Benazir Bhutto Named Her Assassins

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Richard Skaff / Global Research – 2008-01-02 00:34:51

Benizir Bhutto Named Her Assassins
Almost Two Months Ago

(December 29, 2007) — Benazir Bhutto, the former Pakistani prime minister, named her assassins almost two months ago during her interview on November 02, 2007 with the world famous interviewer and British establishment pundit David Frost on his show “Frost over the world” (interview available on youtube titled “Benazir Bhutto: Bin Laden murdered”).

The late Bhutto discussed with Frost the initial failed assassination attempt on her life that killed 158 Pakistanis two weeks after her return to Pakistan.

The return of the late Ms. Bhutto to Pakistan was encouraged by the Anglo-American establishment under the guise of re-establishing democracy to this artificial country that was originally created by the colonial powers as a toxic thorn in the heart of India, and as a prospective tool for the destabilization of the region.

In her interview with Frost, the late Ms. Bhutto also discussed her knowledge of three people in the Pakistani government who are in collusion with the Islamists, and who might have been behind this failed assassination attempt. She also specifically stated that she wanted the Musharraf government to trace the finances of the terrorists instead of just naming them.

She also added that one of these three men whom she suspected of orchestrating the assassination was a former military officer man who is also well connected to the Pakistani security agency, and who had dealings with another man named “Omar Sheikh” “who murdered Osama Bin Laden.”

Ms. Bhutto did not make any attempt to correct herself about the murder of OBL, and the shrewd David Frost did not inquire either about this extraordinary statement, considering that the Anglo-American establishment’s war on terror has been totally choreographed around OBL.

The late Ms.Bhutto also emphasized again in her interview the importance of pinning down the financiers of these extremists groups with their known connection to the ISI, the Pakistani intelligence services.

It is well known that the ISI was originally created and subsidized by western intelligence agencies to do their dirty work in the central Asian region. It has been the main mover and shaker of drug trafficking as well as the financing and training of Islamic militants since the Soviet-Afghani war in the late 70s and 80s. The ISI was also reportedly connected to 9/11.

Ms. Bhutto’s return to Pakistan was no accident, but a well orchestrated move by the global establishment to create further conflict in the region, knowing well that Pakistan is a nuclear power in which this same establishment had furnished these weapons to help Pakistan defends itself against its nemesis India , the largely populated other nuclear power. A conflict between these two countries will definitely help the population reduction process that the elite has always enthusiastically encouraged.

It is also ironic that the Pakistan dictator (Musharraf) was given a contract by an American powerhouse publisher “Simon and Shuster” to publish his book “In the Line of Fire” as a pay-off for his services to the global establishment, or as an eventual retirement gift, once the turmoil totally engulfs Pakistan. Every Moslem country that has been infected with the fundamentalist virus will eventually self-destruct and be re-mapped by the global establishment to fit the map of the New World Order.

The nagging questions that many people have are the following: If Bin Laden was murdered, how come the corporate media has never picked up on it? How much collusion exists between the corporate media and the global establishment to perpetuate conflict and wars? Is the disinformation campaign is actually a war against the minds of the masses?

Why is it, that the boogey man (OBL) must remain alive?

Why is it that the war on terror myth (as called by the critically acclaimed BBC documentary “the power of nightmares,” also available on youtube) must proceed?

Is martial law going to be implemented following a catastrophic event? Is every human being going to be micro-chipped and controlled?

Has the corporate media simply become a tool of the global government?

Has all programming become a strategy to perpetuate myth, ideology, and propaganda?

When will the public be told the truth?

Do people actually care about what happens internationally?

Does the majority of the public even know what Pakistan is, or where it is located on a map?

Is the public’s apathy and ignorance for international affairs the key ingredients that fuel the lies, the manipulation, and the globalization process?

Rev. Richard Skaff is author of the recently released book The Human Manifesto

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