Good Job, Mr. Bush

March 5th, 2008 - by admin

Al-Rasheed / Great Baghdad & Uruknet – 2008-03-05 23:17:30

BAGHDAD (March 5, 2008) — Yesterday the controversial Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadi Najad arrived in Baghdad in a 2 day official visit. Unlike the visits of the other presidents who came to Iraq after the “liberation”, Mr. Najad , got the whole red carpet treatment worthy of a Visiting president. In his joint press conference with President Talabani, Najad said that “A visit to Iraq without the dictator is a truly happy one”.

Happy visit indeed. The only major power in the Region which was facing Iran is now gone, instead Iran have full control over that rival power. And to strengthen their grip over Iraq, Iran is gone sign several agreements and memorandum of Understandings, on all aspects, economic, commercial and security.

The Iranian Minister of Electricity, who is accompanying the Iranian president headed yesterday to Najaf to lay the foundation stone for a 250-Megawatt power plant that Iran is gone build there. This is not the first project in Iraq, for there is also the eye and kidney hospital that Iran built in Najaf and supplied the holly city with Garbage trucks and telecommunication centers.

Prior to the visit, the Mayor of Baghdad announced that he made an agreement with the Mayor of Tehran so that the Later help in reconstructing the infrastructure of the city of Baghdad.

So let us get this straight, there are 120 000 American soldiers on the Iraqi soil today, and up till now over 3800 American soldiers killed in this war, and billions of American dollars were spent. Is all that so Iran can roam and work freely in Iraq???!!!

Well Unlike president Bush, Tony Blair and the Australian Prime Minister John Howard and all the other coalition officials Ministers and secretaries of State or defense, who sneaked into Iraq and left after few hours, just like burglars, Najad stayed for 2 days and got the whole red carpet treatment.

Not only that but he said yesterday, from the heavily fortified green zone, that the Iraqi people “do not like the Americans”. He also said from the Green zone, which is guarded by the US military, who are also indirectly providing security to Ahmadi Najad, that Iraqis should be careful while Making a long term treaty with the United States.

Today in a press conference, Najad told the ” Foreign forces” to leave and go to where they came from”, for his the Job is done and mission is accomplished, now his country is a sole major power in the region and Iraq is no longer a threat to his neighbors (and we know whom we got to thank for that) and made Iran the sole threat to the whole region.

So well done President Bush, you single handedly handed over the entire region to Iran through your arrogance and ignorance and now he is telling you that you should pack and leave.

No wonder many of the sunni Arabs thinks that America and Iran are allies since America is doing every thing for the best interest of Iran.

No wonder that Ahmadi Najad thinks that the Iraqis do not like America, because all they built them is great and huge prisons and filled their country with concrete barriers. Good Job Mr. Bush.

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