ACTION ALERT: March Against the War: October 27! Massive “Die-In” Planned

October 27th, 2007 - by admin

World Can’t Wait Coalition – 2007-10-27 00:59:42

World Can’t Wait’s ORANGE Message

World Can’t Wait — Drive Out the Bush Regime! is calling on all those that want to stop the Bush program to Declare It Now! by wearing orange, the color forced on those in torture prisons and the color of resistance, as we join forces with the anti-war movement with protests in 11 cities all over the country.

* Thousands of Afghan civilians killed by U.S. forces.
* Millions of Iraqis killed or made homeless by U.S. forces.
* Now, the Bush administration is calling up the same lies in preparation for bombing Iran in an attack that will have global ramifications for decades.

We cannot allow this to continue in our name!
Bring your outrage; bring your determination! Wear Orange!

The organizers of the San Francisco march, a broad coalition of over 150 organizations including World Can’t Wait, are asking everyone to “die-in” along the march. This die-in will represent all those that have suffered under the terror of U.S. forces across the Middle East. ***

We can’t be silent in the face of this terror. We can’t rely on politics as usual to meet the enormity of this horror. We must and can rely on the millions in this country that hate the Bush program to DECLARE IT NOW! WEAR ORANGE!

The DIE-IN plan will be explained at the Civic Center. It is a symbolic action, and many thousands of people will want to and be able to participate. The die-in will take place along the permitted route of the march. Let the news photos show the world that we know what this endless war really looks like when thousands of people lie “dead” in the streets.

• Friday evening from 4:00 PM on into the night: Art and Preparation Party at the WCW office. Make placards and banners, set up table materials, work on chants and get ready.

• Saturday ALL DAY Oct. 27: Can you do more than attend the protest? Can you help make it happen? WCW volunteers are needed to be out in the crowd, distributing Orange, giving people the IRAN QUIZ, being march monitors, leading chants, There is a team just waiting for you to join it °X all ages, no experience required.

• Saturday morning: We need a dozen WCW volunteers at Civic Center from 9:30 AM on; when you get there, look for the WCW coordinator. We need ten more volunteers to come at 8:00 AM at the WCW office for loading and transport. And if you can help with other tasks, yes you ARE needed.

• Saturday afternoon at Dolores Park, there will be a second rally, and a new feature will be an interactive convergence (tent installations). We need a group of WCW volunteers who’ll go to Dolores Park ahead of the march itself, so if you don’t plan on marching please consider signing up to volunteer just at the Park.

Symbolic DIE-IN During Oct. 27
March to End the War Now in San Francisco

Enough! The World Can’t Wait!
Drive Out the Bush Regime!
Impeach Bush & Cheney for War Crimes!

SAN FRANCISCO — During the Saturday, October 27 March to End the War Now in San Francisco, there will be a mass Die-In symbolizing the deaths of the almost 3,900 U.S. service members and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people.

This will be a permitted action that will last for five minutes. The October 27 Coalition is asking that all marchers who are able participate in the Die-In, which will simply mean lying down during the time that the action takes place.

The Die-In is voluntary. There is no risk of arrest for those who participate. Those that do not wish to participate can move to the side for the short duration of the Die-In.

The Die-In will begin when the front of the march reaches Octavia St. on Market. You will hear the security monitors°¶ bullhorn sirens go off three times. When you hear the bullhorn sirens, please lie down in the street wherever you are standing. You can watch the people in front of you to see when to stand back up. The march will not resume until everyone is back on their feet.

The Die-In will be dramatic and visually powerful. It will help to convey the human cost of the war in Iraq and help deliver the message around the world that the people of the United States want the war to end NOW.

If you can volunteer as a monitor for the Die-In, please respond to this email or show up at the volunteer table in the Civic Center at 9am.

From the 150+ endorsing organizations of the October 27th Coalition

US Teen Posts Powerful Anti-war Video

Please watch this 2 minute video about the war and October 27 anti-war protests and then spread it far and wide. The video is very powerful, made by 16-year-old Ava Lowery.

Protests in Colorado

On Saturday, October 27, as part of a national day of action, a Peace Rally and March against the war on Iraq and a possible war against Iran will be held at 12 Noon at Lincoln Park just west of the Capitol Building (on Lincoln between 14th and E. Colfax) in Denver. The event will include speakers, spoken word and music. Music will start at 11:30 a.m. People are urged to come and joins others in voicing their dissent and opposition to these wars. There will be a carpool at the Table Mesa Park and Ride in Boulder at 11 a.m. For more info or 303-444-6981.