ACTION ALERT: To End the Funding for the Iraq War

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It’s Time To Draw A Line In The Sand In Iraq


The most remarkable thing about the Petraeus coached testimony on the status of the failed occupation of Iraq was Republican senators using their hearing time to TESTIFY THEMSELVES about the good news and wonderful progress there. Why was he even there if only to have words put in his mouth, not just by the White House but by Congress itself?

According to every impartial judge, like the GAO, the truth is that there has been NO reduction in violence and the situation continues to deteriorate.


But finally now, at least in the House, there is a growing movement to finally have Congress put its foot down and say no more. As of today, 81 members of the House of Representatives have signed on to a letter drafted by Out of Iraq Caucus Chairs Reps.

Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), Barbara Lee (D-CA), and Maxine Waters (D-CA), to the White House, declaring that they will appropriate no more funds for this war except to redeploy and protect our troops.

This is the best opportunity we’ve had so far to rally around an initiative, to thank those who have already joined in, and to encourage all others to sign on as well.

There can be absolutely no doubt that when we speak out in sufficient numbers, Congress ACTS. This was proven yet again a small while back when a million people (many perhaps not even citizens) demonstrated against an immigration bill, and within 24 hours it was dead on arrival in the Senate. Who could witness that and seriously maintain that Congress won’t listen to us? Any such thought is an insidious lie, promoted only by sad defeatists and those who would con us out of our own participatory democracy.

As demonstrated by the recent drop of the popularity of Congress ANOTHER 3 points to 11 percent (in a passively conducted poll), you are not alone in being dissatisfied or even angry about what’s going on in Washington. At the rate they are going they may have a ZERO percent popularity rating by Christmas. But what most of the currently remaining 89 percent have NOT yet done is SPEAK OUT ACTIVELY to demand policy change. That is the only thing that moves Congress. They know how unhappy we are. They are just waiting for enough of us to tell them what to DO.


So even if you are already speaking out, and we are asking ALL of our participants to make it their particular mission to not only submit the action page in this alert, but please also use the friends section of that action page to invite everyone else you know to do the same thing. Only if we mobilize every possible voice can we expect Congress to comply with our demands, because until we MAKE that demand in larger numbers there is nothing for them to be expected to comply with.

Time and again we heard Democrats last week calling for Republicans to have the courage to vote for the end of the occupation. But where is THEIR courage to cut off funding, except for the purposes of ending an occupation that can never succeed? There is NO courage that does not come from us, from our voices telling them they have more to fear in the coming primary and general elections from an angry electorate, than they have to fear from being called a name by a cable news TV talking fluff head.

Is there anything more despicable than members of Congress stuffing words in the mouths of our troops who are NOT allowed to speak out for themselves? Have you ever heard the military expression, “Permission to speak freely, sir?”

Our military personal are PUNISHED for speaking out against this insane war policy. They are demoted, fired or worse. The chance of a member of Congress coming within 100 miles of a dissenting soldier in Iraq is about nil. In fact, when they visit the green zone talking points are even distributed about the “good news”, to be spoon fed to gullible visitors.

So first they gag our troops, and then a senator tries to tell us they’re all just saying, “Let us win.” But to the contrary we know that if they were allowed permission to speak freely, abused as they are by multiple successive deployments, many of them grossly misused National Guard volunteers, they would overwhelmingly say, “Get us the hell out of here already!”

And soldier or not, nothing excuses the self-serving complicity of General Petraeus. He is known by his fellow officers as a bootlicking, ladder-climber, who has collected his mounting stars with his willingness to act as a political operative for the White House, to promote their lies no matter how disreputable.

So when George Bush gets on TV, and exploits the grief of the survivors of our dead troops to say we have to continue sacrificing more of them, he is trying to lay on their shoulders responsibility for being INVESTED in his own sick mission. The only people invested in this policy are those who voted for it, and continue to defend it so shamelessly. And milking a captive audience of suffering loved ones for cheers for yet more vengeful blood lust is beneath contempt, even for a pathological demagogue.

