ACTION ALERT: Emergency Protests on the day Bush Vetoes Supplemental Appropriations Bill!

April 30th, 2007 - by admin

The World Can’t – 2007-04-30 00:44:26

Congress’ Supplemental Appropriations Bill gives Bush $124 billion more for the Iraq war, with a timetable to begin withdrawing troops Oct. 1st. Bush is expected to veto this bill this Tuesday May 1st. MAKE YOUR PROTEST PLANS NOW!

The bill did not condemn the unjust war on Iraq. It took no real steps to end the occupation and bring the troops home from the region. Yet Bush plans to veto it, or any bill suggesting any pull-out date.

If the people do not act in protest, Bush’s veto will stand and Congress will go back to its business as usual, continuing the war, torture, detention without due process, more troops in Afghanistan and giving Bush a green light to attack Iran.

As long as Bush’s malicious hubris and Congress’ enabling complicity in endless war and Orwellian repression goes on – it goes on – in your name. It is time to bring all this to a halt! We call on all people of conscience to drop the convenience and cynicism of daily life in America — drop the complacency of waiting for change to fall from on high and take meaningful action to stop this war and to remove the regime that started it.


On the Day of Bush’s veto: At every college and high school campus, RALLY AT NOON and then MARCH to converge — downtown, at town centers. or at military recruiting stations for 5:00 pm RALLIES.

* If Bush’s veto is announced on TUESDAY MAY FIRST, rally at the San Francisco Federal Building.

* If the veto is announced any other day before or after May First, rally at Fifth & Market (Powell Street BART).

Bring pots and pans to bang on, noisemakers, everyone you know, and your sense of outrage and urgent responsibility for all the lives hanging in the balance.

Enough! The World Can’t Wait!
Drive Out the Bush Regime!
Impeach Bush for War Crimes!

The Bush administration is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Bush and Cheney have lied their way into two wars of aggression, are spying in open violation of the law, and have sanctioned the use of torture. These are high crimes and misdemeanors that demand accountability.

It’s time to say NO to impunity for lying, spying, torture, and unending war!

• Next meeting: Impeachment Committee, World Can’t Wait (SF Bay Chapter)
Saturday, May 5th, 11 AM to 1 PM At Spuds Pizza in Berkeley, on Alcatraz and Adeline (at MLK) Everyone welcome °X for more info: 415-864-5153, or Email us:

Washington DC: Voices of Conscience Call for Impeachment of Bush & Cheney

Last Wednesday in D.C., a distinguished group of elected officials, voices of conscience, actors and artists, and military families gathered outside the U.S. Capitol to call for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Speakers included Dennis Kucinich, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, Chris Hedges, Daniel Ellsberg, Cindy Sheehan, World Can’t Wait Director Debra Sweet, John Nichols of The Nation, co-founder David Swanson, and Washington state legislator Eric Oemig.

With debate sharpening between Congress and the administration over inclusion of withdrawal dates from Iraq in the Supplemental Spending Bill, this press conference continued the growing momentum against the Bush Administration.

Dennis Kucinich, who the day before filed an impeachment resolution against Vice President Cheney, declared that although the press claimed he is °ßalone in calling for impeachment,°® standing with the 100 gathered there at the Capitol, he was not alone — he is standing with the people for impeachment.

Speakers denounced the full array of crimes of the Bush Administration. As Chris Hedges said: “The President is guilty, in short, of what in legal circles is known as the ‘crime of aggression’. And, if we as citizens do not hold him accountable for these crimes, if we do not begin the process of impeachment, we will be complicit in the codification of a new world order, one that will have terrifying consequences.”

Statements in Support of the Impeachment of George Bush
(delivered at 4/25/07 Press Conference)

Debra Sweet: ” The whole disastrous direction of the Bush Regime must be repudiated, and Bush and Cheney must be removed from office. The political will of the people to bring the war and the Bush agenda to a stop must not be derailed by prattle about the °ßpolitical reality°® that all that is possible is what is already going on. That is nothing other than capitulation and accommodation to this politics of war, torture and theocracy.

