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November 2nd, 2006 - by admin

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It’s Time to Vote for Peace

As the “war on terror” becomes more deadly, costly and counter-productive each day, a growing majority of citizens want to see a change of course in Iraq and US foreign policies that better reflect American values.

With mid-term elections approaching, Peace Action’s Peace Voter 2006 campaign will bring the occupation of Iraq and other key foreign policy issues to the forefront of the electoral debate.

We will put our elected officials on record on critical peace and security issues and demand their commitment to a more responsible foreign policy for our country.

By making peace the top priority in 2006, you can make a big impact at the local level, helping to build a powerful movement of people willing to organize for peace on Election Day, and beyond. This November, let’s hold Congress accountable to the rising tide of public opinion that’s urging an end to the war in Iraq and a new direction for US relations with the world.

Take the Pledge: Become a Peace Voter today.
The Peace Voter pledge is rallying public support at the national, state, and Congressional district levels to end the occupation of Iraq. It’s designed to put the politicians on notice that we want the war ended quickly and we don’t want any more wars of agression.

By taking the pledge and spreading the word, you can help build a powerful bloc of peace voters that politicians can not afford to ignore.

The Peace Voter Pledge
I will not vote for or support any candidate for Congress who does not make a speedy end to the war in Iraq, and the prevention of any future war of aggression, a public position in his or her campaign.

Click here to Take the Pledge.

Where Do the Candidates Stand?
Peace Voter Guides:

In key races across the country, Peace Action is developing Peace Voter Guides, based on the template below, to record the positions of candidates on timely peace and foreign policy issues. Our Voter Guides will both put politicians on record and educate voters about where candidates stand on ending the occupation of Iraq, stopping the spread of nuclear weapons, and protecting human rights.

These voter guides will be distributed in dozens of races, such as:
• Pennsylvania’s 7th and 8th Districts
• Wisconsin’s 1st, 2nd and 6th, 3rd and 7th, 4th and 5th, and 8th District and Senate races
• New Hampshire’s 2nd District
• New York’s 13th District
• Maine’s 1st District and Senate
• New Jersey’s 7th District and Senate and 4th District and Senate

Check back to download guides for more states and districts to distribute in your community.

We are now within one week of what may be the most important election of our lifetimes, and you have one last chance to help candidates who could make a huge difference in the next Congress.

The following three candidates have three critical factors in common:
• they are all good to excellent on peace and justice issues — our issues;
• they are all in extremely close races;
• they are all underfunded

YOUR support could help put these individuals over the top!

• In New York’s 19th district, John Hall is a truly progressive candidate who stands with Peace Action on such important issues as bringing home our troops, rebuilding international relationships, banning landmines, and reducing global warming emissions. He is neck and neck with Sue Kelly in the polls, but he is behind when it comes to fundraising, and needs help in the final week before the election.

• In Connectictut’s 4th district, Diane Farrell fiercely opposes nuclear proliferation, and recognizes that the US needs to lead by example; she argues that investment in new nuclear weapons detracts resources from truly important areas of the federal budget. She is running just a point or two ahead of opponent Chris Shays, and needs your help to win!

• In California’s 11th district, Jerry McNerney is a progressive Democrat who came close to unseating arch-conservative, anti-environmentalist Rep. Richard Pombo as a write-in candidate in 2004. With Pombo mired in ethical scandals, and a strong national wave demanding change, this could well be the year McNerney wins it all.

You know what the stakes are in these race: this is our best chance in decades to help elect a more peace-inclined Congress. We have contributed nearly $100,000 to pro-peace candidates through the Peace Action PAC so far this year.

Tell your Friends:

Please help us reach our goal of a more pro-peace Congress — with a contribution to one of these three candidates! (And be aware that you can contribute up to $2,100 per candidate for the general election, on top of $2,100 for the same candidate in primary.)

This is part of a much larger electoral effort for us, as you know, an effort that includes Peace Voter Guides, ballot referendums on the war in Iraq, candidate briefings, “bird-dogging” candidates about peace issues when they appear in public, and numerous paid and earned media efforts for public education.

So by contributing to these candidates through Peace Action, you are adding one more tool to our tool bag, and one more method of influence that we will be prepared to exploit come November 8. (As I’m sure you can guess, elected officials will always give time to those organizations that helped them win their elections.)

And thanks for everything else you are doing to help spread the peace message in the final few days before the election.

Paul Kawika Martin, Peace Action, PAC Director

1100 Wayne Ave. Ste 1020, Silver Spring MD 20910 (301) 565-4050