Some had hoped that enough Republican senators would come to their senses by September to turn around the Iraq policy. But instead we have seen no movement despite the self-evident and inevitable failure of the “surge”, which was never a military strategy in the first place, only a marketing scheme to lull the American public into another year of a doomed occupation.

It is clear that at least 40 Republican senators will vote lockstep to the bitter, desolate end, the football analogy equivalent of a “Hail Mary” pass. We strongly suspect that even those who side with the Democrats long enough to get votes up in the high 50s would NOT do so if they thought the vote might actually succeed, for example as we saw Warner suddenly turn tail this week and reject a measure he had previously supported.

What this means is that the only way to stop the endless and escalating blood flood anytime soon is by refusing to appropriate any more money EXCEPT to bring the troops home. That does not take 67 votes in the Senate or even 60. It only takes 41 votes there and a majority in the House. We must bring maximum pressure on the House this week to take a stand to stop the insanity. They are all facing reelection next year. They all must understand that failing we the people AGAIN will make primary challenges a determined certainty in the first instance, and right behind that jeopardy of their chances in the general election.

It is not our job to advocate for or against a particular candidate. That is YOUR job, when that time comes.

We would be remiss not to ask who other than Dennis Kucinich has shown more courage to speak out against the Iraq disaster before it even started? If you are asking yourself what you can do to encourage Dennis to continue to stand strong on the ISSUES, why not make a contribution, if you are so motivated.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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141 Democrats Can End the War

The Senate is gridlocked on Iraq because it takes 60 votes to overcome a filibuster. But the House operates by Majority Rule.

Here’s the math:
– 435 Members
– 218 is a majority
– 233 are Democrats

77 Democrats have already signed the Peace Pledge to vote *only* for funds to bring our troops safely home from Iraq by January 2009. The letters and signers are here:

So we just need 141 more Democrats to get a majority for the Peace Pledge out of the 156 who have not yet signed it.

If your Representative is listed below, tell him/her to sign the Peace
Pledge by sending an email here:

Also call the DC and local numbers below and tell your Representative to sign the Progressive Caucus Peace Pledge.

