Crude Continent: The Struggle for Africa’s Oil Prize

May 19th, 2008 - by admin

Global Pacific & Partners – 2008-05-19 02:14:39

Global Pacific & Partners is pleased to announce that our new book by Duncan Clarke, Crude Continent: The Struggle for Africa’s Oil Prize, will be published by Profile Books (London) in September 2008 (720 pages in Hardback).

Crude Continent is a path-breaking insight on this key global exploration frontier for world oil and gas players, and the first African historiography of oil in both sub-Saharan and Maghreb oil states and all frontiers. It provides new interpretations on the oil game, the internal struggles over oil resources, the role of Great Powers, and the long and continuing corporate oil quest by over 500 players now active in and on Africa.

The book offers unique insight on the African industry across complex terrains, with fundamental analysis on the oil interfaces with varied economic models and ancient economies of subsistence survival that apply in Africa which are essential to understanding the diverse milieu that make up a vast and fragmented, highly-contested and resource rich Continent.

Dr Duncan Clarke has been intimately involved in the African oil game for the last 30 years, and has travelled widely and frequently throughout the Continent to all but a few States, as well as been Advisor to several Governments and oil companies in Africa on the exploration business. He is Author of The Battle For Barrels (Profile Books, 2007) and Empires Of Oil (Profile Books, 2007) while having written extensively for several industry journals, and in economic research in and on Africa since 1970.

He has undertaken Strategy Briefings on African oil and gas (Scramble For Africa, Maghreb Oil & Gas Strategy, African National Oil Companies) and in the world upstream over the last 20 years, and is widely quoted in the world media and African Press on issues impacting the Continent.

• Crude Continent will have its World Book Launch in Cape Town on Monday 6th October 2008 at the Global Pacific & Partners 15th Africa Oil Week, prior to the PetroAfricanus Dinner in Africa that evening.


Endorsements: Crude Continent
“Duncan Clarke’s Crude Continent matches its ambition, tackling a subject that has baffled, frustrated and confused a galaxy of pop stars and super-models, academics and UN experts, aid workers and business leaders, and journalists. The journey with him around Africa is like being shown around the bush by a top safari guide, who offers an always brilliant and stimulating account of the natural world, forcing the listener to look afresh.

Of all, he would be my guide, as he provides original analysis and passionate views, which are never dull and always thought provoking, in a closely argued account informed by an unrivalled knowledge of Africa’s oil industry. This is no journey for softies, as Clarke’s ‘intuition’ tells him that resolving “Africa’s underdevelopment will be a Herculean task for maybe a century of so, even with the Wisdom of Solomon.”
— Michael Holman, former Africa editor of Financial Times, was raised in Africa, and is author of three novels set in east Africa

“A highly accomplished work and must-read on Africa and its political economy of oil, Crude Continent provides an anthropology of today’s African oil industry, written with passion, dedication and understanding in an epic which illuminates Africa’s “inner worlds” and deftly weaves together the continent’s ancient, post-colonial and modern histories to reveal often-obscured African realities.

Born and raised in Africa, Clarke peppers an original narrative with wry humour, combative prose and well-chosen vignettes drawn from 40 years across Cape-to-Cairo with a myriad of encounters made during travels to 44 African countries, to “find Africa”, leaving us with an outstanding work of reference to delight even old Africa hands in this timely, well-informed and masterful treatise.”
— Barry Morgan, Africa Correspondent, Upstream International Oil & Gas Newspaper

“Now that oil is Africa’s leading export, Duncan Clarke’s incisive, comprehensive study of African crude could not be timelier. With his background in energy and development economics, he is pre-eminent in the field. No other writer matches his unique knowledge of the global energy industry and Africa’s historical, political and economic oil context.

Clarke’s insights into contemporary policy, poverty, corporate strategies and African geopolitics make this book required reading for energy industry executives, investment analysts and African policy-makers, diplomats, donor agencies, banks and international lenders. He provides a robust riposte to those pundits in think tanks and international financial institutions for whom oil is a ‘resource curse’, solely responsible for regional wars and civil unrest.

Instead, he believes, given appropriate institutions, oil and gas ‘could and should be central to Africa’s reconstruction.’ Very good stuff.”
— Professor Tony Hawkins, Graduate Business School, University of Zimbabwe, Correspondent Financial Times (London)