ACTION ALERT: January 11 — Shut Down Guantanamo!

January 8th, 2008 - by admin

Witness Against Torture – 2008-01-08 22:31:03

“Immediately close the detention center at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and either release its inmates or bring them before an impartial tribunal.”
— United Nations Human Rights Commission

We declare January 11, 2008, six years after the first prisoners arrived at Guantanamo, an International Day of Action to Shut Down Guantánamo. In Washington, DC we will hold a permitted demonstration at the National Mall followed by an orange jumpsuit procession to the Supreme Court.

There will also be solidarity demonstrations in Chicago, Miami, London and Paris, with more being added every day. We invite you to come to Washington and participate, or else join or plan an action in your own community.

We also encourage people around the world to wear orange t-shirts, armbands or other orange clothing on January 11th to mark the date.

Friday, January 11, 11:00am. ( National Mall)

The day involves several elements:
Demonstration at the National Mall. Witness Against Torture has teamed up with Amnesty International and the National Religious Campaign Against Torture to hold a permitted demonstration on the National Mall at 11:00am. (Gather at 12th street NW between Madison Dr NW & Jefferson Drive SW — near the Smithsonian Metro Stop.)

“Prisoners of Guantánamo March.”
A provocative street theater performance involving people wearing orange jump suits and black hoods. We will march from the National Mall to the Supreme Court in an orderly silent procession hauntingly evoking the moral disgrace that is Guantánamo. With your help, we will form a prisoner contingent including as many protesters as there are prisoners.

Funeral Ceremony at the Supreme Court.
Following the procession to the Supreme Court, we will hold a Funeral Ceremony to remember the four men who died in custody at Guantánamo and to mourn the death of Habeas Corpus. Like last year, some may choose to risk arrest.

To participate, please consider attending an orientation meeting on Thursday, 4pm, at St. Stephen and the Incarnation Church (1525 Newton Street, NW) or come early to the National Mall for an orientation and rehearsal at 10:00am.

Please let us know in advance if you are willing to participate in either the Prisoners Contingent, Nonviolent Direct Action, or both.
Email or call Matt Daloisio at 201-264-4424.

For up-to-date details as well as information about housing, food, rides and directions, legal support and much more, please visit our web site at .

Wherever you are on January 11th, we encourage you to wear orange to raise public awareness and strengthen the movement to demand an end to torture and indefinite detention. Consider wearing one of Witness Against Torture’s Orange “Shut Down Guantánamo” T-shirts, an ACLU arm band, or even an orange jump suit.


If you can’t join us in Washington D.C., please consider attending or organizing a vigil, march or a public forum in your community. Actions are currently planned in London, England; Paris, France; Miami, FL; Boise, Idaho; Philadelphia, PA; Saratoga Springs, NY; San Francisco, CA; Ft. Huachuca, AZ; and New York City, NY.

• Visit for up-to-date details about solidarity events, as well as to find ideas for actions, to post to our calendar, or to download flyers and other resources.

Two years ago Witness Against Torture drew international attention after it walked to Guantánamo to visit the prisoners.

Upon its return, the group has organized vigils, marches, nonviolent direct actions and educational events to expose and decry the administration’s lawlessness, build awareness about torture and indefinite detention, and forge human ties with the prisoners at Guantánamo and their families.


Join the Impeachment March in DC this Saturday, January 12th!
On Saturday, January 12, 60-year-old patriot John Niremberg will walk the final leg of his historic march from Boston to Washington, DC to urge Congress to hold impeachment hearings on Bush and Cheney. Join us as we welcome him to DC with a march to the seat of the original US Constitution at the National Archives.

• To find out more about John, read his blog entries, and track his progress, go to

For those who want to walk 5.7 miles with John, see
(1) National Arboretum route; For those who want to walk 1.42 miles with John (or who are coming by train or Metrorail), see
(2) Union Station route ; for those who only want to participate in the rally following the march, see
(3) National Archives Rally.

1) National Arboretum Route
Approximate start time: 9:00 am
Distance: 5.7 miles
Estimated walk time: Three hours
Meetup point: Parking lot of New York Avenue side of the Arboretum (see map)
Public transportation: No direct Metrorail access. Take Metro to Stadium Armory stop; B2 Metrobus stops two blocks from Arboretum. See directions.
Driving: Lots of parking spaces available (but remember that you’ll have to have a way back to get your car!). See directions.
Description of site: Open to the public at 8:00 am. Beautiful grounds. Restrooms in Visitors’ Center. No food sold anywhere on site.

2) Union Station Route
Approximate start time: 11:30 am
Approximate walking distance to National Archives: 1.42 miles
Approximate walking time: 45 minutes
Public transportation: For Metrorail, take Red Line to Union Station. For Amtrak and commuter trains , Union Station is the main terminal for Washington, DC. Very easy.
Driving directions and parking info: Some paid parking; very limited street parking.
Description of site: Spectacular building with many shops, food vendors, restrooms. Heavy tourist traffic. Bring lots of signs!

3. National Archives Rally
Estimated Start time: 12:30 pm
Meetup point: Constitution Avenue side of building
Public transportation: Take Metrorail Green or Yellow line to Archives/Navy Memorial stop.
Driving: Don’t do it!!
Description of site: Located on National Mall, near Smithsonian, National Gallery. Limited food options.

• For further information on the march, lodging suggestions, volunteer opportunities, and information on related activities being planned, email: