World War Feared As Top US Commander Splits With Bush

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Sorcha Faal / What Does It – 2008-03-04 22:11:58

MOSCOW (March 3, 2008) — Reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that the United States President Bush and his Israeli counterpart Prime Minister Olmert, are preparing for the “imminent” outbreak of Total World War by the launching of invasions in both Syria and Lebanon in order to topple their governments and seize control of their vital oil pipelines.

Most extraordinary, however, about these reports, according to their FSB Middle East sources, is that this new warning was issued to Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, during his historic visit to Iraq, by the United States Top Military Commander, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, who made an “unannounced° emergency trip to Baghdad to meet the Iranian leader.

Coinciding with these new warnings of World War was the United States’ abrupt order to the Germans this past week to remove their Naval Forces from off the coast of Lebanon, where they had been stationed in a peacekeeping role after the Second Israeli-Lebanon War.

Germany complied with the US order to remove its ships and handed over control of its naval mission to the European Command that includes Italy, France, Spain and Portugal — all of which were thwarted in their missions, however, by the United States, as we can read as reported by the AntiWar News Service:

“The USS Cole isn’t engaged in a sightseeing tour of the Eastern Mediterranean: its sudden deployment just ‘over the horizon’ near Lebanon — in tandem with two other warships — is a clear sign that the Americans are preparing for something big.

“That’s what the Arab world seems to believe, anyway, if you listen to al-Jazeera and the chatter coming from other Arab news outlets. The Saudis, the Kuwaitis, and the government of Bahrain have all warned their citizens to get out of Lebanon, pronto.

“What’s curious, however, is that, while it’s big news in the Arab world, this ‘visit’ by a guided-missile destroyer and accompanying flotilla has received scant attention in the US news media.”

Russian Military Analysts point out in these reports that neither Israel, nor its US ally, wanted a European presence prior to expanding their Middle East War — as German Naval Forces had reported that they had been fired upon by Israeli fighter jets, for which Israel’s Prime Minister had previously “apologized” to Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel.

AFP News Services further report that “Hezbollah slammed Washington’s dispatch of the USS Cole to waters off Lebanon as military interference, as the Western-backed government said it did not ask for the warship to be sent,” while China’s National News Service is reporting, “Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem on Saturday accused the United States of worsening the political crisis in Lebanon by sending a warship off the Lebanese coast.”

Most horrifying, though, of the contents of these reports, are the detailing of the extreme damage being done to the United States by the total collapse of its dollar. Iran has now joined Russia, Venezuela and Kuwait as oil-producing mations that are no longer accepting US dollar payments, as was reported by Iran’s Press TV News Service:

“Deputy head of the National Iranian Oil Company for international affairs says Iran has completely dropped [the] dollar in its oil sales. ‘We issue invoices in dollars and agree with clients that the letters of credit and other means of payment will have a non-dollar basis.’

“In an interview with The Financial Times, Hojjatollah Ghanimifard said that over the past three months, Iran has received 75 percent of the proceeds from its oil sales in euros and the remaining 25 percent in the Japanese currency, yen.”

Not being understood by the American people (and done so deliberately by their propaganda media organs) are that the record high prices being reported for gold, silver, oil, wheat, dairy products, and virtually all other vital commodities, are only in relation to the US dollar as it continues it plunge into they abyss of other such like failed currencies, and which, according to the International Herald Tribune, no rescue is foreseen:

“Currencies will be in full focus on financial markets this week, following the dollar’s drubbing of recent days, yet anyone hoping for help from policymakers to shore up the ailing U.S. currency is likely to be disappointed.

“Crucial meetings of European Union finance ministers and those who set interest rates for the European Central Bank are expected to do little to shift the status quo, while the U.S. Federal Reserve Board appears set on cutting rates again this month. ‘I don’t see a major change in trend,’ said Lex Hoogduin, chief economist at Robeco, an asset management firm in the Netherlands.”

The vital necessity of the United States, Israel, and their Western Allies, in the destruction of both Lebanon and Syria, amidst the collapse of the US dollar, lies in their strategic decision to abandon their Persian Gulf oil sources for those of the Caspian Sea basin, as we can read:

“The bombing of Lebanon is part of a carefully planned and coordinated military road map. The extension of the war into Syria and Iran has already been contemplated by US and Israeli military planners. This broader military agenda is intimately related to strategic oil and oil pipelines. It is supported by the Western oil giants which control the pipeline corridors. In the context of the war on Lebanon, it seeks Israeli territorial control over the East Mediterranean coastline.

In this context, the BTC pipeline dominated by British Petroleum, has dramatically changed the geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean, which is now linked , through an energy corridor, to the Caspian sea basin: “[The BTC pipeline] considerably changes the status of the region’s countries and cements a new pro-West alliance. Having taken the pipeline to the Mediterranean, Washington has practically set up a new bloc with Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Israel.

“Israel is now part of the Anglo-American military axis, which serves the interests of the Western oil giants in the Middle East and Central Asia.”

It is interesting to note, too, that the Western Nations are also planning for their failure to control the Middle East by their continued destruction of the former nation of Yugoslavia into small nation-states controlled by their puppet governments, like Kosovo, friendly to the US and EU, which allows the West further access to Caspian Sea oil through the Balkans to the Adriatic Sea.

Also to be noted are the vast oil pipelines being constructed in Afghanistan as a further conduit of Caspian Sea oil to the Western Powers.

In their quest to control the oil resources of the World through war and conquest, the American people have spent, so far, over $3 trillion, while at the same time having lost over $2 trillion in the value of their homes. In a nation where 1 out of every 99 US citizens are imprisoned, one cannot fail to see that these once-great people are, indeed, doomed to become nothing more than slaves to their brutal war-making leaders.

May God have mercy on them.

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