Impeach the President: The Case Against Bush and Cheney

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Dennis Loo and Peter Philllips – 2006-12-12 22:51:05

Impeach the President: The Case Against Bush and Cheney
Dennis Loo and Peter Philllips
(Seven Stories Press, 2006, $17.95)

In these desperate times, when lies and half-truths are official policy, when our young people and innocent Iraqi civilians pay with their lives for these lies, this book is a clear presentation of the crimes of Bush and Cheney. The chapters in this strong, thoughtful collection not only powerfully detail these crimes, they point a way forward for us all. I urge every thinking American to read this book.”
— Cindy Sheehan, anti-war activist and author of Dear President Bush

“An airtight case for impeaching Bush and Cheney for war crimes and domestic malfeasance. It’s high time for legal regime change!”
— Marjorie Cohn, President-elect, National Lawyers Guild

“An eye-opening, multi-layered indictment of the lawless rule of the Bush White House reactionaries. A well-edited, well-substantiated, an dwell-argued offering of hard-hitting truths that can serve as a manual for political action.”
— Michael Parenti, author of The Culture Struggle and Superpatriotism

“A looming, new totalitarianism—that is the warning here. Citizens who feel uneasy owe it to themselves to read this important book and think about how to exercise their responsibilities. Citizenship, truth be told, isn’t easy, nor free.”
— George Kenney, former State Department Official

“They can say that Homeland Security and FEMA are on the job, but New Orleans proves them wrong. They can claim they’re winning the war on terror and the war in Iraq, but everyday the facts belie their claims. They can assure us that they’re protecting our civil liberties and doing everything by the book, but nearly every week brings fresh revelations of their lawbreaking.”
-from the Conclusion

In the face of the extraordinary and unprecedented threat the White House and its allies present to civil liberties, civil rights, the Constitution, international law, and the future of the planet, this persuasive collection makes the case that a drastically different political dynamic must be created right now.

Impeach the President is a comprehensive analysis of a criminal administration. It unearths the stories behind voter fraud in 2000 and 2004, the overt lies used to justify pre-emptive war on Iraq, the extensive, ongoing commission of war crimes and torture, the tragic failures in the lead-up to and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and lesser-known but equally alarming offences of propaganda and disinformation, illegal spying, environmental destruction, and the violation of the separation of church and state. Loo and Phillips chillingly reveal the full threat behind the radical right-wing force that has taken over the most powerful office in the world.

The collection includes a striking introduction by Howard Zinn and contributions from Dennis Loo, Peter Phillips, Judith Volkart, Dahr Jamail, Jeremy Brecher, Jill Cutler, Brendan Smith, Larry Everest, Greg Palast, Nancy Snow, Barbara J. Bowley, Mark Crispin Miller, Kevin Wehr, Richard Heinberg, Lyn Duff, Dennis Bernstein, Bridget Thornton, Lew Brown, Andrew Sloan, Cynthia Boaz, and Michael Nagler.

Impeach the President issues a clarion call for a popular movement even more powerful than the antiwar movement of the 1960s. As the authors write in the preface, “Governments do not fall of their own weight; they must be driven out.”

Reasons Why Bush and Cheney Must Be Impeached

• 1. Stealing the White House in 2000 and 2004 through outright voter fraud.

• 2. Lying to the American people and deliberately misleading Congress in order to launch an unprovoked war of aggression upon Iraq.

• 3. Authorizing and directing the torture of thousands of captives, leading to death, extreme pain, disfigurements, and psychological trauma. Hiding prisoners from the International Committee of the Red Cross by deliberately not recording them as detainees and conducting rendition of hundreds of prisoners to “black sites” known for their routine torture of prisoners. Indefinitely detaining people and suspending habeas corpus rights.

• 4. Ordering free fire zones and authorizing the use of anti-personnel weapons in dense urban settings in Iraq leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians – war crimes under international law.

• 5. Usurping the American people’s right to know the truth about governmental actions through the systematic use of propaganda and overt disinformation.

• 6. Building an imperial presidency by issuing signing statements to laws passed by Congress that negate Congressional intent. Hiding government decisions from public and Congressional view through subverting the Freedom of Information Act. Illegally spying on millions of Americans without court authorization and lying about it for years.

• 7. Undermining New Orleans’ capacity to withstand a hurricane prior to Hurricane Katrina; allowing New Orleans’ destruction by Katrina; and failing to come to people’s aid in a timely fashion, leading to the unnecessary deaths of thousands of Americans.

• 8. Denying global warming, disregarding peak oil, and placing oil industry profits over the long-term survival of the human race and the viability of the planet.

• 9. Violating the constitutional principle of separation of church and state through the interlinking of theocratic ideologies in the decision making process of the US government.

• 10. Failing to attempt to prevent the 9/11 attacks, despite a wealth of very specific evidence of a pending terrorist attack upon New York, and the World Trade Center in particular. Using this failure as a rationale for pre-emptive attacks on other countries and for the suspension of Americans’ fundamental civil liberties and our right to privacy.

• 11. Promotion of US global dominance of the world and the building and use of illegal weapons of mass destruction.

