Rumors of Mutinies within US Ranks

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The Green Zone Follies – 2006-12-18 00:07:37

Rumors of Mutinies within the Ranks
The Green Zone Follies

BAGHDAD (December 14, 2006) — “Although you will never see a word of it in the US media, there is a very serious, growing and potentially critical loss of morale here in Iraq.

A CIC major, working with the CID here inside the Green Zone, met with me yesterday and told me they are working on a growing, but top secret, investigation into what appears to be an organizing mutiny among US combat troops in at least three different locations in occupied Iraq.

Deplorable conditions here, including defective ammunition (and a serious lack of it due to the Falcon disaster) lack of armor, increasingly sophisticated and very deadly attacks on US troops with no countermeasures either in place or at all effective, coupled with Bush’s obvious intentions to quickly and greatly increase the number of troops here and his plans (often discussed by the brass) of a “huge new push” designed to “knock out the resistance and permit a withdrawal with face” (a direct quote from a classified order.) have done nothing to defuse what my informant believes is a “critical situation.”

My source in the CIC tells me that the team is in a dilemma at this point. If this gets into the foreign media (it would never get into the tame US media unless mass rebellion broke out and then it would be heavily censored), the Internet, cursed by the administration, will cover it and given the gross inability of the pencil-necked geeks in DoD’s propaganda division, it would become a major political scandal stateside.

If a swoop is made and GI instigators are arrested, there is the very real risk that the one thing the Pentagon is frantic to prevent and keep silent, will get out.

The CIC has an army of snitches running around all over Iraq, and especially here in Baghdad, but the more they find out, the more frightened they are becoming. Now, the rumors are that Russian or Iranian agents are fomenting rebellion but this is very doubtful.

It is known that Bush hates Putin and everyone here knows Israel hates Iran so these rumors are obviously planted by these parties.

Arresting ringleaders (some of whom are very obvious) might trigger more serious problems and transferring “infected” units to Germany for some “R” can’t be done because they are badly needed here and worse, might terrify cadre in Germany to the point where the rot could easily spread back to the States.

This is redolent of the mass mutinies of French troops in 1917/18 in which thousands were shot out of hand.

A pleasant Christmas is expected here with myself planning to get home for a week. Who knows? I might resign my commission and write a book…and then be shot while watering the lawn.”

The Green Zone Follies November

BAGHDAD (November 29, 2006) — “This area is a zoo right now and a very dangerous zoo what with gangs of hungry tigers and leopards roaming the streets, eating everything in sight. There is, is spite of Bush’s denials, a terrible civil war exploding around us.

For the time being, the Muslims are slaughtering each other, blowing up each other’s mosques, setting the other side’s worshippers on fire, machine gunning women and children on the streets and setting off so many car bombs that at night it sounds like the Fourth of July in Kansas City but much, much louder.

You can read a newspaper at midnight by the light of the burning buildings and the stench is of burned flesh, rubber and other things. Our bases out in the boonies are in real danger of being overrun by furious fighters and the soldiers slaughtered, so hyped up are the various factions.

Bush has said he will never leave, no matter what so morale here is tanking worse than the dollar and the dead and wounded GIs are piling up on the airstrips not under occasional mortar fire awaiting evacuation to safer regions.

The current Iraqi government has absolutely no control over the warring factions and has to walk a narrow line to avoid being slaughtered by some splinter group no one has ever heard of.

Even senior officers are frightened by the insane violence (religious wars are absolutely the worst) and a number of the brass are fleeing to safer areas via friends in the Pentagon.

I have tried for three months to get my sorry ass out of here but I don’t have Point buddies with stars in DC so I will have to stay until an end that is surely coming. Pray for me!”

The Voice of the White House

WASHINGTON, DC (December 15, 2006) — The overall picture of what is projected to happen in Iraq is just this, based on position papers that are not disconnected. Bush categorically refuses to admit that his, and his neocon friends’ policy in Iraq has utterly and finally collapsed. His shallow and juvenile personality will never permit him to admit he was wrong.

The pressure on him to cease the American participation in the Iraqi civil war is growing but he is now denying the entreaties of his father, his father’s advisors, the senior military, Republican legislators and most important, the American people, to get out of Iraq and leave that country to its own devices.

No, Bush is now going to scrape the manpower reserves to the bottom of the barrel, and ship between 30,000 and 40,000 new troops to Iraq as quickly as possible.

His end goal is 70,000 by the first of the year. These new troops will enabled our embattled and badly depleted forces there to regroup and launch a “final and decisive” push against insurgents (but only inside Baghdad and not outside it), kill as many as possible, declare a “great and decisive victory” and then get out, saving the Imperial blotched and twitching face.

However, in order to prolong the victory (the speech writers are working on his “Victory Speech to the American Public” even as I write) Bush has given orders to overthrow the current Iraqi government by force and replace it with one that will “crack down” on dissident elements and prevent further insurgency.

The problem with this typical American solution to foreign problems is that no one here is exactly sure who our new Saddam will be. If he is a Sunni, the Shiites will raise hell and Iran might well invade. If a Shiite, the mostly Sunni Arab neighbors will quickly support the other side.

In all of this horrible mess, the representatives of Israel, like poison dwarves, are constantly on the telephone with Bush and Cheney and their few remaining friends in the Pentagon. What do they want? They want us to help them destroy the nuclear capacity of Iran, probably by bombing Tehran back into the stone age.

Typically, they don’t want to do this themselves (they threaten nuclear attacks but in truth, their nuclear weaponry is an overstated, propaganda farce) but want us to do it for them. Not satisfied with their lock on Bush, their Mossad agents, who regularly attend meetings at the CIA at Langley, have taken to bugging various conference rooms where they go to exchange views with their co-religionists who are now in the predominance there.

Of course the bugs were detected but the errant chaps from the Mossad were permitted to keep their access if they promised to be good in the future.

This is impossible in fact but that never deterred Israel. Bush kisses their collective asses the way the repulsive Blair kisses Bush’s raddled fundament but he wouldn’t dare nuke Tehran and a U.S. military invention is impossible.

That the new troops (mostly badly trained National Guardsmen) would be slaughtered by the increasingly well-armed and trained Iraqi resistance people is of absolutely no consequence to Bush.

He has been warned that mobs of ill-armed, badly trained, overweight pharmacy clerks would be like lambs led to the slaughter but constant warnings to him by everyone connected with this back ward craziness has no effect.

Bush wants to save his ugly face and a few thousand more dead means nothing to him. And when it fails terribly, typically, Bush will immediately blame the Pentagon for the disaster.

In the end, why doesn’t Bush put on a nice uniform with lots of gold braid and go there himself to lead the charges against machineguns and rockets? He would end up feeding Baghdad’s wild dogs and the world would heave a collective sigh of relief and resume normal lives once again.

Mark you, this pleasant scenario is not an internet fantasy plot like the legendary and hysterically entertaining “atomic” destruction of Houston a couple of years ago and unless Bush is stopped, and soon, the results will be terrible to behold.”