Most in UK Doubt “Terror Plot” as Blair Ramps up Police State

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Paul Joseph Watson / Prison Planet & – 2006-08-24 22:48:09

Only 20% of Britons Believe Blair on Terror Threats
Neo-Fascists need to stage real attack to reclaim credibility and obedience

Paul Joseph Watson / Prison

(August 23, 2006) — A figure that is both telling and foreboding — that only one fifth of British citizens believe the Blair government is telling the truth on terror alerts — increases the chances of a staged attack to reinforce the notion that Islamo-Fascism is a real danger and not the invention of a ruthless Neo-Fascist government that has all but abolished freedom in the United Kingdom.

A Guardian/ICM poll today reveals that just 20% of British voters believe the government is telling the truth about the threat to bomb transatlantic airliners using liquid explosives — meaning 80% of the country do not trust Blair and the war on terror agenda. Blair’s re-election itself was carried with a majority of just 33% and since only half of the country actually voted, that means only just above a quarter of British citizens actively support their government.

The fact that a significant majority of British citizens are completely distrustful and skeptical of their government’s motives coalesces with gradually building anger in Britain over continually increased interest rates, mortgage and loan repayments, energy prices, government taxes, allied with resentment concerning overzealous bureaucratic infringement on personal behavior such as hosepipe bans and water regulation.

This crescendo has not gone unnoticed and the Blair cabal will do everything within its reach to manufacture fearmongering distractions, including staging another terror attack in London, attacking transport systems in major cities, or releasing bio-weapons targeting their most organized and effective opposition — the farming community which is based mainly in the north. The 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak led directly back to Porton Down, the government’s own bio-weapons research facility.

The government has lost most of its credibility in the arena of terror alerts after the fiasco of the Ricin attack that never was, the non-existent Manchester Utd bomb plot, the artificial Canary Wharf fairytale, the brutal slaying of innocent Brazilian Charles de Menezes, and the botched Forest Gate raid. All the more reason on their part to allow one to ‘slip through the net’ and stage an event to re-invigorate the flagging war on terror.

Blair’s tenure in office, hailed in 1997 as a bright turning point for a country downtrodden by decades of dogged Tory reign, leaves a legacy characterized by the complete abolition of the rule of common law – replaced by a ceaseless barrage of suffocating control mechanisms and freedom of speech death knells.

Blair has created over 3,000 new criminal offences during his time in office — one for every day of his tenure and six times the amount created by Tory predecessors John Major and Margaret Thatcher. Allied with a raft of authoritarian anti-terror legislation, social behavior mandates and hate speech restrictions — ridiculous measures such as criminalizing the nomination of a neighbor to turn off your house alarm have also been introduced.

The so-called ‘liberal’ Blair has instituted a police state that obliterates anything the traditionally imperious Tories could ever get through.

In addition to the frenzied lawmaking, Blair has overseen
• the abolition of jury rights, handing cases likely to last over 3 months to the dictate of a single judge,
• criminalized any protest not authorized by the government under the Serious Organised Crime Act,
• mandated the entry of any protester into a terror database upon police questioning,
• created glorification of terror laws that are so sweeping they could apply to any form of free speech,
• eradicated habeus corpus by introducing house arrests and ever-increasing time lengths of detention without charge,
• attacked the notion of [innocent-until-proven-guilty] by imposing curfews for under 16’s,
• supported the use of intelligence knowingly obtained from torture in Uzbekistan and
• allowed the use of British airports for the ‘extraordinary rendition’ of terror suspects,
• created framework for the introduction of mandatory ID cards and
• implemented a national DNA database that stores records for eternity even if the suspect is acquitted of their crime.

Using the fear of terror, Blair has presided over the destruction of liberty in Britain and the final act may be another devastating attack to herd the sheep back into their pens and leave the path clear for a Tory takeover and a continuation of the same Neo-Fascist doctrine.

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UK Muslim Leaders Begin to Doubt the Plot
Sanjay Suri / InterPress Service

LONDON (August 17, 2006 ) — Many Muslims in Britain are beginning to doubt the alleged plot to blow up aircraft flying to the United States from Britain.

The arrest of 24 people last week was followed by the cancellation and diversion of hundreds of flights at British airports. The plot story became leading global news. But most of the information on arrested suspects has come by way of allegations and police leaks. These have not yet added up to any indication of evidence.

The suspects are now in their second week in detention after the police won a court order Wednesday to hold them another week. Many Muslim leaders say this is only indication that the police have no evidence so far, and that they are only now looking for it.

“My fear is that the whole operation which took place on Thursday may have no substance, because so far the police have not found any liquid explosive material,” Ghiyasuddin Siddiqui, director of the Muslim Institute in Britain told IPS. “And also we know that none of these people who were supposedly to carry out the operation in a few days had bought air tickets.”

The critical information leading to the arrests and the flight cancellations came from Pakistani intelligence after the arrest of Rashid Rauf, a British Muslim from Birmingham, in Pakistan. But doubts are being raised over the authenticity of this information.

“My fear is that it all probably started in Pakistan,” Siddiqui said. “General Musharraf’s position is very, very bad, and he wanted to do something to win favour of George Bush and Tony Blair.”

The government is up against a crisis of credibility that began with the publication of its dossier in early 2003 detailing the presence of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, satellite pictures and all. That has turned out to be the most embarrassing document that Her Majesty’s Government ever produced.

Soon after the July 7 bombings last year the police shot Brazilian Charles de Menezes on a train — again on ‘intelligence’ from the police. And in June of this year 250 armed police swooped upon a house in Forest Gate in East London to raid what they thought was a home factory to produce chemical weapons. One of the two Muslims at home was shot in the shoulder. The police found nothing, and had to let the suspects off.

In this case, some of the accounts put out by the government do not seem to add up. British transport secretary Douglas Alexander was said to have been recalled from vacation in Scotland to take charge of the imminent travel crisis at airports. But the next day, Prime Minister Tony Blair left for Barbados on vacation. The Sunday before, he had found the case strong enough

to have called U.S. President George Bush — on vacation in Texas — to brief him on surveillance operations over the targeting of flights to the U.S.

As government accounts go, Blair did not think it necessary to stay on to supervise the biggest police action in what the government has called the biggest threat to Britain since World War II, when Britain was as good as cut off from the rest of the world.

“I think there is some problem at the level of decision-making, and the way intelligence is gathered and presented,” said Siddiqui. “We have a very big problem of credibility now.”

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott indicated to a group of Muslims who met him Wednesday that all of the arrested persons may not face serious charges. One of those arrested has been let off already, though another was picked up. The family members of several of the arrested suspects have said that the police have got it all wrong.

Further doubts were raised over the government’s handling of the case. There were particular legal objections raised over remarks by home secretary John Reid, who claimed that the biggest players were in the net. Lack of evidence to substantiate such claims could jeopardise the case against the suspects in court, some officials have said.

At the moment it is not clear what the case will be. Hundreds of police officers are searching the woods around High Wycombe, just north of London, for clues about preparations to make liquid bombs. All that has emerged after a week of investigation is talk of police carrying some empty bottles away from near the home of a suspect there.

Some of the suspects are motor mechanics, and the police have seized 30 cars

to search those for clues. All computers at suspects’ homes have been taken away, and also those at Internet cafes around their homes that they may have visited.

The police have launched their widest ever fishing expedition to look for evidence. They are hoping to dig out something in the second week of investigation, amidst growing doubts they will.

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