US Spy Satellite “Downed” by Israel, Say Russian Experts

January 31st, 2008 - by admin

Sorcha Faal / What Does It – 2008-01-31 22:54:47

MOSCOW (January 30, 2008) — Russian Space Forces (VKS) experts are reporting in the Kremlin today that the sudden, and catastrophic, loss of one of the United States most sophisticated spy satellites was due to a newly (January 22nd) launched Israeli spy satellite that upon reaching the same polar orbit of its American counterpart °ejected° thousands of ball bearings which “shredded” the KH-13, believed to be the US military’s most advanced reconnaissance satellite.

These reports state that Israel had become °alarmed° over this American spy satellite since its launching in December, 2006, (which the United States then reported had failed to reach its assigned orbit) due to its orbit which brought it over their secretive Negev Nuclear Research Center located at Dimona.

The United States has confirmed the loss of their spy satellite, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service:

“The US military is developing contingency plans to deal with the possibility that a large spy satellite expected to fall to Earth in late February or early March could hit North America.

Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart, who heads US Northern Command, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the size of the satellite suggests that some number of pieces will not burn up as the orbiting vehicle re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere and will hit the ground.

“We’re aware that this satellite is out there,” Renuart said. “We’re aware it is a fairly substantial size. And we know there is at least some percentage that it could land on ground as opposed to in the water.”

Fearing retaliation from the United States, though not specifically naming the Americans, Israel’s Top Air Force Officer issued a warning today that their spy satellites could, likewise, now be targeted, and as we can read as reported by the Ynet News Service:

“If Israel didn’t have enough threats to its security already, what with the ongoing confrontation with Hamas in the south, Hizbullah in the north and Syria close by, on Wednesday Israeli Air Force Chief, Brig.-Gen. Eliezer Shkedi, spoke about possible threats to Israeli spy satellites in space at the Ilan Ramon International Space Conference in Herzliya.

Shkedi noted that there had not been any specific warnings, but suggested “not to keep our eyes closed to the possibility and treat it with full seriousness.”

To the greatest danger of these events facing Russia, however, these reports state, is the loss to the United States of its ability to track the movement of Israel’s nuclear weapons, and which many World powers fear could soon be targeted at Iran, and if used would plunge our World into Total War.

Israel’s fears have been further raised by the completion of nuclear fuel transfers from Russia to Iran and the Iranian Presidents statement that “Israel’s days are numbered.”

Russian Military Analysts further point out of these events that though Russia and China have continued to urge the United States to join them in banning the use of weapons in space, the Americans remain resolved not to change their position, and as we can read of the US’s official statement regarding the latest Chinese-Russian attempt at a treaty, and who said:

“Donald Mahley, acting US deputy assistant secretary for threat reduction, export controls and negotiations, on Thursday said China’s efforts for a space treaty stood in stark contrast with its anti-satellite test, which he called “a wake-up call.” Regarding the Sino-Russian draft, he said: “We see nothing in the new proposal to change the current US position.”

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