AL05 Bud Cramer 202-225-4801 256-381-3450
AR01 Marion Berry 202-225-4076 501-843-3043
AR02 Vic Snyder 202-225-2506 501-324-5941
AR04 Mike Ross 202-225-3772 870-536-3376
AZ05 Harry Mitchell 202-225-2190 480-946-2411
AZ08 Gabrielle Giffords 202-225-2542 520-881-3588
CA01 Mike Thompson 202-225-3311 707-269-9595
CA05 Doris Matsui 202-225-7163 916-498-5600
CA07 George Miller 202-225-2095 707-645-1888
CA08 Nancy Pelosi 202-225-4965 415-556-4862
CA11 Jerry McNerney 202-225-1947 925-737-0727
CA12 Tom Lantos 202-225-3531 650-342-0300
CA14 Anna Eshoo 202-225-8104 650-323-2984
CA16 Zoe Lofgren 202-225-3072 408-271-8700
CA18 Dennis Cardoza 202-225-6131 209-527-1914
CA20 Jim Costa 202-225-3341 559-495-1620
CA27 Brad Sherman 202-225-5911 818-501-9200
CA28 Howard Berman 202-225-4695 818-994-7200
CA29 Adam Schiff 202-225-4176 626-304-2727
CA30 Henry Waxman 202-225-3976 323-651-1040
CA31 Xavier Becerra 202-225-6235 213-483-1425
CA34 Lucille Roybal-Allard 202-225-1766 213-628-9230
CA36 Jane Harman 202-225-8220 310-549-8282
CA37 Laura Richardson 202-225-7924 310-538-1190
CA39 Linda Sánchez 202-225-6676 562-860-5050
CA43 Joe Baca 202-225-6161 909-885-2222
CA53 Susan Davis 202-225-2040 619-280-5353
CO02 Mark Udall 202-225-2161 303-650-7820
CO03 John Salazar 202-225-4761 719-587-5105
CO07 Ed Perlmutter 202-225-2645 303-274-7944
CT01 John Larson 202-225-2265 860-278-8888
CT02 Joe Courtney 202-225-2076 860-886-0139
CT03 Rosa DeLauro 202-225-3661 203-562-3718
FL02 Allen Boyd 202-225-5235 850-561-3979
FL11 Kathy Castor 202-225-3376 813-871-2817
FL16 Tim Mahoney 202-225-5792 772-878-3181
FL17 Kendrick Meek 202-225-4506 954-450-6767
FL19 Robert Wexler 202-225-3001 561-988-6302
FL20 Debbie Wasserman Schultz 202-225-7931 954-437-3936
FL22 Ron Klein 202-225-3026 866-713-7303
GA02 Sanford Bishop 202-225-3631 706-320-9477
GA03 Lynn Westmoreland 202-225-5901 770-683-2033
GA08 Jim Marshall 202-225-6531 877-464-0255
GA12 John Barrow 202-225-2823 706-613-3232
HI02 Mazie Hirono 202-225-4906 808-541-1986
IA01 Bruce Braley 202-225-2911 319-287-3233
IA03 Leonard Boswell 202-225-3806 888-432-1984
IL03 Daniel Lipinski 202-225-5701 312-886-0481
IL05 Rahm Emanuel 202-225-4061 773-267-5926
IL08 Melissa Bean 202-225-3711 847-358-9160
IL12 Jerry Costello 202-225-5661 618-397-8833
IN01 Peter Visclosky 202-225-2461 219-795-1844
IN02 Joe Donnelly 202-225-3915 574-288-2780
IN08 Brad Ellsworth 202-225-4636 812-465-6484
IN09 Baron Hill 202-225-5315 812-288-3999
KS02 Nancy Boyda 202-225-6601 785-234-8111
KS03 Dennis Moore 202-225-2865 913-621-0832
KY03 John Yarmuth 202-225-5401 502-582-5129
KY06 Ben Chandler 202-225-4706 859-219-1366
LA02 William Jefferson 202-225-6636 504-589-2274
LA03 Charlie Melancon 202-225-4031 985-876-3033
MA02 Richard Neal 202-225-5601 508-634-8198
MA06 John Tierney 202-225-8020 978-531-1669
MA08 Michael Capuano 202-225-5111 617-621-6208
MD02 Dutch Ruppersberger 202-225-3061 410-628-2701
MD03 John Sarbanes 202-225-4016 410-832-8890
MD05 Steny Hoyer 202-225-4131 301-843-1577
MD08 Chris Van Hollen 202-225-5341 301-891-6982
ME01 Thomas Allen 202-225-6116 207-283-8054
ME02 Michael Michaud 202-225-6306 207-942-6935
MI01 Bart Stupak 202-225-4735 906-228-3700
MI05 Dale Kildee 202-225-3611 810-239-1437
MI12 Sander Levin 202-225-4961 586-498-7122
MI13 Carolyn Kilpatrick 202-225-2261 734-246-0780
MI15 John Dingell 202-225-4071 313-278-2936
MN01 Timothy Walz 202-225-2472 507-206-0643
MN07 Collin Peterson 202-225-2165 218-253-4356
MO03 Russ Carnahan 202-225-2671 314-962-1523
MO04 Ike Skelton 202-225-2876 573-635-3499
