Inside Job

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C-SPAN, Aug 1, 2006. 6:10 EDT – 2006-07-31 23:38:16

C-SPAN Broadcast — 9/11: Inside Job
C-SPAN, Aug 1, 2006. 6:10 EDT

It is incumbent upon all Americans and all United Nations members to watch this program and to investigate the evidence analyzed at the BYU Physics Department that proves the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job” — i.e., by way of the controlled demolition of the three World Trade Center buildings. Among the findings: traces of Thermate/Sulfur were detected on the WTC debris.

This HIistoric telecast can be seen worldwide over the internet as a video stream over the internet at

September 11th Terrorist Attacks
Alex Jones Productions
C-SPAN at *06:10 PM EDT*
1:50 (est.) Forum
• Alex Jones, Filmmaker.
• Lt. Colonel Dr. Robert Bowman (USAF, Ret.), Director of Star Wars under Carter and Ford.
• Bringum Young University Physics Professor Dr. Steven Jones,
• James H. Fetzer, Scholars for 9/11 Truth
• Webster G. Tarpley, intelligence expert, author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA

Currently the show may also be viewed online from the “Recent shows” archive, or live via the CSPAN1 “Live Stream” link on Tuesday, at . It is also on google video,

Tarpley called on all who wish to protect their families from the threat of thermonuclear war to mobilize and organize a huge audience for this show via radio and television call-in talk shows, by blast emails, by direct personal contact alerts, by public signs, leaflets, etc.

The CSPAN panel is seen as a rare break in a monolithic media façade supporting the official conspiracy theory of 9/11. Talk radio is dominated by right-wing cheerleaders for foreign wars and leftist “gatekeepers” who censor out any doubts about the 9/11 myth, says Tarpley, but you can still get on the air long enough to telegraph a quick message to other prisoners.

He thinks these rare breaks may be a sign that “a faction of the ruling class may actually desire to turn back from the catastrophic abyss of thermonuclear World War III — let us exploit this opportunity with all our energy. The official 9/11 Big Lie is collapsing around the ears of Bush, Cheney, the neo-cons, and the invisibles who run them.”

Tarpley suggests turning the AM dial to find call-in talk shows, listening a few minutes to find an angle to present your question, and then calling in and waiting until you get on. Any time is good, but drive time on the major talk stations is best. “Have you thought about the fact that the 911 myth has been completely destroyed on CSPAN this weekend? And its showing again now?”

It’s easy, anyone can do it, but here are some websites with advice about call ins. , good tips and four national 800 numbers. good list of tips, links to major outlets

Webster Tarpley is the author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA. It’s the only book on 9/11 that is “inside job from A to Z,” with the structure of the criminal network, the methods of false flag terror, and the urgent insight that “9/11 truth” is our only chance to stop more wars. He told the panel, “The 9/11 myth is the premise and the root of the Afghanistan war, and the Iraq war… Washington is gripped by a war psychosis.

“Preparations are virtually complete for the nuclear attack on Iran, based on absolutely nothing… Foreign Affairs, in the March-April issue, talking about a first strike against the thermonuclear forces of Russia and/or China… paths leading to the incineration of this planet, presided over by the neocon fascist madmen, the Strangeloves… The Cheney doctrine calls for a nuclear attack on Iran, in the wake of a new fake 9/11, or a new fake Gulf of Tonkin.”

His publisher, John Leonard of Progressive Press,, agrees it is all about war and peace:
“9/11 truth is too important for the 9/11 truth movement. We need to get on the same page with the peace movement. Without knowledge of the tricks of synthetic terror, they are not getting any traction. And without a sense for geopolitical intrigues, ‘9/11 truth’ becomes a side-show. What if we prove the WTC was a controlled demolition, and they start WWIII just by escalating the Middle East crisis?”

He gives an example of the tricks used: the Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah. “Not only a thin pretext for the bombardment of Lebanon — but the soldiers were captured after they had crossed into Lebanon, driving a tank!”

That’s the same type of provocation as the Mexican War of 1846, when, as Tarpley writes in 9/11 Synthetic Terror, a freshman congressman named Lincoln dared to ask,

On what side of the Rio Grande was this gunfight with the Mexicans?
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Additional Video Coverage of the Inside Job Event:

• Also, required viewing: the documentary, “Loose Change.” This powerful documentary about the inconsistencies in the “official” story of the 9/11 attacks is covered in a four-page article in the August 2006 issue of Vanity Fair.

• View this free online video documentary that raises many important issues regarding 9/11, by visiting:

• According to a Zogby Poll, 70 million Americans now want to see an independent investigation of possible US government complicity in the attacks of September 11, 2001.

• Also see, American Perspectives: “September 11, V.P. Cheney, & Congress” (July 29, 2006) to watch this C-SPAN coverage. If there is a problem watching it from the C-SPAN site, another link is below of video coverage of the same event.

• Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela and other world leaders are discussing launching a global International Tribunal to Investigate 9/11.

Please appeal to the members of the United Nations to form an independent international tributal to investigate the events of 9/11 that have lead our country into war.

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