Bush’s “Statement of Principles” Will Mire the US in Iraq for Decades

December 6th, 2007 - by admin

Governor Bill Richardson / Democrats.com – 2007-12-06 23:07:22


(December 7, 2007) — Something happened last week you need to know about.

George Bush signed an agreement that commits you, me and every other American to an open-ended commitment in Iraq that will extend far beyond his presidency.

This “Statement of Principles” calls for a long-term military presence including the construction of military bases, formalizes the role of subcontractors and pledges our protection “against external threats” like Iran.

If you didn’t know about it, you’re not alone. It was signed via video link by George Bush with very little fanfare and with no congressional oversight.

So if you think this war automatically ends when George Bush goes back to Texas, you’re wrong.

But it WILL end if I’m elected. My name is Bill Richardson and I am the ONLY first-tier presidential candidate [Hon. Dennis Kucnich has also called for an immediate withdrawal of US forces but he is not considered a “first-tier” contender] who has pledged to end this war on my first day in office. You can find out more about my plan for Iraq by clicking HERE.

Senator Clinton won’t commit to ending this war. Neither will Senator Obama or Senator Edwards.

They’ve been suckered into the regressive thinking of George Bush and Dick Cheney that suggests America will have to remain in Iraq for decades to prevent catastrophe.

Friend, you and I know that it is ALREADY a catastrophe!

This war was a colossal blunder from its inception and the incompetent way the Bush Administration waged it has only made it worse. The ONLY choice now is a clean break and a strong diplomatic “surge” that brings real political stability through a regional solution.

I’m the only candidate with the experience to do that.

I was Ambassador to the U.N. under Bill Clinton. I’ve defused dangerous situations in some of the world’s most volatile hotspots — places like North Korea, Sudan, Cuba and even Iraq under Saddam.

I was Energy Secretary in the Clinton Administration where I led the way on finding pragmatic alternatives to fossil fuels before most people had even heard of global warming. And as a six-term Congressman from New Mexico, I fought hard for important legislation on the environment and fair trade.

Today I’m Governor of New Mexico where I’ve balanced the budget, cut taxes, raised teachers’ salaries and mandated green energy use.

As we head into the primaries, the only poll numbers that are rising are mine. A lot of pundits are predicting a “January surprise” from me in New Hampshire and Iowa. Click HERE to find out more about why I am the most qualified candidate in this race.

I have tremendous respect for my opponents in this campaign. But polls show that they will have an uphill climb to beat the Republicans. And once the “Swift Boat” knives come out, we could see 2004 all over again.

But polls also show that I am the one candidate on either side that more Americans would consider voting for — Democrats AND Republicans.

This much I know: If Democrats don’t win the White House, this war will grind on for YEARS.

There is still a lot of volatility in this race. Nothing is settled until the votes get counted.

Help me win this nomination. And together, we will end this war!

End the war now, get all the troops out

Bill Richardson wants to get all of our troops out of Iraq as soon as possible, with no residual forces left behind.

Governor Richardson is the only major candidate bold enough to say the straight truth — this war won’t end until all the troops are withdrawn. He has the experience to accomplish this. He was Ambassador to the U.N. He has defused dangerous situations in some of the world’s most volatile hotspots — places like North Korea, Sudan, Cuba and even Iraq under Saddam. And he can defuse Iraq.

Our troops are stuck in the middle of a civil war. Too many have already died. And the Iraqis are not going to take the necessary steps toward political reconciliation until we make it clear that we are leaving their country for good.

The only responsible option left for us in Iraq is to get all of the troops out. Congress can end this war now, and if they don’t, then Bill Richardson will on his first day in office.