Links between US Diplomats and Cuban Mercenaries Exposed

May 20th, 2008 - by admin

Prensa Latina – 2008-05-20 21:45:50

HAVANA (May 20, 2008) — Cuban authorities disclosed evidence of the funding being granted to Cuban counterrevolutionaries by US-based terrorists via diplomats from the US Interest Section in Havana.

The head of the Ministry of Interior’s Crime Research and Operation Department, Colonel Adalberto Rabeiro, denounced in a television program that Cuban-born terrorist Santiago Alvarez is financing counterrevolutionaries group inside the island state.

Using technical and operative actions we managed to gather evidence of existing links between Alvarez and people like Martha Beatriz Roque via e-mail, the Cuban officer said.

Investigations will continue, said Rabeiro, who revealed American diplomats are involved in such anti-Cuba operations.

One of the e-mails shown on national television proved the chief of the US Interest Section in Havana, Michael Parmly, is personally involved in the exchange of correspondence and the funnelling of funds to local counterrevolutionaries.

The director of the State Security’s Historical Research Center, Manuel Hevia, produced email messages, video tapes and recordings to back the accusations.

According to panelists for the television program, such accusations confirm local counterrevolutionaries are mercenaries paid by the White House and by US-based anti-Cuban violent groups and individuals.

Such evidence proves the US government is working together with terrorist individuals of Cuban origin in an attempt to subvert internal order in Cuba, they claimed.

According to Hevia, American diplomats has been acting as couriers for Alvarez, who has been sending money to Roque and other mercenaries through the Miami-based Fundacion Rescate Juridico.

The Cuban television also broadcast a video recording showing Roque in a Havana hotel cybercafe, where she is reading and writing e- mails.

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