ACTION ALERT: Protest Torture at American Psychologists Convention

August 15th, 2007 - by admin

The World Can’t Wait Coalition – 2007-08-15 23:01:49

WCW Supports Anti-Torture Demands At Psychologists Convention
Calling all psychologists!

SAN FRANCISCO (August 16, 2007) — The crime against humanity of torture is the focus of a heated controversy inside a major professional group, the American Psychological Association (APA).

A growing movement of APA members has been exposing and denouncing the APA for condoning the participation of psychologists in military interrogations and torture at Guantanamo and elsewhere. These psychologists challenge the APA policy as a violation of ethics and are demanding that it end.

WCW supports the APA anti-torture protestors, including by inviting you to join us in attending their public rally this Friday afternoon. And we want to bring our entire WCW message to the convention as a whole, with The Call and the Declare It Now – Wear Orange! campaign (passing out orange ribbons).

Orange Friday this week (Aug. 17) will meet in San Francisco
for APA Anti-Torture Protest at Yerba Buena

We welcome volunteers to help with WCW’s informational tables at the APA (Moscone Center). If you can join an outreach team, we need you especially at these times:

• FRIDAY August 17 11:30-1:30 at Moscone Center. Table and flyering, with orange ribbons.

• FRIDAY August 17 3:30 to 6:00 PM (afternoon) Attend APA protest at Yerba Buena Gardens (Stone Stage: entrance on Howard Street near 3rd), with orange jumpsuits to represent the prisoners and the tortured.

• SUNDAY August 19 11:30-1:30 at Moscone Center. Table and flyering, with orange ribbons.

PLEASE email us at and give us your phone number if you’d like a confirmation call on the above times and places.

In the 21st century, trained psychologists are hands-on participating in torture . . .

The APA leadership’s public excuse for this shameful situation? They claim psychologists’ involvement can prevent torture and abuse by bringing science and ethics into the dungeons.

As the controversy has sharpened, the protesting APA members have soundly refuted that mythology, and they have refused to back down from voicing their protest. Some are going to the press, some are witholding APA dues, others are quitting. Media coverage is increasing, read more here:

At its annual Convention this August 17-20 in San Francisco, the anti-torture APA members will hold a “convention within the convention” focused on torture. A convention resolution calling for a Moratorium on participation in interrogations will be decided. At issue are not only APA’s own code of ethics, but whether the US should conform to the Geneva Convention and international law.

Complicity? Or will you take responsibility?
The APA showdown is a strong example of a fight more people should be joining, in other professions and in many walks of life in the USA. today.

As the opening lines of WCW’s Call lay out, there is great wrong being done under the Bush regime, in our names. Will people choose to be complicit? Or will we take responsibility to bring these abuses to light and bring them to an end?

Special Note:
To all psychologists (practicing, teaching, or students) reading this email — we’re passing on to you this personal invitation from your colleagues in the APA. You are welcome to join the APA, attend this convention, and join the movement to stop psychologists’ participation in torture. For more information go to:

Stephanie and MaryAnn,
SF Bay Area WCW Chapter

Declare It Now: Wear Orange!
Drive Out the Bush Regime!

Declare It Now: The urgent color of orange – that has been assigned to those detained & tortured with no due process – must become the color of a gathering sentiment to end all this. This spreading of orange is part of seizing the moral high ground & showing our collective determination to bring these crimes to a halt NOW by Driving Out the Bush Regime.

A groundswell of orange, assisted and amplified by the voices of prominent people and musicians wearing and promoting orange on TV, radio, and on stage at concerts can break people out of this conundrum where millions are just furious but still paralyzed by the paralysis of the loyal opposition Party and by the anaesthetizing effects of the presidential elections.

Reports, video and pictures from the first Orange Friday are in.

Buy orange “Drive Out the Bush Regime” bandanas online
Prof. Dennis Loo, co-editor of “Impeach the President”, on the Declare It Now campaign