At this moment, the rest of the world is looking at people in this country who are passive and waiting while people are being tortured and detained without due process; while Iraq under occupation is being torn apart, destroyed, and over a half million Iraqis lie dead; while the prescription for the military and political Iraq debacle is to feed the war machine more money and more troops; while the Bush administration seems to be moving towards attacking Iran, and every major presidential candidate has insisted that all military options are on the table against Iran; while bigotry becomes °ßentertainment°®; while a woman°¶s right over her own reproduction is in great peril; and while intolerance determines who can marry and who can not . . .

To those who say it is premature to raise the demand for impeachment now, we ask: how tolerable is the situation in Iraq to you — to allow it to continue for 2 more years? How tolerable is the build-up towards war with Iran? How long will you live with Guantanamo and torture carried out in your name? If now is not the time, then when will it be? If we do not demand impeachment and act to bring the Bush program to a halt, who will?”

Michael Berg: “George Bush is responsible for destabilizing a sovereign nation and allowing those in who killed my son, according to the FBI°¶s report of his death . . . I have forgiven George Bush, the other American politicians, and the actual murderer of my precious son, Nick. But forgiveness, I have learned, does not mean I must condone the acts, the sins, of these people. And, it does not mean that I let them off the hook . . . George Bush is responsible and deserves to be impeached, forced out of office, to pay (personal) reparations, and to spend the rest of his life in restorative justice service.”

Noam Chomsky: “The list of George W. Bush’s crimes is long and grim. Impeachment would be at least one small step towards paying the debt we owe to the victims of his years in power, and to those yet to suffer from what he has done. The April 25 call on the steps of the Capitol is an honorable and courageous effort to overcome the shame and disgrace he has brought to our country.”

Ramsey Clark: “Our focus must be on Congress, and the priorities of full troop withdrawal and the impeachment of President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and other culpable officials within the Administration . . . President Bush and Vice President Cheney should be held accountable as it is proscribed in the Constitution, Article II, Section 4: The President, Vice President, and all civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office or impeachment for and conviction of.”

For more statements by Ariel Dorfman, Cindy Sheehan, Howard Zinn, Gore Vidal, Mark Ruffalo, and others, go to

Join the DRIVE OUT THE BUSH REGIME contingent in the

Other Protests
• Davis
Tuesday, May 1
UC Davis Campus, Memorial Union Patio
11-12:00 – Rally at MU patio with musicians and performers
11:30 am – Solidarity Walk Out. Congregate at MU patio
12:00 pm – March Davis Students Against War Resource

• Los Angeles
Tuesday, May 1
12:00 pm – March at the beginning of Olympic & Broadway
National May 1st Movement for Worker & Immigrant Rights
5274 West Pico Blvd. #203
Los Angeles CA 90019
(213) 995-0694 (voicemail)

High Crimes and Atrocities
HIGH CRIMES AND ATROCITIES is a 28 minute video which graphically depicts the illegal and immoral actions of the Bush administration. It is an excellent tool for house parties and public events, as we educate and organize for impeachment.

Lies and illegal war on Iraq, torture, warrantless wiretapping and shameless disregard of the Constitution- every day the list of crimes and atrocities committed by the Bush administration grows longer. But even as our Representatives in congress acquiesce, the grassroots movement toward impeachment is constantly gaining strength. This new video documents that movement and details specific offenses.

The story is told with footage and images from a wide variety of sources: exclusive scenes of rallies and protests, powerful shots from Iraq and Guantanamo, public testimony from government officials, interviews with soldiers and citizens. Honest and hard-hitting, °•High Crimes’ contrasts the cold and depressing reality of the criminals in the White House with the inspirational and vibrant spirit of the opposition.

The trailer can be viewed at

The full video is available for $15, and can be ordered at

Donations are solicited, as our next video, CARNIVAL OF HORRORS, is about finished, and we are continuing to document both the impeachable offenses of Bush and Cheney, and the growing impeachment movement. Buying footage from the networks is expensive, but necessary in order to get shots of public speeches, so please give generously.

Checks should be made out to: Paradise Cove Productions
406 41st St., Oakland CA 94609