MS04 Gene Taylor 202-225-5772 228-864-7670
NC02 Bob Etheridge 202-225-4531 888-262-6202
NC04 David Price 202-225-1784 919-967-7924
NC07 Mike McIntyre 202-225-2731 910-735-0610
NC11 Heath Shuler 202-225-6401 828-252-1651
NC13 Brad Miller 202-225-3032 336-574-2909
ND00 Earl Pomeroy 202-225-2611 701-235-9760
NH01 Carol Shea-Porter 202-225-5456 603-743-4813
NJ01 Robert Andrews 202-225-6501 856-848-3900
NJ08 Bill Pascrell 202-225-5751 973-523-5152
NJ13 Albio Sires 202-225-7919 201-558-0800
NM03 Tom Udall 202-225-6190 505-763-7616
NV01 Shelley Berkley 202-225-5965 702-220-9823
NY01 Timothy Bishop 202-225-3826 631-259-8450
NY02 Steve Israel 202-225-3335 631-951-2210
NY04 Carolyn McCarthy 202-225-5516 516-739-3008
NY05 Gary Ackerman 202-225-2601 718-423-2154
NY07 Joseph Crowley 202-225-3965 718-320-2314
NY16 Jose Serrano 202-225-4361 718-620-0084
NY17 Eliot Engel 202-225-2464 845-735-1000
NY18 Nita Lowey 202-225-6506 914-428-1707
NY20 Kirsten Gillibrand 202-225-5614 518-828-3109
NY21 Michael McNulty 202-225-5076 518-762-3568
NY24 Michael Arcuri 202-225-3665 315-252-2777
NY27 Brian Higgins 202-225-3306 716-484-0729
NY28 Louise Slaughter 202-225-3615 716-282-1274
OH06 Charles Wilson 202-225-5705 330-532-3740
OH11 Stephanie Jones 202-225-7032 216-522-4900
OH13 Betty Sutton 202-225-3401 440-245-5350
OH17 Tim Ryan 202-225-5261 330-373-0074
OH18 Zachary Space 202-225-6265 740-779-1636
OK02 Dan Boren 202-225-2701 918-423-5951
OR01 David Wu 202-225-0855 800-422-4003
OR05 Darlene Hooley 202-225-5711 503-557-1324
PA01 Robert Brady 202-225-4731 215-426-4616
PA04 Jason Altmire 202-225-2565 724-378-0928
PA07 Joe Sestak 202-225-2011 610-892-8623
PA08 Patrick Murphy 202-225-4276 215-348-1194
PA10 Christopher Carney 202-225-3731 570-327-1902
PA11 Paul Kanjorski 202-225-6511 570-496-1011
PA12 John Murtha 202-225-2065 724-349-3195
PA13 Allyson Schwartz 202-225-6111 215-335-3355
PA14 Michael Doyle 202-225-2135 412-664-4049
PA17 Tim Holden 202-225-5546 717-234-5904
RI01 Patrick Kennedy 202-225-4911 401-729-5600
RI02 James Langevin 202-225-2735 401-732-9400
SC05 John Spratt 202-225-5501 843-393-3998
SC06 James Clyburn 202-225-3315 843-662-1212
SD00 Stephanie Herseth Sandlin 202-225-2801 605-394-5280
TN04 Lincoln Davis 202-225-6831 865-354-3323
TN05 Jim Cooper 202-225-4311 615-736-5295
TN06 Bart Gordon 202-225-4231 615-896-1986
TN08 John Tanner 202-225-4714 731-423-4848
TX09 Al Green 202-225-7508 713-383-9234
TX16 Silvestre Reyes 202-225-4831 915-534-4400
TX17 Chet Edwards 202-225-6105 817-645-4743
TX20 Charles Gonzalez 202-225-3236 210-472-6195
TX22 Nick Lampson 202-225-5951 281-461-6300
TX23 Ciro Rodriguez 202-225-4511 432-336-3975
TX25 Lloyd Doggett 202-225-4865 512-916-5921
TX27 Solomon Ortiz 202-225-7742 361-883-5868
TX28 Henry Cuellar 202-225-1640 956-631-4826
TX29 Gene Green 202-225-1688 281-999-5879
TX30 Eddie Johnson 202-225-8885 214-922-8885
UT02 Jim Matheson 202-225-3011 435-627-0880
VA09 Rick Boucher 202-225-3861 276-523-5450
VT00 Peter Welch 202-225-4115 888-605-7270
WA01 Jay Inslee 202-225-6311 206-361-0233
WA02 Rick Larsen 202-225-2605 360-733-4500
WA03 Brian Baird 202-225-3536 360-695-6292
WA06 Norman Dicks 202-225-5916 360-479-4011
WA09 Adam Smith 202-225-8901 253-896-3775
WI03 Ron Kind 202-225-5506 715-831-9214
WI07 David Obey 202-225-3365 715-842-5606
WI08 Steve Kagen 202-225-5665 920-437-1954
WV01 Alan Mollohan 202-225-4172 304-292-3019
WV03 Nick Rahall 202-225-3452 304-325-6222

If each of us calls our Representative, we can bring our troops home from Iraq!