• 12. Overthrowing Haiti’s democratically elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide and installing a highly repressive regime.

Judith Halfpenny Volkart is an award-winning lawyer, educator and civil rights activist. A graduate of Hastings College of Law, she teaches constitutional law and other legal courses at Sonoma State University and University of California, Berkeley. An outspoken critic of the USA Patriot Act, Judith has addressed audiences throughout Northern California and her speeches have aired nationally.

Dennis Loo is Associate Professor of Sociology at Cal Poly Pomona. He graduated with honors in Government from Harvard and received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from University of California at Santa Cruz. His recent article, “No Paper Trail Left Behind: the Theft of the 2004 Presidential Election” was honored by Project Censored in 2006. He is a former journalist and his research specialties include polling, public policy-making, social movements, and criminology. Impeach the President is his first book.

Dahr Jamail has spent over 8 months reporting from inside occupied Iraq as an independent journalist. He writes regularly for Inter Press Service and the Asia Times. His articles have also been printed in The Independent, The Guardian, The Sunday Herald in Scotland and The Nation. In Iraq he reported for Democracy Now!, BBC World Service and was the Flashpoints/Pacifica special correspondent.

Larry Everest is the author of Oil, Power & Empire: Iraq and the US Global Agenda from Common Courage Press (2004). Everest has covered the Middle East and Central Asia for over 25 years for Revolution newspaper ( and other publications. In 1986, Everest wrote Behind the Poison Cloud: Union Carbide’s Bhopal Massacre. In 1991, he traveled to Iraq and shot the award-winning video Iraq: War Against the People. In 2005, he testified at the culminating session of the World Tribunal on Iraq in Istanbul, Turkey and helped organize the 2005-2006 International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity by the Bush Administration

Jeremy Brecher, Jill Cutler, and Brendan Smith are the co-editors of In the Name of Democracy: American War Crimes in Iraq and Beyond (New York: Metropolitan/Holt, 2006) and the founders of Brecher is a historian who has written and edited more than a dozen books on social movements, including Strike! He has received five regional Emmy Awards for his documentary film work. Jill Cutler is an assistant dean at Yale College, where she is also a lecturer in the Department of English. She has edited many books, including Global Visions: Beyond the New World Order. Brendan Smith is the coauthor of Globalization from Below and has written for the Los Angeles Times, The Nation, and the Baltimore Sun. He holds a law degree from Cornell University.

Greg Palast is a former racketeering investigator and author of “ARMED MADHOUSE: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War” (Penguin Dutton 2006). “The man widely considered as the top investigative journalist in the United States, is persona non grata in his own country’s media” (Asia Week), has received five Project Censored Awards for his investigations of elections manipulation, World Bank skullduggery, US involvement in the coup in Venezuela and other stories for Britain’s Guardian papers, BBC Television Newnight, and Harper’s. Palast, an economist by training, is a world-recognized authority on corporate governance and co-authored the United Nations guide to utility privatization, Democracy and Regulation. Stories by him that were rejected by US mainstream media are gathered in the international bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.

Nancy Snow received her Ph.D. in International Relations at The American University, Washington, D.C. and her B.A., Political Science at Clemson University. She was a Fulbright Scholar in political science to Germany and former Government Propagandist at the U.S. Information Agency (1992-1994). She is currently Associate Professor, College of Communications, California State University, Fullerton; Adjunct Professor, USC Annenberg School for Communication; Senior Research Fellow, USC Center on Public Diplomacy. She has written Information War, Propaganda, Inc., War, Media and Propaganda; America the Beautiful?

Barbara J. Bowley is Associate Professor at Woodbury University in Burbank, California, where she is Director of Library Services and Director of General Education. She received her M.A. in anthropology and her M.S. in Library Service from Columbia University. Her research interests include the critical examination of the role of information in society and issues concerning the future of higher education.

Mark Crispin Miller is a Professor of Culture and Communication at New York University.
His books include The Bush Dyslexicon: Observations on a National Disorder and Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the Election of 2004, and How They’ll Steal the Next One Too (Unless We Stop Them). His off-Broadway show, A Patriot Act, is available on DVD, at

Kevin Wehr is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Cal State Sacramento. He received his MS and Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and his BA in Sociology from University of California, Santa Cruz. His publications include America’s Fight Over Water: The environmental and political consequences of large-scale dams in the American West.

Peter Phillips is a Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University and director of Project Censored, a media research organization. Bridget Thornton is a senior level research assistant at Sonoma State University majoring in History. Andrew Sloan is a Liberal Studies major at Sonoma State University. Lew Brown is a psychology major also at Sonoma State University.

Lyn Duff is a journalist currently based in Port-au-Prince. In 1995 she traveled to Haiti to help establish that country’s first children’s radio station and has since covered Haiti extensively for Pacifica Radio’s Flashpoints, the San Francisco Bay View, and other local and national media.

Dennis Bernstein, executive producer for Pacifica Radio’s Flashpoints News Magazine, is an award-winning print and radio journalist whose articles and essays have appeared widely in the New York Times, Newsday, the Boston Globe, The Nation, and many others. His work has been honored numerous times by the national media watchdog group Project Censored.

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