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October 18th, 2007 - by admin

Peace Action – 2007-10-18 00:37:00

Save the date to mark the 50th anniversary of the largest grassroots peace network in the United States, Peace Action. If you cannot make it to any of our anniversary events you can still share in the celebration by taking advantage of our matching gift opportunity and standing up for peace and justice in Iraq on October 27th at a demonstration near you.

Numerous celebrities, activists, and scholars have come out to support the work Peace Action has committed itself to for a half century, including: Matt Damon, Noam Chomsky, Jane Alexander, Hon. Dennis Kucinich, Alice Walker and Hon. Barbara Lee, who also wrote the foreword for our book.

The celebrations begin in New York, where Peace Action’s predecessor SANE first published the landmark New York Times Ad “Dr. Spock is Worried” in response to U.S. nuclear tests in 1962. The October 22nd New York event at the historic Alhambra Ballroom will celebrate Women Peace Makers including Cindy Sheehan, Yoko Ono, and Col. Ann Wright.

The distinguished William Sloane Coffin, Jr. Peacemaker Award will be given to Cora Weiss, president, Hague Appeal for Peace. Phil Donahue will host the evening and John Mellencamp will headline the entertainment. Tickets are still available through the Peace Action website

The second gala event, to be held Saturday, October 27, 2007 at the Sheraton Downtown Los Angeles, will reinforce the connection between art and activism beginning in 1957 with Hollywood SANE. Brilliant actor and comedian Dave Foley will emcee. The event will honor Congresswoman Maxine Waters and the Out of Iraq caucus for their leadership. For more information and tickets, visit the Peace Action West website:

Paul Kawika Martin
Organizing and Policy Director, Peace Action

• P.S. Don’t forget to VOTE in the Peace Primary, you’ve got until Octover 31st to make your vote. How the Peace Primary works: Twelve groups promoting peace. One will win $100,000 to amplify their message in the 2008 election. You decide. The Peace Primary is your chance to ensure that the peace issues you care about are a priority in 2008.

Peace Demands Action
The Peace Action Education Fund, the Peace Education Fund, and our grassroots network of chapters in nearly 30 states are already hard at work ensuring the peace voice is heard loud and clear at the polls next November.

We believe the US must end its disastrous occupation of Iraq, while responsibly funding reconstruction of the country by Iraqis, and foreswear any further wars of aggression against Iran, North Korea, Syria or any other country.

At the national, regional and local levels, our veteran organizers and young activists from the Student Peace Action Network are registering voters, conducting voter outreach and education campaigns, sponsoring non-partisan candidate briefings as well as bird-dogging presidential and congressional candidates to help determine and shape their positions on peace issues, and planning massive Get-Out-The-Vote drives.

Our network, with its unique breadth in the peace movement, will reach millions of voters through these and other activities. We are the nation’s largest grassroots peace organization with 100,000 members nationwide.

We believe in the singular power of ordinary people to bring about peace, disarmament and social justice.
We believe Peace Demands Action.

• Visit Peace Action and Peace Action West on the web.