US Nave Opts for Biofuel

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Biodiesel Magazine – 2007-11-10 08:21:03

US Navy Calls for Broad Use of Biodiesel at
Navy, Marine Facilities

Biodiesel Magazine

WASHINGTON (November 5, 2007) — The world’s largest user of diesel fuel is taking a proactive stance in reducing its consumption of petroleum. Recently, the US Department of the Navy announced a new policy that will lead to greater use of biodiesel.

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (Installations and Environment) Wayne Arny issued a memorandum that establishes a policy that most US Navy and Marine non-tactical diesel vehicles shall operate on a blend of 20 percent biodiesel fuel (B20) no later than June 1, 2005.

“B20 was an ideal choice for the Navy and Marines because it’s easy to use, performs as well or better than diesel and is a safe, sensible way for us to meet our federal requirements to reduce petroleum consumption,” said Don Schregardus, deputy assistant secretary of the Navy (Environment). “But we decided to take it a step above and beyond what the military is required to do. By bringing B20 to virtually every Navy and Marine base nationwide, we are significantly decreasing reliance on fossil fuels.”

Reducing dependence on foreign oil is something Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Vern Clark directed this past August, more recently in his CNO Guidance for 2005 for the fleet.

The Jan. 18 Navy memo provided guidance for biodiesel use including that it can be supplied by the Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) and used where adequate fuel tanks are available. The policy does not apply to tactical military equipment or deployable commercial equipment intended to support contingency operations.

B11 Powers Warship
In late summer, legendary Landing Ship Tank (LST) 325 from World War II, fueled by B11, made its annual one-month voyage along the Illinois River. Home-ported in Evansville, Ind., the authentic LST 325 departed Aug. 13 and returned home Sept. 10, logging approximately 1,100 total miles, according to LST captain Bob Jornlin.

The biodiesel was donated by the Illinois Soybean Association, Illinois Corn Growers Association and Growmark Inc. In 2006, the ship ran successfully on B3, and it is expected to use B20 next year, Jornlin said.

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