Army to Expand Recruiting Incentives

August 13th, 2007 - by admin

El Bohemio – 2007-08-13 23:17:24

Army Recruiters At It Again!

It would seem that the Army is on yet another aggressive recruiting campaign. It would seem that they are not meeting their quota for new recruits; at least those are the results for June. No doubt they will look to launch new ad campaigns to entice our young into joining the Army. No doubt they will look to target innercity ethnics and rural country types. All I can say to our young is: BEWARE!

The fact that they are loosening rules on age and weight limits, education and drug and criminal records means that they are hurting and at least a certain percentage of our young are looking for alternate means of dealing with education, school loans and jobs.

The ones that concern me are those inner city Latinos, particularly the males who run around with that “ machismo “ attitude who are vulnerable to the ploys of recruiters who address just that, their supposed gung-ho Attitude.

Of course there is the money incentive. Think about it, a $20,000 sign-up incentive comes out to $384.61 a week which works out to $9.61 an hour. Hell, cops make more than that not to mention a bunch of other jobs and careers!

Another thing, don’t think that by signing up that your second-class citizenship status will disappear because it wont! ASK ANY HISPANIC ELDER. ALL HISPANIC’S KNOW that we live as second-class citizens within the confines of the US and nothing, absolutely nothing will change that. Not education, profession, wealth or celebrity status. Just look at the archives of past and recent news.

Wasn’t the government on the verge of deporting the wife of a Hispanic soldier who was and still is missing because she was an illegal alien, and this was just a short while back! The only thing that saved her was the publicity and the public outcry.

That was a one in a million situation. Her husband had been and still is in the public eye. Had that not been the case I guarantee you she would have been deported regardless of the husbands situation in the military.

Let us not forget the Veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. They are out there, believe me! Take a good look at the reports regarding their health conditions and current mental state.