ACTION ALERT: Condoleeza Rice Lied about Torture: Bush Now Admits He “Approved” It

April 16th, 2008 - by admin

Robert Greenwald / Brave New Films & – 2008-04-16 22:30:48

Thanks to a new report from ABC News, we now know that Condoleezza Rice led White House meetings authorizing torture that were so detailed, “the interrogation sessions were almost choreographed.”

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How can we express the terrible shock we have felt from the fact that our government is using torture? How can we express what so many of us are thinking-that it is absolutely appalling to know that our representatives are implementing barbaric instruments of torture as policy? How do we express our moral outrage?

Perhaps more importantly, how do we begin to take steps towards ending this heinous crime? Sign the petitionand demand Secretary of State Rice to resign.

Our allies at True Majority, USAction, and Democracy for America have launched a campaign to START calling out our leaders by focusing on Condoleezza Rice. No, she is not the President. But we want to call attention to the fact that the Secretary of State called for torture when she was National Security Adviser.

This is our campaign to get all three Presidential nominees to call for Rice’s resignation. Accountability must start with her, especially now that she’s being mentioned as a potential Vice Presidential candidate. We want to push all the Presidential candidates on this issue. They need to make a public stance: Condi Must Go!

Join us in taking action. Join us in creating a firestorm while the traditional media is missing in action. Join us in spreading the word to mobilize our country. We cannot tolerate officials with a blatant disregard for human rights.

Robert Greenwald and the Brave New Team

P.S. Your support to get McCain to co-sponsor the GI Bill for the 21st Century has been fantastic-we had over 33,000 signatures that we delivered to John McCain’s office on Monday! But yesterday, McCain declared he STILL won’t sign the GI Bill, despite its bipartisan support from 54 senators. McCain has the unfounded fear that improving GI benefits would encourage our troops to leave the military and go to college.

If you haven’t done so, please sign our GI Bill petition now and pass it along to your friends. We must keep the pressure on McCain, whose hypocrisy on this issue is blatant!

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Torture News Strike

(April 16, 2008) — After George Bush told ABC News he personally approved of the approval of torture — including waterboarding — you’d think the story would be front page news, not just on Countdown and The Daily Show.

But you’d be wrong. There has been absolutely no news coverage and a handful of editorials in the Brattleboro (Vt.) Reformer, Kansas City Star, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and Tuscaloosa News(Ala.).

If your newspaper is missing, help us organize a Torture News Strike.

Call your newspaper editor and tell him/her you are suspending your subscription until they give Bush’s torture confession the serious coverage it deserves either in the news or editorial section, or preferably both. Then call the circulation department and tell them to suspend delivery until further notice.

And post about it with your neighbors here:

Thanks for all you do!

Torture Impeachment Petition Collects 25,000 Signatures!

On Monday, we asked you to sign our petition to Congress to impeach Bush and Cheney for approving torture.

Your response was incredible! In just two days, we delivered 25,000 signatures to our Representatives and Senators!

• Sign On: If you haven’t yet signed, please visit:

Dr. Martin Luther King famously said of the Vietnam War, “A time comes when silence is betrayal.” When our President and Vice President personally approve torture, that time is now.

Iraq Town Halls
Help organize a Town Hall Meeting on Iraq with your Representative in April or early May. Volunteers are organizing Town Halls from coast to coast, but we need your help to reach our goal of 435 Town Hall Meetings – one for every Representative.

We have fabulous coalition partners, speakers, and web/email tools to help you make your Town Hall a success. So act now – don’t wait for Congress to steal another $102 billion from urgent needs like health care, education, jobs, and the environment.