ACTION ALERT: Senate Opens Door to War with Iran: 76-22

September 28th, 2007 - by admin

Mike Hersh / After Downing – 2007-09-28 21:37:33

Despite calls and common sense, the US Senate voted overwhelmingly to take a first clear step toward war with Iran. The Kyl-Lieberman Amendment is exactly as described in the letter from 25 organizations. 76 to 22. It wasn’t even close!

What are we going to do about it?

Will the US attack Iran?
Why not a sense of Congress vote against it?
Why not a public outcry against the next horrendous, illegal, immoral, self-defeating war?

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How can anyone vote for a Senate resolution seeking international doom? This story isn’t covered at all. That’s why the neocons feel they can act with impunity. I’m tired of playing defense and I’m tired of arguing about how best to protest/end a war that should never have started.

I don’t want to spend the next five or ten years protesting against another war we should work together to prevent. What are we doing about it now?

Code Pink, the encampment against war in DC, and others are already working on projects, but we have to come together and break through into the general public. It’s up to us to galvanize opposition to war with Iran NOW before the drum beat drowns out all opposition.

We’re already hearing the demonization of Iran. The media are ready to pick up their pompoms and start cheerleading us into yet another war. It’s impossible to play “catch up” after the “shock and awe” begins. By then it’s way too late.

What are you and I doing today to prevent war tomorrow?

We need to call our Senators, write letters to the editors, and get active. It’s time for all sane Americans to join the call: NO WAR WITH IRAN! Let’s get on with it.

Dear Senator,

We are writing to urge you to vote “No” on the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment No. 3017 to the Fiscal year 2008 Defense Authorization bill. The Kyl-Lieberman amendment is a provocative measure that will only undermine efforts to resolve tensions with Iran through diplomacy.

Provocative measures such as the Kyl-Lieberman amendment can lead to a tit-for-tat escalation resulting in military confrontation between the US and Iran. There are no good military options for solving our disagreements with Iran.

By further destabilizing the Middle East, a military confrontation with Iran would result in disastrous and unintended consequences damaging to the interests of US, Israel, and indeed the entire world. If we have learned nothing else from Iraq, it is that there are limitations to the use of military force.

We strongly caution against any legislation that increases the chances of military force being used against Iran. The current crises must be resolved through diplomacy, not military action. A military confrontation with Iran would have disastrous consequences for security throughout the region and put US forces in Iraq in far greater danger.

We urge all Senators to vote “No” on the Kyl-Lieberman amendment No. 3017 to the Fiscal Year 2008 Defense Authorization bill.


Former Congressman Tom Andrews
National Director
Win Without War

Medea Benjamin
Founding Director
Global Exchange

John Burroughs
Executive Director
Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy

Jacqueline Cabasso
Executive Director
Western States Legal Foundation

Will Callaway
Legislative Director
Physicians for Social Responsibility

Simone Campbell
Executive Director
NETWORK, A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby

Tim Carpenter
Progressive Democrats of America

Michael Eisenscher
National Coordinator
US Labor Against the War

Adam G. Gerhardstein
Legislative Assistant for International Issues
Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations

Morton H. Halperin
Executive Director
Open Society Policy Center

Amy Isaacs
Executive Director
Americans for Democratic Action

John Isaacs
Executive Director
Council for a Livable World

(Rev.) James Kofski, M.M.
Associate, Asia/Pacific and Middle East Issues
Maryknoll Global Concerns
Washington, D.C.

