“Arrest Bush” Protesters Arrested outside United Nations

September 26th, 2007 - by admin

The World Can’t Wait – 2007-09-26 23:11:53

Yesterday about 700 of us gathered as close as we could get to the United Nations to send a message to the world about Bush, his regime, his program … we want it all brought to a halt!

We were penned in by extraordinary police presence as if WE were the criminals, while the war criminal president spoke inside. Students from city colleges, private schools and a seminary jumped on the stage with defiance and determination, joining anti-war leaders.

Delegations had carried coffins from around the city to the United Nations, interacting with thousands of people on their way to work. They join people wearing orange jumpsuits who knelt on the sidewalk in a symbolic effort to “arrest Bush” for war crimes.

Some of them were arrested for being outside the “pen” along with youth who were part of the rally. By this morning, all 18 were out of jail, with three facing misdemeanor charges.

After the arrests, hundreds of us took off in an unplanned, noisy, gloriously orange and righteously rebellious march downtown past the lunch crowds, ending at Washington Square Park. Read more

The Politics of the Possible Passes New Monstrous Measures

As I write today, the House (341-79) has joined in the Senate’s condemnation of MoveOn for its ad about General Petraeus two weeks ago.

They can’t stop themselves from approving MORE money for this monstrous war, but they threaten an organization who was formed, after all to support the Democratic Party, for telling a little bit of truth against the war?

And the Senate just passed (76-22) the Lieberman resolution calling the Iranian revolutionary guards a terrorist organization Is this the “ Gulf of Tonkin resolution” for 2007 which will authorize an attack on Iran? Chris Hedges spoke last night t0 125 people in NYC, and afterward we talked about the responsibilities of people living in this country to stop such an attack:

The Next Quagmire:
Chris Hedges

“War with Iran — a war that would unleash an apocalyptic scenario in the Middle East — appears increasingly likely before the coming Presidential election. I do not know when, or finally if, an attack on Iran will take place. But I do know that all the pieces in the chessboard are in place, that the rhetoric and propaganda is now geared toward preparing the United States for a massive strike on Iran, that many intelligence and State Department officials privately believe such an attack will take place and that our allies, from the French to the Germans to the Israelis, talk as if war is inevitable…” [See complete speech on today’s edition of the EAW Website — September 26, 2007.]
Debra Sweet is the Director of The World Can’t Wait – Drive Out the Bush Regime

Fighting for Freedom of Speech on Campus and in the Press

UPDATE on Fighting for space in college newspapers: Thanks to your donations and messages, “Who Is the Real Nuclear Threat?” (The Iran Quiz) will be published in The Washington Square News ( New York University) next week. The editorial board is reversing the policy against running “political” ads, and we applaud them for it!

The editorial staff of The Spectator at Columbia University, however, turned down the same ad, saying it was “disrespectful” and could cause them to lose advertisers. Ironically, they ran an editorial yesterday titled “Free Speech in Practice.”

We are working to reverse this decision. Your letters to Metro NY made a difference, so I’m asking you to write or call the Spectator editor in chief, John Davisson at (212) 854-9546 or editor@columbiaspectator.com

• Write me about getting this ad published in other campus papers. debrasweet@worldcantwait.org