Iraqi Police Resign; Hand Their Weapons to Insurgents

October 30th, 2006 - by admin

Muhammad Abu Nasr, Free Arab Voice | Omar Al-Faris, JUS – 2006-10-30 23:27:16

Police Resign On Mass Handing Weapons To Fighters; Ramadi Remains Under Attack
Muhammad Abu Nasr, Free Arab Voice | Omar Al-Faris, JUS

HIT, Iraq (October 29, 2006) — In another startling turn of events, 35 so-called police in Hit, Iraq have resigned en masse, handing their weapons over to fighters as Ramadi remains tense following a US incursion into the city following an air attack that killed a family of six.

In a dispatch posted at 10:47am Makkah time Sunday morning, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that several members of the puppet police in the Kubaysah area near Hit, about 170km northwest of Baghdad announced that they were quitting the puppet force and handed their weapons over to the Resistance fighters.

Eyewitnesses were quoted as saying that declarations by about 35 resigning puppet policemen were posted on the walls of mosques. The former puppet policemen said in their statements that they were no longer going to work for the US occupation in response to what they called the “repentance amnesty” that the Resistance declared recently.

Dozens of puppet policemen resigned en masse after receiving threats at their homes in recent days. In all more than 130 so-called policemen have resigned, issuing “repentance papers” that were posted on mosques in the city.

Police in the cities of al-Fallujah and Samarra’ have already resigned in large numbers in response to the same initiative that is just one more sign that the US is losing the battle for Iraq.

US Troops, Equipment Deploy In Force In Ramadi
US forces deployed in extremely large numbers in the city of ar-Ramadi, about 110km west of Baghdad earlier on Saturday. Troops and dozens of US vehicles have taken up positions in the city and seized control of all bridges in the city and of Ramadi’s eastern and western entrances and exits.

Mafkarat al-Islam reported eyewitnesses as saying that 17 Tammuz Street, which the Resistance had been controlling is now once again occupied by American troops who have deployed snipers atop buildings in the area.

At the time of reporting, American forces were carrying out raids under air cover from Apache helicopters and US warplanes that prowl the sky at low altitude. As of the time of reporting, no fighting had taken place in the city.

In an update on the situation posted at 1:41pm Makkah time Saturday afternoon, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that US troops had been expelling families from their homes in the al-‘Aziziyah and al-Jam‘iyah areas of Ramadi. Local eyewitnesses said that US snipers had then perched themselves atop the commandeered houses.

American troops also took over and occupied the an-Nasr Sports Club and five schools in the city and are turning them into American military strongholds and camps, in an indication that a large scale battle is pending. A short while earlier, the Municipal Department building in the middle of Ramadi was struck.

Swarms of US helicopters and warplanes were at that time prowling the airspace over the city. Large numbers of American troops have moved from eastern Ramadi en route to the center of the city. As of press time, no further reports have been received.

Another Family Wiped Out
Reuters reported that Dr. Kamal al-‘Ani of ar-Ramadi Hosptial said that six victims were brought in from the American raid on Saturday, all members of one family. The dead consisted of three women, two children, and a man who was brought to the hospital from where they would later be turned over to relatives for burial.

Puppet police Brigadier General Hamid Shuka was quoted as saying that the attack killed five civilians and played down the incident that is sure to play heavily into to the minds of fighters in light of the new US offensive. More details on the Ramadi situation are expected.

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