Lynn Kunkle
Policy Director
3D Security Initiative

Rabbi Michael Lerner,
Editor, Tikkun Magazine
Chair, The Network of Spiritual Progressives

Kevin Martin
Executive Director
Peace Action

Tom Mattzie
Washington Director

Mary Ellen McNish
General Secretary
American Friends Service Committee

Gael Murphy
CODEPINK:Women for Peace

Robert Naiman
National Coordinator
Just Foreign Policy

Trita Parsi
National Iranian American Council

Marie Rietmann
Public Policy Director
Women’s Action for New Directions

Gar Smith
Environmentalists Against War

Sue Udry
Legislative Coordinator
United for Peace and Justice

Joe Volk
Executive Secretary
Friends Committee on National Legislation

James E. Winkler, General Secretary
General Board of Church and Society
United Methodist Church

Senate Vote:
(Those who voted not to commit an act of international aggression are indicated with “•”]

Akaka (D-HI), Nay
Alexander (R-TN), Yea
Allard (R-CO), Yea
Barrasso (R-WY), Yea
Baucus (D-MT), Yea
Bayh (D-IN), Yea
Bennett (R-UT), Yea
Biden (D-DE), Not Voting
Bingaman (D-NM), Nay
Bond (R-MO), Yea
Boxer (D-CA), Nay
Brown (D-OH), Nay
Brownback (R-KS), Yea
Bunning (R-KY), Yea
Burr (R-NC), Yea
Byrd (D-WV), Nay
Cantwell (D-WA), Not Voting
Cardin (D-MD), Yea
Carper (D-DE), Yea
Casey (D-PA), Yea
Chambliss (R-GA), Yea
Clinton (D-NY), Nay
Coburn (R-OK), Yea
Cochran (R-MS), Yea
Coleman (R-MN), Yea
Collins (R-ME), Yea
Conrad (D-ND), Yea
Corker (R-TN), Yea
Cornyn (R-TX), Yea
Craig (R-ID), Yea
Crapo (R-ID), Yea
DeMint (R-SC), Yea
Dodd (D-CT), Nay
Dole (R-NC), Yea
Domenici (R-NM), Yea
Dorgan (D-ND), Yea
Durbin (D-IL), Nay
Ensign (R-NV), Yea
Enzi (R-WY), Yea
Feingold (D-WI), Nay
Feinstein (D-CA), Yea
Graham (R-SC), Yea
Grassley (R-IA), Yea
Gregg (R-NH), Yea
Hagel (R-NE), Yea
Harkin (D-IA), Nay
Hatch (R-UT), Yea
Hutchison (R-TX), Yea
Inhofe (R-OK), Yea
Inouye (D-HI), Nay
Isakson (R-GA), Yea
Johnson (D-SD), Yea
Kennedy (D-MA), Nay
Kerry (D-MA), Nay
Klobuchar (D-MN), Yea
Kohl (D-WI), Yea
Kyl (R-AZ), Yea
Landrieu (D-LA), Yea
Lautenberg (D-NJ), Nay
Leahy (D-VT), Yea
Levin (D-MI), Nay
Lieberman (ID-CT), Yea
Lincoln (D-AR), Yea
Lott (R-MS), Yea
Lugar (R-IN), Yea
Martinez (R-FL), Yea
McCain (R-AZ), Yea
McCaskill (D-MO), Yea
McConnell (R-KY), Yea
Menendez (D-NJ), Nay
Mikulski (D-MD), Yea
Murkowski (R-AK), Yea
Murray (D-WA), Nay
Nelson (D-FL), Yea
Nelson (D-NE), Yea
Obama (D-IL), Not Voting
Pryor (D-AR), Yea
Reed (D-RI), Nay
Reid (D-NV), Nay
Roberts (R-KS), Yea
Rockefeller (D-WV), Nay
Salazar (D-CO), Yea
Sanders (I-VT), Nay
Schumer (D-NY), Nay
Sessions (R-AL), Yea
Shelby (R-AL), Yea
Smith (R-OR), Yea
Snowe (R-ME), Yea
Specter (R-PA), Yea
Stabenow (D-MI), Nay
Stevens (R-AK), Yea
Sununu (R-NH), Yea
Tester (D-MT), Yea
Thune (R-SD), Yea
Vitter (R-LA), Yea
Voinovich (R-OH), Yea
Warner (R-VA), Yea
Webb (D-VA), Yea
Whitehouse (D-RI), Nay
Wyden (D-OR), Nay