ACTION ALERT: Demand Action of “Privileged Resolution” to Impeach Dick Cheney

November 7th, 2007 - by admin – 2007-11-07 20:41:30

=ACTION ALERT: Demand Action of “Privileged Resolution” to Impeach Dick Cheney

Yesterday in a stunning development, a bipartisan majority of Congress rejected the attempt to kill the privileged resolution brought by Dennis Kucinich to impeach Vice President Cheney, for his unprecedented constitutional high crimes. Instead the bill was sent to the House Judiciary Committee, which is exactly where we want it to build momentum. Now all we have to do is pressure them to follow through, and impeachment will be a reality.

We have created a special action page which not only sends your personal message to your individual House members, but also sends a copy to BOTH Nancy Pelosi and the House Judiciary Committee itself.

This is now a whole new ballgame. Please submit this page now to reiterate your support for impeachment of Cheney first, H.Res 333.

• H.Res 333 Action Page:

• Facebook Version:

We asked you to take action over the weekend and you did. And the result was a dramatic jump in support for impeachment of Cheney in Congress.

We told you that we were shipping 25,000 full color 11×17 glossy Impeach Cheney posters last week and we did. We now have nearly 1,000 volunteers putting them up all over college campuses right now. And even before the amazing victory yesterday we had already made a commitment for yet another 25,000 for delivery next week. You can see the poster at this page.

Impeach Cheney Poster:

Please join us in helping to put up these posters, to recruit more and more people to speak out for defending our Constitution. If you can make a donation of any kind to help defray the immense cost of printing and shipping all these beautiful mobilizing posters, you can do so at the page above, and at the same time request as many posters as you would like to put out yourself. And then we’ll connect you with one of the hundreds of Impeach Teams already forming all over
the country.

And remember, you don’t have to make a contribution to get the full size four color Impeach Cheney posters. Just send us an email and we’ll get you as many as you would like put up for no charge. But if you can make a donation, this is what enables us to send posters for free to those valiant activists who cannot afford to donate anything.

Impeach Cheney Flyer:

It gets better than that. Also on this same page above we have a link for a printable pdf flyer (8-1/2 by 11 version) you can print out on your own printer for handing out or posting. Many of you have asked we make this available and we have. If you just want to do that, again please email us so we can put you together with the Impeach Team in your own community.

Now is the time for the people to make their move. This is what we have been waiting for. The House Judiciary Committee must act. We can force them to act by getting everyone who cares about our democracy to speak out at once. For they know that if they do not listen to the people now, there will be strong primary challenges for each and every one of their seats, without exception, in just another minute.

If You Can, Step Up For Kucinich Too

None of what is happening now would be happening without the courageous leadership of Dennis Kucinich on this issue. Who else has the sheer guts to call for what the American people want? If you want to thank him for his stand on this issue, please consider making a donation to him as well.

In a stunning development on Nov 6th, 2007, a bipartisan majority of the House of Representatives refused to kill the privileged resolution to impeach Cheney brought by Dennis Kucinich.

Instead it was referred to the Judiciary committee, which is exactly where we want it to really build our momentum.
Recognizing the gravity of the increasingly loud drumbeats for more war coming from the Vice President’s office, last week Dennis Kucinich [MP3 Audio Clip] made good on his promise to force the House of Representatives to take up the issue of impeachment, by bringing it as a privileged resolution.

Each and every member of the House must be called to account at this moment in American political history, by the demands of you, their constituents, whether they will stand up for the Constitution and stop Dick Cheney’s delusional march to Iran . . . or not.

• Use this One-click Form to send your personal message to all your government representatives selected below, with the subject “Support H. Res 333 To Impeach Cheney”, including the House Judiciary Committee and Nancy Pelosi. At the same time you can send your personal comments only as a letter to the editor of your nearest local daily newspaper if you like.

Impeachment Next Step: Judiciary Committee HEARINGS &

WASHINGTON (November 7, 2007) — Thanks to Dennis Kucinich, Tuesday was an historic day for impeachment!

As promised, Kucinich requested a floor vote on H.Res. 333, and as expected, BushDemocrat Leader Steny Hoyer moved to table the bill. And then all hell broke loose as 165 Republicans voted with Kucinich and 85 other brave Democrats to force a debate on impeachment and thereby embarass Nancy Pelosi.

To block that debate, Hoyer moved to send H.Res. 333 back to the Judiciary Committee, and that motion passed with the support of all but 5 Democrats (Kucinich, Bob Filner, Marcy Kaptur, Maxine Waters, and Ed Towns). A live blog of the proceedings is posted at

So what do we do next to move impeachment forward?

• 1. Call the House Judiciary Committee at 202-225-3951 and demand hearings on H.Res. 333.

• 2. Email all of the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee:

• 3. If you live in the district of a House Judiciary Committee member, call their office and tell them you’re a constituent and you want immediate hearings on H.Res. 333. Then join your Congressional District Impeachment Committee and organize a HonkToImpeach rally in front of your Representative’s district office. Then keep up the pressure on your Representative every way you can, including letters to the editor, calls to local talk shows, and pointed questions at every community forum attended by your Representative.

• 4. If your Congress Member is not on the Judiciary Committee, ask them to cosponsor H Res 333:

• 5. Start a media campaign including op-ed articles on impeaching Cheney, letters-to-the-editor about the Kucinich resolution, and informational picketing in front of the offices of local media, particularly in Detroit for Conyers and NY City for Nadler. Media activism kit: And ask the talk shows to give the Republicans the impeachment debate they claim they wanted:

• 6. Ask pollsters to poll the public on impeachment, especially of Cheney:

• 7. Watch for updates and notice of a national conference call with Rep. Dennis Kucinich at