ACTION ALERT: Navy Declares War on Hawai’i

September 15th, 2007 - by admin

Cathy Garger / – 2007-09-15 08:48:08

Note:Cathy Garger is a well-known East Coast writer, speaker and radio personality who knows as much as anybody about the widespread use of radioactive poison gas weapons inside the USA. Now the US Military has gone and destroyed America’s Hawaiian Paradise. Tell everyone you know: Pohakuloa is wasted. It is just 35 miles up the Saddle from Kona. Don’t go there on a bet.
— Bob Nichols / Project Censored Award Winner

Navy Declares War on Hawai’i
Cathy Garger /


I just found out that the Navy is planning on expanding its war games and numerous new weapon “toys” in an area of 235,000 square nautical miles around Hawaii! Incredibly, the Navy is proposing a major upgrading and expansion — in order to do more research, development, testing, and evaluation of military weapons and systems, to the tune of 140 (that is One Hundred Forty) projects, including even the use of Directed Energy Laser Weapons.

Why are they doing this? According to Section of the Environmental Impact Statement, ” The purpose for the proposed action is to:

• (1) achieve and maintain fleet readiness using the HRC to support and conduct current, emerging, and future training events and RDT&E training and testing events;

• (2) expand warfare missions [Note: anti-war activists beware!] supported by the HRC, consistent with the requirements of the FRTP and other transformation initiatives; and

• (3) upgrade/modernize existing range capabilities to enhance and ensure the sustainability of Navy training and testing. The Proposed Action is needed to provide combat capable forces ready to deploy worldwide.”

For those wondering about radioactivity? I found mention of the words “radioactive materials” four times within Volume 3. One gets the feeling that, as usual, in its military “test” sites, Uncle Sam’s not planning on just shooting blanks!

The adverse impact on whales, other marine wildlife, the air, and ocean is unfathomable. I will allow you to imagine what effects these weapons will have upon the environment and wildlife, and also, sadly, upon the health of the Hawaiian people.

Can we possibly get enough international outrage going within four (4) days to stop the Navy from this expansion that appears in only 2 (!) articles from Hawaii newspapers in a Google news search? The link to one of the article links is below.

The other is filled with falsehoods (i.e, how great weapons testing is for whales) and is thus omitted. As you will soon discover for yourself, the Environmental Impact Statement for the Hawaii Range Complex is already filled with enough deception for one night’s reading.

Can we do this? Or better put, how can we NOT do this? Can we stop the US military from further ruining the waters and marine wildlife around America’s Hawaiian Paradise? Admittedly, it’s a long shot. But isn’t saving Hawaii and the Pacific Ocean worth a try?

• To submit a public comment online by September 17:

• To submit a public comment by email by September 17:

• Entire Environmental Impact Statement:

• Executive Summary of Environmental Impact Statement:

• A good article with a description of some of the actions:
TGI Articles #12 Navy Plans

• Media article: “No aloha for sonar plan found at Maui hearing”
By Harry Eagar, Staff Writer, Maui News

Thank you for taking just 5 minutes to write a short note stating that you do not support any military expansion in the Hawaii Range Complex, that you reject both Alternatives 1 and 2, and that you insist instead that our government protects and defends Hawaii (its land, its ocean, its wildlife, and its people) from further harm and degradation.

After you write, please pass this article around to everyone you know. After all, isn’t saving our Hawaiian Paradise, our oceans, and our marine wildlife worth just a few minutes of our time?

Mahalo, as the Hawaiian Islanders say! Thanks!

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